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Why did the Patriot Act raise civil rights questions?

Some people were concerned that the Patriot Act violated civil rights because it gives the federal government the power to wiretap the communications of suspected terrorists. (MORE)

How did the patriots feel about the intolerable acts?

  The Patriots felt really mad/furious because " TheIntolerable acts" were really harsh on the colonists". The pariots say that they are not going to put up with any more (MORE)

What was the stamp act in the patriots point of view?

They saw the stamp act as intolerable and unnessary. Even though Englishman had endured a stamp tax for two generations and had one that was worse than the one in the colonies (MORE)

Barack Obama is he against patriot act?

Like a number of politicians, Mr. Obama has said he is opposed to certain provisions of the Patriot Act. But when congress re-authorized it, he did not try to prevent that, be (MORE)

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