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Apple Inc. produces several computers and products. Apple's line of computers consists of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, and the Mac Pro. In addition, Apple sells a wide variety of wireless computer products and computer accessories.


Macs tend to hold their value and will usually sell quickly. The actual price you charge will depend on the specific model and any wear and tear that the computer may have sustained. Assuming it is "new" and undamaged you could pitch your price at a little under what Apple charge for an identical...
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Plug in your player and link it to the computer. You will get amessage asking you if you want to download files, music, orpictures. Click yes and it will begin to send the files to yourplayer.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn OSX (Tiger) you can open the Activity Manager.App in the Utilities folder to see and manage what's running.
hold down SHIFT and 2 = @
A personal computer that is small enough to fit on your lap iscalled a laptop computer or simply a laptop.
In 1976 ,Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, invented theApple Computer in his garage..
Your question is very confusing. There is no apple tablet PC, if bytablet PC you mean Ipad, I would get the ipad air, because it islight, and very compatible with other apple products. Even withnon-apple products, it is pretty compatible, because you can geticloud, icould drive, and itunes on...
If individual pixels are blacked out, most likely you will have toreplace the digitizer. To understand, there are "two" screens. The "glass" and the"digitizer" where the digitizer is the panel that produces thepixels. You will most likely have to get your digitizer and screen replaced
If i understand correctly, the date and time is located on the topright corner of the screen.
They are only 21 and 27 inch iMacs.
They are only 21 and 27 inch iMacs
they r kind of the same. the ipad is lighter and is a touch screen. i think that in the future all laptops will be like this and apple is just 1 step closer. if this si not helpful go to and fint the ipad. they tell u mreo there
Google Chrome works on a new MacBook, but not on the PowerPC processors from the last decade.
simple answer - no. MacBook Pro can do so much more. yeh well Ipad is also pretty cheaper
Final Cut works fine on a MacBook Pro (See links below) but you may want to invest in a large external display for prolonged editing sessions.
To get a free macbook is quite simple. Go to the below link, sign up to freebiejeebies, complete an offer and get the selected amount of the referrals needed.
Apple support phone number connects you with the besttechies who are well versed with the Apple gadgets. Whateverproblem you might face can be resolved at 1-866-503-0549 .Call this number to get connected with the best tech help. visit at : www smartsnake net/apple-technical-support
The lowest priced MacBook currently on sale at is thewhite polycarbonate MacBook which costs £800
If your booting from a Mac, when Disk Utility sees the HD, you needto format it as---- Mac OS Extended (Journaled)-----, It will alsogive you an option of partitioning it into 1 large or many smallerpartitions. It WILL ERASE everything on that drive so make sure to select theright one. Disk...
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Both of the computers are pretty similar. If you like to do a lot of writing and graphing, Mac is the best computer for you. Mac runs off of a different operating system. Mac has the Internet Browser "Safari" while PC's have the web browser Internet Explorer. PC stands for Personal Computer. If...
Just sign into your iTunes store, or app store on your Mac with thesame Apple ID you have on your HP.
most likely in the about this mac section
Try holding down the option key after pushing the power button.
Nero is only available for the Windows operating system and will not work with Mac OS X. A similar product for Mac OS X would be Toast. (See links below)
The Liquid Mac software can be downloaded from the creators website. (See links below)
Apple computers use their own operating system called Mac OS X. Windows 7 can be purchased and installed on a MacBook if required.
i would go for the 24 inch if it is being sold from apple if its on eBay or other go with the new one
yah i am using one right now
New $1,099 but you can get it cheaper if you buy used.
Jailbreaking refers to iOS machines made by Apple. There is no need to Jailbreak an Apple Macintosh computer because, if you wanted to, you can load and run the Microsoft made Windows Operating System, natively. The Macintosh will run and act as if it were an any other ordinary PC.
It's easy! . Find the Google image you want. . Use either the two-finger-click or the Control+Click method on the picture and the last option should be "use image as desktop picture". . Click "use image as desktop picture" and it will automatically be the wallpaper. If you want to change it...
You can unmute an iMac by pressing F10
Most PC lifetimes can be measured by the maintenance techniques of a user. The more you know about managing your machine, the longer it will last. If you use safe practices like installing security features and anti-virus software and not accessing certain sites that can infect your machine, you...
Typically, as far as brand goes, Apple is much preferred to Dell by those who are most technically savvy. And I must admit that I am biased toward Apple products. However, the true answer is that your longevity will vary depending upon use for either laptop. My guess still lies with the MacBook...
You can't. Apple doesn't want anything other than Apple with Apple.Sorry. Apple is a jerk.
To rotate an image within a Pages document: Open the Inspector from the View menu (or click the button if available at the top the document) Select the Metrics tab in the Inspector's window (in the middle - looks like a ruler) Make sure the image is selected Click on the Rotate knob...
try deleting the memory
\nI've only known this technique to work on paper when I used to do art but, Hairspray seemed to work for me; don't forget that was paper though. There may be a way to heat it on but you should really contact either your local Art specialist or your Apple Store for advice.
Yes, Apple has acquired a large number of companies since 1988,including Nashoba Systems, Xemplar Education, Siri, BroadMap,Burstly, Spotsetter, Swell, and Beats Electronic.
Theodore Roszak made the point that the Apple Computer emerged from within
Go to system preferences, dock, and there you go!
At the time the iMac was created computer marketing had become a numbers game with processor speeds and memory sizes being used to sell the latest fastest product. Apple realised that computers were fast enough and large enough for the needs of most consumers, who were increasingly wanting to...
