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Which companies are voip providers?

Some of the companies providing voip (voice over Internet Protocol) services are nextiva and vocalocity. These two are only a few of a handful of companies that offer this ser (MORE)

What are the applications of VOIP?

Typically it is used as a virtual PBX system allowing for many features to be available such as conferencing, call routing, calling data migration, etc.
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How can VOIP be used?

VoIP is very useful in making international calls. Mostly it is used for calling outside the country with no extra charge, no time limit and no surprising bills. It is paid mo (MORE)

What does VoIP stand for?

VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol or simply communication over internet networks. It means transmitting voice data using internet.
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Who invented the voip?

A company named VocalTec introduced the first Voice over Internet  Protocol technology in 1989. The inventors were Alon Cohen and Lior  Haramaty.

What is the best VoIP?

VIP VoIP I have purchased VoIP services from many providers. Vonage -- although the most popular -- seems to be the worst. Most customers have a horrible time with the product (MORE)

What does VOIP stads for?

VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol. A phone system that uses internet network instead of telephone networks.
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How do you use voip calling cards?

VoIP calling cards help to cut down international telephone bills  without resorting to illegal channels. In VoIP calling cards caller  dials the access number and then VoIP (MORE)

How many voip provider?

There are many voip providers present in the market. So before selecting any one of those do complete research about them. There are many companies avaiolable like whichVoip w (MORE)