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Why was Tecumseh famous?

Tecumseh is the Native American leader of the Shawnee nation. His  goal was to unite all Indian tribes into one nation. He was also  famous for being a leader who desired pe (MORE)

What war did Tecumseh die?

Tecumseh was killed while fighting on the British side at the Battle of Thames (near what is now Detroit) during the War of 1812. The War of 1812 STARTED in 1812 but continued (MORE)

What was the role of Tecumseh in the war of 1812?

As the US was expanding into areas controlled by the Shawnee and other tribes, Tecumseh realized that they had a common cause with each other, and with the British who were at (MORE)

Did Tecumseh have a wife?

He did, rather two wives to be exact. The first, named Mohnetohse was sent home after neglecting their son. Then his second wife Mamate died after giving birth to their son.
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Did Tecumseh have children?

Yes, Two sons one named Mahyawwekawpawe which is his first son and Naythawaynah his second child.
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Who were Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa?

Tecumesh and Tenskwatawa were Americans who were leaders of Native  Americans. Tecumesh was Tenskwatawa's older brother and the leader  of the Shawnee. Tenskwatawa was known (MORE)

Why is Tecumseh so important?

It's because his story is a perfect example of what the Native  Americans went through and he was an excellent leader that  persevered through the hardships they were going (MORE)