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What is yiddish?

Answer #1: Yiddish is a language derived form medieval German combined withHebrew and Aramaic and first spoken by the Wist Jews. It is written usingthe Hebrew alephbet. ==== (MORE)
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How old is yiddish?

Yiddish has it's roots in the Middle Ages. The "Ashkenazim" , or European Jews settled the middle Rhein and began speaking a dialect of Middle High German-- The word itself co (MORE)
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Who speaks Yiddish?

For Jews from central and eastern Europe Yiddish was a common language in addition to any local tongue. Today few speak it but for a few phrases or words. If you need a transl (MORE)
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Why is Yiddish spoken?

Three answers:. 1). Why not ? !. 2). In order to facilitate interpersonal communication, much as any other of the world's hundreds of distinct languages is used.. 3). Yiddi (MORE)
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How did yiddish begin?

During Roman Times, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. This angered the Jews of the area (who by the way spoke Aramaic, a language similar to Hebrew and the lingua fr (MORE)
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What is yiddish for food?

Food in general is usually referred to as "ESS'n", as if that word were a noun, although it's also the infinitive 'to eat'. The word comes straight from the German "essen" = t (MORE)
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What is teacher in Yiddish?

religious teacher: "REB-beh" or "REB-bee"; (almost always male); (from Hebrew) secular teacher: "LEHR-air" (male) or "LEHR-air-in" (female); (from German)
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Who talks Yiddish?

Yiddish is spoken by Jewish people all over the world, mainly in Europe, the US, and Israel.
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Where are Yiddish people from?

Yiddish is a Germanic language that is spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. Native speakers typically come from Eastern and Central European countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and t (MORE)
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What is a Yiddishism?

A Yiddishism is a word or phrase which is characteristically Yiddish but is used in another language.