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What are comics?

a comic most of the times is a short little story which u can find in newspapers som comic company and writers are marvel,the grim brothers and much more there are also graphi ( Full Answer )
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What is comics?

Comics are created in various styles. From the simple four panel cartoons we see in the newspaper, to complex books with complicated storylines, comics are enjoyable for almos ( Full Answer )
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What is a comic?

A "comic" is a series of pictures used to tell a story. Sometimes, they may be paired with words, to create dialog or explain something. Comics come in several different fo ( Full Answer )
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What do comics do?

Stand-up comedy and they tell jokes, I think... failure ... They are drawings...with dialogue, usually, that are meant to make people laugh.
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Where do you get comics?

err.......... from a shop........ Don't take any notice of the idiot who answered first.Most comic shops advertise on e-bay or there are comic marts.However if you're real ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have comics?

Comics are a literary entertainment form that bridges writing and film. Illustrated stories were around long before the comic book industry, but comics (and comic strips) make ( Full Answer )
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When did comics first comics about?

The 1840s hardcover illustrated collection of Adventures of ObadiahOldbuck from Switzerland has a fair claim to being the originalincarnation of the comic book or graphic nove ( Full Answer )
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Who are comics for?

They are for everyone. Depending on the comic, some are targetedfor kids and some for adults, but overall they are just for whoeverlikes that genre of literature.