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What is a flour baby?

A flour baby is a few pounds of flour in a little paperbag or pillowcase etc that needs to be looked after and be taken care of every minute of the day. The rules are:the flou (MORE)

What is ulundu flour?

White lentils ground into a fine powder, otherwise known as Orid Flour. Used for making snacks such as papadam
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What flour has no gluten?

Rice, Potato, Corn to name a couple. Their starch flour is safe as well - corn starch, potato starch etc
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How do you sift flour?

  step 1: weigh the amount of flour the recipe calls for. step 2: carefully transfer flour to a sieve, (a utensil, usually round, with a meshed or perforated bottom). (MORE)

Is there a no flour substitute for flour?

Yes. If you are using for baking cookies, muffins, cakes, quickbreads (like banana) and such, you can use Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour*. Substitute into the re (MORE)

Why is flour bleached?

  Flour is bleached to make it lighter in color so that when you make white baked goods they actually turn out white, not the slightly off-white color of unbleached flour. (MORE)

Is flour liquid?

Flour acts as a solid when in a stationary state however if air is blown into the flour at a calculated rate, the flour can take on the properties of a liquid. Adding air to t (MORE)

Can flour burn?

Flour can not only burn, it can explode (seriously, for reals). If finely divided flour particles get mixed with air, they form an explosive mixture that's a real risk for the (MORE)