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Why was the iron age called the iron?

Ages are labeled according to what the humans living at that time were able to accomplish. In the Stone age, people learned to make tools from stone. In the Bronze age, people (MORE)

Why did the bronze age become the iron age?

As the name suggests, the Bronze Age was dominated by the metal alloy bronze. People used bronze tools and bronze weapons and armor. When people started using iron weapons and (MORE)

How did the iron age mine iron?

They would have dug it out with sharp rocks, or where the ground was worn away, the iron would be able to have been taken out. But back then, even though technology was not (MORE)

What do you mean by bronze age and iron age?

It has to do with the types of metals that were available to make tools. Bronze is made from tin and copper. These metals smelt at a lower temperature than iron and so were av (MORE)

How was food cooked in the iron age?

Food was cooked by means of fire. There were fireplaces, stoves, and ovens that all worked by means of fires, usually based on wood or coal (natural gas was not utilized durin (MORE)

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