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Yes. All the natural sources of food can be contaminated withresidues of pesticides etc., for example, you can find traces ofDDT and PCBs in the body fat of penguins. Also, most foods containwater, which is a chemical, and foods themselves are organicchemicals, which means that they contain carbon,...
Yes, if you add plenty of water. When boiling ham or bacon we oftenput it in water, bring it to the boil, and then discard the first water and replace it for the restof the cooking. This gets rid of some of the salt. However, if youhave a liquid (e.g. a soup or gravy), boiling it will onlyevaporate...
Microbial contamination (such as mold and yeast) can enter after the bottle is opened. Magnesium citrate formulas give microbes an ideal environment to grow.
Oxidation. At high temperature magnesium ignites - and that iscalled combustion.
Oxygen, sulfur and the elements of group 17.
shells : 2 (1st shell), 8 (2nd shell), 8 (3rd shell) electrons...it shares if its outer shell has too many or too little electrons
You can boil water and other liquids out of canned meat but thesalt will stay behind. In fact any solids dissolved in a liquidwill be left behind since when the water boils away, the dissolvedsubstance will precipitate out of solution and will be left behind.Rinsing the canned meat and pouring out...
The average annual salary for a mineralogist working in the US is  about $110,000. Salaries can range depending on experience, skill,  and hiring company, from $48,000--which is a typical entry level  salary--to $135,000.
Not all elements are radioactive. Only elements having atomicnumber more than 83 are considered having radioactive nature(radio-isotopes). The elements with atomic number less than 83 areconsidered stable. OLDER ANSWER:Theoretically they all are, it is just a matter ofdecay-speed(radioactivity)....
It is suggested you do this to avoid microbial contamination as it  attracts moisture from the air. Magnesium Citrate does not  decompose quickly. Under the proper conditions it should still be  fine to continue using the oral solution after 24 hours. Consider  refrigeration, tightly sealing the...
The neutron has about the same mass as the proton, each hasa mass a tiny amount greater than 1 AMU (atomic mass unit). Theneutron is the smallest bit more massive. The electron has a mass of just a bit over 5/10,000ths of an AMU.Extremely less massive in comparison, isn't it!
No. There is a single covalent bond between the two atoms of achlorine molecule.
"Resin Based Paint" is the liquid in paint that suspends thepigment (leaving the resin behind, obviously) and transports themfrom the paint brush to the wall. The paint then evaporates andleaves the paint film behind.
Too vague a question. If you mean, does sealing the cup change themass, then no it does not change the mass of the water, though thesealing material would add its own mass to the total.
The ionic charges of group 1 and 2 metals are +1 and +2  respectively. Group 15 & 16 the simple mono-atomic ions are -3  and -2. Group 17 ions are -1. This can be explained by the  following elemnts in groups 1 and 2 lose 1 or 2  electrons respectively to achieve a noble gas configuration...
1) It is based on atomic number rather than atomic mass.   2) It is most accurate and widely used table.
I believe they are things we need in our diet that are eithersimple compounds like water (H2O) or pure elements like iron.
Generally the electrons are transfered from the metal elements to  the nonmetalic elements so that both form stable electron  configurations. For example, in sodium chloride one sodium atom  loses an electron so that it has the stable electron configuration  of Neon and chlorine gains one...
The electrical resistance between subatomic particles is far  reaching from the atomic nucleus and electron cloud. Electrons are  also moving very fast. The probability cloud that determines where  the electrons could be, the orbitals and the nucleus itself, are  still not solid objects. Keep in...
Nitrogen would extinguish the flame. Unlike most burning fuels,magnesium will continue to burn in carbon dioxide because its flameis hot enough to decompose carbon dioxide to carbon and oxygen.
group1: +1group2: +2group15: -3group16: -2group17: -1
See the recordings of temperature over the last 10 or 20 years.This could show an increasing temperature. Also, you could see howmuch of the ice has melted or the rise of sea level (not to beconfused with tides). If the Earth is getting warmer, then moreicecaps would melt, resulting in higher oceans...
The uses of aluminum are varied and diverse. Today it is usedin commerce, transportation and other industries. Some of itsapplications are well known, while others are not so obvious. Apartfrom consumer products, the metallic element is also used in glasscreation. . Use in Households This metallic...
Metals useually have few valence electrons and they loose electrons  from their outermost shell thus, forming an ion with positive  charge (cations). This is because it is easy for metals to loose  electron and attain stable or octet configuration similar to rare  gases. Hence to attain...
Because it is a pharmacological medication, FDA regulation calls  for distilled water just like any other liquid medication a  pharmacy would mix behind the counter.
soap, its what makes it slippery
Amla, Guava, Lemon, Orange etc..☺
If it is heated to 160 degrees Celsius it yo momma melt and  decompose into acetone vapor and calcium carbonate.ngn
In an ionic compound the charges must balance out to zero. Since the nitride ion has a 3- charge and sodium forms a 1+ ion so in sodium nitride there are three sodium ions (Na + ) fore every one nitride ion (N 3- ).
Firstly, if it's a molecule it will only have partially chargedends. If there are partial charges we say the molecule is polar,and if there are not, it is non-polar.
No, it is a non metallic complex ion but it forms salts (Ionic  compounds) just like metallic ions.
Yes, it gradually corrodes, though in the right environment it canlast a long time.
Utah: they get salt from salt mines where the salt lake is . Salt can come from a number of sources. It can be processed fromthe sea water with machines, be collected when the water in seawater has evaporated, or be mined out of salt mines.
Calcium oxide - CaO Ca: 20 electrons Oxygen: 8 electrons Total: 28
luminous flames have a bluish to violet color and it means that the  system is given enough oxygen for the reaction. Luminous flames  will not produce soot.   non luminous flames are orange, red, and yellow much like your  everyday campfire but this system is not given enough oxygen ...
