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What are the major rivers in Seychelles?

The major rivers found in Seychelles, an island nation located at  Indian Ocean in Africa, are Rochon, Bougainville, Cascade, Point  Conan and Barbarons rivers.

Is there Malaria in the Seychelles?

No there is no Malaria in Seychelles, though we do inoculate against it, especially if visiting any African countries known to have it
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How did seychelles get its name?

The Seychelles Archipelago derives its name from the French Minister of finance, Vicomte Moreau des Sechelles.
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What is seychelles national sport?

    Football (soccer) is the most popular sport. Other sports include basketball, volleyball, and cycling.
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What is the size of Seychelles?

Seychelles has an area of 455 sq km (176 sq mi), of which Mahé, the principal island, comprises 144 sq km (56 sq mi). Comparatively, the area occupied by Seychelles is slight (MORE)