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What is barbecue?

Barbecue, a method of cooking meat over outdoor, open pits of coals, comes from the Spanish word "barbacoa." It specifically refers "to slow smoking of tough cuts over low, (MORE)
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What is in barbecue sauce?

Most people have their own mixtures for their sauce. Here are some of the items often used in making a sauce. Green bell pepper (seeded and chopped), olive oil, onion (chopped (MORE)

Who was the inventor of barbecue?

The Inventor of BBQ. The inventor of BBQ was a man named Doug D. Fisher. Born in Northglen Wyoming in 1937. One day Doug Fisher was mixing spices well cooking a slab of ribs (MORE)

Who is the inventor of barbecue?

A cave man named Bubba Oog. He was from Southern Mesopotamia. Helearned that Brontosaurus ribs slow cooked over a smoldering fruitor nut tree was the real meaning of life vs. (MORE)

Which is correct barbecue or barbecue?

Barbecue is probably most widely used but barbeque is OK too along with BBQ and bar-b-q and bar-b-que. I do a lot of keyword research since I sell a BBQ book.. Bill. Barbecu (MORE)

How do you barbecue?

First, I would like to define "barbecue" as slow smoking with indirect heat usually at a lower temperature. Grilling is cooking over direct heat at a much higher temperature. (MORE)