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Do you get stress?

Yes if you are alive. Some stress is good. It motiates us to get out of bed, strive to do better, etc. Of course, too much stess is unhealthy.
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Why do we get stress?

Stress results from problems which we find difficult or impossible to solve; such problems arise because life is tough.
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What can stress do?

Simple. Lost weight Lost hair Lost love ones Lost thoughts Lost of lots of stuff
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How do you get out of stress?

Relaxation. Do things that take your mind off of whatever is bothering you. Hobbies are an excellent way to accomplish this. As are forms are entertainment, such as televisi (MORE)
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How can you not be stressed?

stress is actually a common thing for people who have lots of stuff going on. so not having stress can be a long journey. studies show that to avoid stress you have to enage i (MORE)
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How to be out of stress?

take 3 deap breathes and pray. if your not a prayer kind of person then take a quick nap or you can tence a mucle in your hand a couple times. punch a pillow and make up fake (MORE)

How do you stress?

Many, many answers to this question. Sometimes it's friend problems, relationship problems, almost anything negative could give you stress.
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Why are you stress?

too many exams too much homework too much school work too many chores don't feel well don't have enough money