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Everyone's familiar with the 9 to 5 (or 4 to 11 or 11 to 7). It doesn't matter what shift you work, almost everyone has or is looking for one, job that is. Others might be preparing for the job of their dreams by getting a college or trade school education. Whatever your status, your questions about jobs and education are welcome in this category.


The middle class btween $50,000 and 75,000 $46,400 (2009 est.) ~ World Fact Book == Answer ==22,000- 24,000 a year The average annual income in the United States is around $45,000dollars. The average income in California is quite a bit more.
Steve Jobs and 2007
The average annual salary for a mineralogist working in the US is  about $110,000. Salaries can range depending on experience, skill,  and hiring company, from $48,000--which is a typical entry level  salary--to $135,000.
Relative College Recommendation Letter?
On average about 250 per state
You should answer this question by stating very clearly the reasons you think you would be an advantage to the efforts in question. Keep in mind, you will be persuading the listener to believe you are the best candidate for the position.
they teach that because they only live in the village
There are companies now that have virtual office staff. These arepeople who are employed by the Virtual Company and who provideservices like data input , transcription, telephony for asubscription fee. This eliminated the need to a physical office. Some communication companies also have a similar...
According to the American Bar Association, forced ranking is legal.
Position  • Overall responsibility for the operations of the Hotel  • Analyze company operations to pinpoint opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, downsized, or eliminated  • Allocate funds to departments and approve expenditures based on budgetary guidelines  • Establish...
It can help to create the statistics. Sometimes it is difficult to  know the statistics are there if you do not see them on the  computer.
the best way to memorize a song is to get up early in the  morning.eat apple and than memorizing song , it is a better from  memorizing in evening.
The greatest factor of a number is the number itself.
You are never too old, you may be too young
It depends based on what you like more if you prefer College go to  it. But if you like ROTC, or the military go to either one you  like.[I would prefer college because you can make money and have  wealthy life.
Little is known of Adams's boyhood, and what little is known comes from the comprehensive three-volume biography his great-grandson William V. Wells later wrote. Little other information on Adams's early years has been found. He studied at the Boston Latin School for eight years, learning Latin and...
Underage is not allowed to work to any stores
Yes depending on your country or state laws. Generally you should  be able to get a job but you will need to check with the manager,  however at 16 you definitely can work in a store.
This varies per  school and can also vary depending on religious affiliation of the  institution. But, most schools have the following national holidays  off (not including winter, spring, and summer break): Labor Day,  Thanksgiving Holiday, Christmas and New Years (falls into winter  break), M...
I am a Chinese college student.
Absolutely not. Students generally take AP classes because the scores can be turned into college credits, but the most elite colleges often do not accept AP credits.
yes at Eton collage and then to Fettes collage in Edinburgh  Scotland :)
  Length  Up to 45 feet (13.7 m)    Width  Up to 102 inches (2,591 mm)   For  a typical North American school bus   (IC Bus CE-Series)      
The quotient is the result of dividing the first number by the  second number. So, 182 divided by 7 equals 26, the quotient.
Pragmatism assume that an idea is true if it works in practice.  Since we cant apply basic matematics to our reality the students  has difficulties process information and understand value.  Pragmatism works and some of our scientific explanations not. 1x0=?
A bachelor's degree is not required for admission to ICE training,  but the benefits of a college education, including communication  skills and language or criminal justice knowledge will be  important.
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As of 2013, I believe it is somewhere around $174,000 per year.
They mostly work on anything but especially agriculture,  technology, engineering, and manufacturing.
Responsible for end of year awards/certificates/honor rolls  o Mail out TAKS data  o Answer incoming calls using  professional and helpful etiquette  o Answer the intercom  o Maintain record of end of  year check out lists  o Greet and/or direct all  guests at front window  o Notify faculty...
People in IT security domain such amount
£40,000 a week. In total the club's wage bill yearly is £36.7m.
Dalhousie, memorial university of newfoundland, UBC
Registered nurses in educational services earned average salaries of $30.40 per hour or $63,220 per year as of May 2011
  Easy for the hours in question you do some work.
The best college is the one that has the best program for the majoryou are interested in and fits the style of learning that works foryou.
Adeline yen mah wrote 7 books so far!!
The literacy rate of Spain in 2009 was 99.64.
According to the ancient Greeks the art of persuasion was more  honourable and civilized than the use of force.      Critical thinking is important to persuasion because you need to  think critically to determine why your target audience believes a  different course of action etc is...
yes you can all you have to do is make sure you keep your grades  up!
Check the OFSTED website ! They'll have data on all schools in theUK.
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  == Answer ==   depends on ur state domicile and rank   all the best.still 19 is a good rank. u should be able to get a good branch in agood nit.
Anthropology- study of humans. (culture, past, present, evolution  of~).    There could be several ways to interpret how anthropology is  related to education. I think you could study the culture of a  classroom, in order to best determine what would fit the needs of  the teacher and...
Babysitting Lawn careErrandsNewspaper delivery
Clearly define what winning looks like, spell out preferred  culture, set stretch targets, connect to big picture, develop  ownership mentality, improve performance through transparency,  increase performance through employee engagement, story telling,  internal communication, taking time to...
You should charge at least 10 dollars an hours or a least 5 because  eight year oolds are a handful trust me i know from experience im  13 and i babysit an 8yearold boy and girl their twins
It improves physical fitness in many ways, some are: AgilitySpeedCardiovascular enduranceIt trains you to 'keep your eye on the ball'It also improves your team working skills
what part of education? as a teacher or student?
It can be, if the doctor is employed by a government agency (as in  veterans care, federal research, military medicine, and some forms  of socialized healthcare). Many doctors are employed by private  hospitals, partnerships, or organizations, and are NOT civil  service employees.
The real meaning is- number of students who start at that school  and then    go on the next years at that same college.
The estimate I make is 3,00 miles away .
Yes, she can do that, as she is handling both things separately and  without hampering either of them. I don't think there should be any  issue by proceeding this way.
 Go to your college  Request to see the Governor of Grades( Yes there is one)  Give them your name  They should find a code and they will give you this  Give this code to one of your teachers( the ones with the  grades you want)  Then they will be able to find your codes using they ...
What do you mean by "international woman"? Do you mean a well-travelled woman? A woman who is of multiple ethnicities? If you mean well travelled then I have an answer to that, verygood. Travelling is fun and if you are blessed to do it quite a bitin your life it really opens your mind to new things...
Entirely possible. Usually a working enviroment that pays commission will let you work any hours you want, but will require you to be there a minimum amount of hours.