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What is yiddish?

Answer #1: Yiddish is a language derived form medieval German combined withHebrew and Aramaic and first spoken by the Wist Jews. It is written usingthe Hebrew alephbet. ==== ( Full Answer )
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I love you in yiddish?

איך האָב דיך ליב- ikh hob dikh lib That is what you will most commonly hear, and is the best answer, but it is possible you will hear ( Full Answer )
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What does yiddish mean?

Yiddish refers to a language based loosely on German that was spoken by Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. Yiddish is the Yiddish word for "Jewish".
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What is a yiddish crook?

Schulik Also, "gonif." Gonif means something more like a literal thief, but depending on the context, it might be what you want. Someone who steals by cheating in business ma ( Full Answer )
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What is a yiddishe cup?

The phrase you're quoting is "Yiddishe kop ", with the second word sounding more like "kawp". The word is actually straight from the German "kopf" meaning "head". A 'Yiddishe ( Full Answer )
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How do you say but in Yiddish?

Memisht - מערנישט or, if you mean but as in "however," it's ober אָבער or if you mean as in "only" it's nayert נײַערט
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Is Yiddish a pidgin?

No. Pidgin is an artificial, nonliterary work-place jargon using a limited and modified vocabulary from one language according to the phonological and grammatical structure of ( Full Answer )
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What is yiddish for fool?

Schmuck Not really. "Shmuck" is actually a very bad word children get punished for saying, and adults don't use in polite conversation. It's a very nasty thing to call some ( Full Answer )
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What is ABBA in yiddish?

abba is not an English word. If you mean the Hebrew word for father "aba" (אבא), the Yiddish word is tata (טאַטע).
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What is a Yiddishism?

A Yiddishism is a word or phrase which is characteristically Yiddish but is used in another language.