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Which Israelis have won the Nobel Prize - and for what?

Shimon Peres Yitzchak Rabin Yisrael (Robert J.) Aumann Shmuel Yosef Agnon   The full list is -   Robert Aumann, Economics, 2005   Aaron Ciechanover, Chemistry (MORE)

Why did Alfred Nobel start the Nobel Prizes?

Eight years prior to his death, on 13 April 1888, Alfred Nobel read an obituary to himself. Although it was his brother Ludwig who had actually died, the obituary described Al (MORE)

Why were the Nobel Prizes named after Alfred Nobel?

It's named after him because he donated A LOT of money to the Nobel peace the prize- here's a website that tells you about him, the nobel peace prize stuff is towards the bott (MORE)

Why is the Nobel Prize called the Nobel Prize?

It is named after Alfred bernhard Nobel, who was a swedish chemist and the inventor of dynamite.
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How do you get a nobel prize?

To receive a Nobel Prize, you must make an important contribution in the fields of chemistry, physics, literature, peace and physiology or medicine. Every winner gets a medal, (MORE)

What is the Nobel Prize?

They are prizes given by the estate of Alfred Nobel, according to his will, in the areas of science, medicine, literature, economics and peace. Nobel was a Swedish chemist an (MORE)
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Why was Nobel Prize introduced?

Alfred Nobel got rich for his invention of explosives. He set up a trust to provide money from investments to pay out to the prize winners. So it was Nobel's generosity that s (MORE)