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What is family?

  Some people might define family as A group of people who often live together but also often live apart. Care, love and respect are some traditional family values but f (MORE)

What is a family?

...any combination of two or more persons who are bound together over time by ties of mutual consent, birth and/or adoption or placement and who, together, assume responsibili (MORE)

Where is the family from?

The family is from the Middle English word familie which was derived from the Latin familia, meaning household or servants of a household.
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Why do you have a family?

So that you can make the population bigger and give the chance for your family to see the world and experience life. Also, it allows you to have a family-which should be one o (MORE)

What Does Am Family Do?

American Family is an insurance company. American Family Services is a Pennsylvania non-profit church-assistance foundation.
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Is this your family?

Not by blood, but the active members of this community can be good  friends, and as close of family as a site like this can be
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Who are you in your family?

A person can be any of a number of relationships in a family, suchas: . the mother . the father . a grandfather, paternal side . a grandmother, paternal side . a grandfa (MORE)

Why do we have a family?

Humans need a lot of care and socialization as a child. So humansdeveloped families to feed, clothe, and train the children.
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