An octet electron arrangement is where an atom has 8 valence electrons. It's very stable and unreactive. Some metal atoms tend to donate its electrons and the electrons accepted by non-metal atom. This is called ionic bonding. Some non-metal electron share electron among themselves to achieve...
  == ANSWER: ==   Yes. Soap suds and lather are the same.
Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a unique substance, a compound formed by a chemical bond. A mixture involve the existence of min. two different substances.
This is not a phrase we use. A chemical change is one whichproduces a new substance. A state change means conversion betweenphysical states, solid liquid and gas. These are physical changes.
In hot metals the kinetic energy of electrons becomes higher andthey move randomly so their movement in one direction becomesdecreased so the conductance becomes decreased.
  Look in this site. You'll find out the answer to this question.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_periodic_table
Radium is a decay product of uranium and is constantly being  produced. U-238 has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years, so  there's still quite a bit left of the original amount on Earth.
Many substances will cause water to lather when shaken. However, Iwonder if you mean how can soap be made? The ingredients are fatsand alkali, and there is no organic alternative to the alkali.
its the shape of an orbital
The molecules of water are held together by hydrogen bonding between molecules.These are electrostatic bonds (attraction forces between opposite charges) that hydrogen makes with the oxygen of neighbouring molecules. Hydrogen, when bonded to oxygen to form water molecules, is slightly positive and...
Oil and water do not mix. Since ice is made of frozen water, it floats on oil because it will not mix with it and also because ice is relatively light
It is because of the difference between the way molecules arehydrogen bonded to each other in the mixture compared to the pureliquids.
Principle of Natural Sciences
The main attractive force between water molecules is due to water's dipole moment. A water molecule has a central oxygen atom with w hydrogen atoms on one side and two unshared pair of electrons on the other side. Oxygen is more electronegative than the hydrogens, so the electrons that they share...
Hot Ice, Sodium Acetate, is made from vinegar and baking soda.
It's basically carbonated water, such as soft drinks or soda.
They are different chemicals and one is a very strong acid and the  other is a very strong base, respectively.
Cx Hy + O2 ---> CO2 + H2O
you open the plastic and aluminium package and as the oxygen sips  in to the cotton envelop the compound inside will start to produce  heat and then you grab it and absorb the heat in pure bliss
Particles tend to move faster, further apart and gain more energy.
No , an atom always has equal numbers of protons and electrons. Ifit has more charges of one kind than another is called an ion.Obviously this is caused by the number of protons and electronscompared to each other. If it has more positive charges, it hasmore protons than electrons, making it a...
Ethylene accelerates ripening of the fruit.
It depends what compound it is in. In water it is covalent. Intrichloracetic acid it is ionic.
A Solution or a percentage concentration.
Protons and neutrons are called hadrons. A hadron contains three  quarks. Quarks come in 6 flavors (types). These types are up, down,  top, bottom, strange, and charmed. (The names are completely  arbitrary.) A proton contains two up quarks and one down quark  while a neutron contains one up...
If you're asking about whether or not there would be a reaction,then probably not. You have two compounds with the same anion, soyou will just have a big aqueous solution of chloride ions, plussome hydrogen and ammonium ions.
The bubbles you see are oxygen gas, produced by the decompositionof the hydrogen peroxide.
They differ in their structure and properties.  Covalent bonds consist of pairs of electrons shared by two  atoms, and bind the atoms in a fixed orientation. Relatively high  energies are required to break them (50 - 200 kcal/mol). Whether  two atoms can form a covalent bond depends upon...
Table salt, or sodium chloride, is a chemical compound, and is not  an amalgam.
Yes. But this occurs because salt is soluble in water, in which the  coloring is dissolved. The color is retained by the salt crystals  when they dry.
The sodium chloride crystal arrangement is a cubic crystal lattice (a regular, repeating pattern) or a "salt crystal". Every chlorine ion (negatively charged, as they gain an electron in this case) is surrounded by 6 sodium ions (positively charged, as they lose an electron in this case), as every...
The suffix -ate indicates the presence of three oxygen atoms in the  -ate molecule. e.g. copper carbonate is CuCO3- the Cu is the  copper, the C is the carbon and the O3 is the -ate
Yes. Drain cleaner is a chemical mixing with water.
Hydrolysis in a chemistry a double decomposition reaction with  aqua(Water) as one of the reactants. Thus, if a compound is denoted  by the formula xy in which y and x are atoms then water is  represented by the formula HOH, the hydrolysis reaction may be  represented by the reversible chemical...
93% sulfuric acid is Virgin sulfuric acid. It is a good drain  opener.
Neither. Silica is a compound of two elements: silicon and oxygen. Oxygen is a nonmetal, silicon is a metalloid.
Because it is its property to release heat when it reacts with water.
Ionic compounds intra molecular forces deal with charges which dictates their attractions. Example Na+ and Cl- balance out to form NaCl ( include states in a real equation). While their inter molecular forces, which are the forces between molecules causes them to be set up in a crystal lattice...
There is no difference in the meaning. The spelling aluminium is the international chemical term recommended by IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), in line with other names of elements (such as sodium, chromium, cadmium). In the US it is specifically spelled as aluminum. The...
No. sulfur does not react with water.
Zinc is a solid, brittle and crystalline at room temperature, but  it becomes ductile and malleable when heated between 110°C and  150°C. It has a melting point of 692.68 K (419.53ºC) and a boiling  point of 1180 K (907ºC) (K=Kelvin)
It is silver in colour. It has a low melting point. It is resistantto corrosion, despite its reactivity.
Fuel oil (20-30 carbons in each chain) used in centeral heating etc.   LPG (1-4 carbons in each chain) used in calor gas
I believe it is 1997