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William Tecumseh sherman Why middle name Tecumseh?

In General William Tecumseh Sherman's own words (from his 1875  Memoirs), " ... Hardly was [my] family established there  when the War of 1812 caused great alarm and distres (MORE)

Why was Tecumseh famous?

Tecumseh is the Native American leader of the Shawnee nation. His  goal was to unite all Indian tribes into one nation. He was also  famous for being a leader who desired pe (MORE)

Who defeated Tecumseh at the battle of tippecanoe?

Well, that is an interesting question. The leader of US forces was  William Henry Harrison, but Tecumseh wasn't actually involved in  the battle at all. His brother Tenskwat (MORE)

What is The Curse of Tecumseh?

After Tecumeh's death, Tenskwatawa allegedly predicted that if Harrison was elected president he would die in office, and so would presidents elected every 20 years thereafter (MORE)

Did Tecumseh have a wife?

He did, rather two wives to be exact. The first, named Mohnetohse was sent home after neglecting their son. Then his second wife Mamate died after giving birth to their son.

Who were Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa?

Tecumesh and Tenskwatawa were Americans who were leaders of Native  Americans. Tecumesh was Tenskwatawa's older brother and the leader  of the Shawnee. Tenskwatawa was known (MORE)