The general advantage that can be agreed upon is that Mac's havelittle problem with malware (adware, spyware, viruses, etc)compared to PC's. Mac also is considered a lot faster than PC. Butif you're looking for a gaming computer then there are better PCfor that. Also PC are better for modifying, and...
Steve Wozniak installed a chipboard that was more advanced than anytechnology introduced before it.
In the mid 1980s Apple's sales were declining (as were computer sales generally); Jobs and his Macintosh team had no new Macintosh version for release and had produced a Macintosh Office (a computer and printer combination designed for business) that had not sold well and Apple had to write off...
This seems like it is a hardware issue- not software. Thisbasically means you can't do anything about it, apart from give itto a repair store. There is an exception though ; maybe a colour option of sortswas accidentally pressed in the System Prefercences, in which casego though said app, looking...
The purpose of the MacBook was to replace the iBook series, andalso for note takeing, and later on for educational purposes.
Well the company started in April 1, 1976 and we are in 2015 soApple is about 39 to 40 years old.
System Preferences can usually be found in the Dock (a square containing gear wheels icon), failing that it is accessible from the Apple menu (top left corner) or directly from the Applications folder.
The same as any other computer, but its faster and a lot better,and there are never any problems with connecting to the Internet,etc. In other words its a great computer. Trust me I have one. the new macbook also have an amazing app store so you can buy apps,there is a great webcam and a easy to...
Yes you can connect your wireless and USB iMac keyboard to PC orother iMac's. If you want to know how there are some videos onYouTube to help you do this.
If you want to run it via Boot Camp, it is possible to get it sort-of working and it will be a little difficult, because Apple does not include Linux drivers. Otherwise you can run it as a virtual machine using Parallels or VirtualBox or something.
if you need to find files you need to use Finder, Its the First Icon in the Dock and Its really easy to use!
The best way would probably be to get a hardware specialist todownload the photos of the main drive of your iMac.
MacBooks are produced by Apple.
One is a computer one is the Super Sonic Hedgehog, the two can't be compared
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I'm assuming you mean who is the co -founder of Apple. Apple was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne. Wayne eventually sold his shares of the company back to Jobs and Wozniak.
No. When the MacBook is closed, it is put in sleep mode which closes the internet connection.
If you mean sleep mode, then all you have to do is put the screendown. Unfortunately, there isn't a hibernate mode such as inwindows.
Eiether bring it to your local Apple Store and get Genius Bar tosee it for further formating, or virus removal. If you have abackup, please restore it with your latest or old backup.
The best solution is to take it into an Apple store and let one of the Apple Genius workers have a look at it.
Hiya, I've got an iMac desktop, and I'm not sure if its the same. But in order to copy you paste, you'll need to click the CMD button, and then c or v. C means copy, V means paste, CMD + C - Copy CMD + V - Paste Hope this helped. .
Before Apple started using Intel processors in their iMacs they used a Power PC processor. The G3 was the third generation of these processors. It was followed by the G4 and G5. The G3 iMac was discontinued in 2003 and is not powerful enough to run today's software although it would suffice for...
If you don't care about cost, WAIT!!!!!!!! The newer the computer,the more advanced technology, the faster everything loads, etc
Apple Inc. was founded in the U.S.A. and their headquarters are currently located in Cupertino, California.
check all plugs,back left button to turn on/put to sleep.
In 2001, it looked like a triangular prism.
Unless the camera comes with software that interfaces w/ Mac through its supplied cable (USB or otherwise), the easiest way is to buy an inexpensive card reader. Alternatively you can buy a printer with a card slot that interfaces with the computer through the printer's software.
To create a simpler computer that is affordable for everybody
Press CMD OPT T and select the character from the character viewer.
Power off your computer, and then turn it on, holding command and Runtil you hear the start chime or see the apple logo. (This bootsyou into Recovery Mode). Then select disk utility, and there willbe a menu on the left-hand side with a bunch of drives. Choose theone named, "Macintosh HD", and click...
Matte screens are better for when there will be bright lights behind the user because it will cut back on glare, but without this problem glossy screens show a more vibrant picture.
You can't. Though you can buy stickers and cases for Macbooks
Yes, easily. Put your iTunes on a disk or flash drive and insert it into the macbook. All of your iTunes should easily be transferred and usable.
CCleaner only works with the Windows operating system and will not work with Mac OS X. As the Mac OS is a completely different system most of what CCleaner does would not apply to the Mac OS. If you are running the Windows operating system on a Mac then CCleaner could be used.
A Macbook is what Apple calls the "civilian" version of their laptops, because it is best for you if you like to do basic functions on a computer (surf the web, load pictures, save videos, etc). A Macbook Pro is their most powerful notebooks yet. Apple intends these computers to have powerful...
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It lives on your hard drive (drive c:) in what application were do I find the javascript so I can enable it..
iChat uses other programs (like AIM, Google, or Yahoo) to chat. So, the first thing you need to do is make one of those accounts. Next, you need to add that account to iChat. Click on the iChat button up at the top and select preferences. This will pull up another window. Select accounts, and hit...
1. Hold your power button down for 7 seconds(located on the topright of your keyboard) 2. A screen will appear saying "restart or shut down." 3. Select restart then you will have another screen appear saying"open last website/applications" 4. Select NO and then you should've rebooted your MacBook...
Philip Schiller is the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at Apple.
No probably not, it's most likely just the fan. If it gets tobothersome take it in to get looked at.