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Founded by Bill Gates and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft is a software giant. Its signature product is the Windows operating system, ubiquitous in the PC world. Ask questions here about the history of the company and its products.


Gates won the Idira Grandi Award, the Einstein Award,and the Franklin Award
Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) were developed in the U.Sduring the 1970's. According to your text, HMO's were intended toact as
There are several things that you can do. You could just dividethem in half, if you both have relatively equal incomes, or you caneach take at least two bills, smaller ones for the smaller income.Many couples just pool their money and have one person pay all thebills out of a joint account. If that...
bill gates gets paid £9.99 a month im sure he spends it wisely
The filename and extension of the file you want to start and .msc ( eventvwr.msc )
Advantages of ms word
It is a suite of common business office applications. Different versions of MS Office contain different components, but all contain at least a word processor (Word), a spreadsheet (Excel), and a graphics presentation program (Power Point). Some other programs available in more advanced versions of...
No, he only improved the computer. Computers have been around since the 1950's.
Both of them, but Bill Gates is richer than Steve Jobs
There are many types of people that we would be likely to associate with using Microsoft Excel. Lots of people in the areas of business, that are dealing with numbers every day, would use them a lot. Scientists, mathematicians, students, teachers, accountants, investment managers, shopkeepers, small...
Gates graduated from Lakeside School in 1973. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and subsequently enrolled at Harvard College in the autumn of 1973. Prior to the mid-1990s, an SAT score of 1590 corresponded roughly to an IQ of 170, a figure that has been cited frequently by the press. While at...
Im Bill Gates half cousin. He lives in Medina,Washington(WA). Im Bill Gates half cousin. He lives in Medina, Washington(WA). how can i contact bill gates if your his cousin?
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Bill Gates makes software that operate within computers. Thesoftware is known as Windows and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint,and Access.
Age zero Different Person: You may be asking what year he was born in, so he was born in October 28, 1955.
Beta version was offered to make sure that the OS has as few as possible problems by the time it was released.
There are several ways to go about finding employment. You could contact your local employment agencies, check classified ads, send your resume to companies who pertain to your career choice, do online searches, and much more. Consider every avenue available to you in making your availability...
percentile is ((16808-6010)/16808)*100=64.24 percentile. it means there are. 100-64.24= 35.75 percent of candidates are ahead of you.
DATEDIF function computes the difference between two dates in a variety of different intervals, such as the number of years, months, or days between the dates. Syntax for DATEDIF: =DATEDIF(Date1, Date2, Interval) Date1 = first date Date2 = second date Interval = interval type ...
Most peoples earnings are not a matter of public record and in most countries tax information is confidential. Therefore until a person dies (when their the size of their estate is a matter of public record) any speculation as to their daily or annual income is just that, speculation. It would...
At the front of the dump body, there is a large cylinder in several sections which collapse into the largest section while the bed is down. When the driver is ready to raise the bed, they will normally unlatch the tailgate first (this may be done either manually, or from controls in the cab). Then...
He donates to charities. He also builds schools and hospitals in deprived countries. He also has his own charity called The Bill Gates Foundation. See the related link. Fact - Steve Jobs from Apple has NEVER given any of his wealth to charities. Whereas Bill Gates has spent billions...
Environmental factors are any influences that the environment place on the item. For example environmental factors on the longevity of patio furniture would include moisture, temperature and sunlight.
The Annals of Ulster, a chronicle of midieval ireland, indicate that he lived from around 387 to 461 AD.
Yes. They donated over 10 billion dollars of donation vaccines to some of the poorest countries over the next 10 years. This was the largest donation in decades.
No, that is just an urban myth. Don't worry, our American computer genius is just fine! You may be thinking of Steve Jobs of Apple, who has pancreatic cancer.
It is a toolbar that shows all your different tools by going toview then toolbars. Simply choose and enjoy! It includes tools thatallow you to draw pictures, make word art and coloring them.
If Bill Gates is earning $3700 dollars a second from a statistic in1998.
I assume you been, the invention made by Bill Gates. Bill Gates developed the Windows program which is what all PCs use. If you look on your computer you notice you can minimize, maximize and/or close your window. Bill Gates developed this software that allowed you to have multiple things open at...
You apply for a position at Microsoft's headquarters and maybe you'll see him every now and then.
i dont know figure it out on your own ha ha XD
Bill Gates was a Life Scout, his father Williams Gates, Sr. is an Eagle Scout.
To delete any installed program from your computer (you must have administrator privileges).. Start, run, control (enter), add or remove programs, find program in list, click "remove". if it prompts you if you really want to remove, say yes. You'll have to delete desktop icons separately.
While Bill Gates is extraordinarily wealthy, his salary is actuallyquite small. He only makes $1 million dollars annually. Thereforehe makes about $31 per second.
Yes, that is how Bill Gates was able to afored his education and become the best person on earth.
Sounds like a "do my homework for me" question, but the answer is fairly simple. A form can be used for several purposes. 1) To present on on-screen "form" which can be used for data entry to an Access database e.g. the details of a customer order. The form can get the data in a simple way...
Yes. The Bill and Melina Gates Foundation gave two grants to help with the relief efforts after the January 2010 Haiti disaster. They provided a $1 million grant to the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to support initial humanitarian relief efforts. They provided an additional $500,000 grant to...
Answer . Well you can be a salesperson or act in a carmovie maybe fast in the furious 3 or4 or5
Bill Gates When you are asking where he lives, it seems like you're going to hunt him down or something. Lol.
Microsoft and Windows.
Yep. Google is totally not an independent corporation.
No. Steve Jobs (from Apple) and Bill Gates (from Microsoft) did not develop the Windows operating system. After Apple launched Macintosh they licensed part of the designs of the Macintosh operating system to Microsoft who used it to develop their own system called Windows.
LoCation Service (LCS) Location Services Client (LCS Client)
His father's name is: William H. Gates His mother's name is: Mary Maxwell Gates
They make around 400 or 600 a weel
Yes, it is possible for this type of organization to be sued. Manyof these organizations have insurance to help in these types ofcases.
Carry on a relevant and interesting conversation.
No he got rich by stealing your great grandfather's money :P
With mathematical-psychological model BG isn't that efficient, he's a bit old...n tracking the track record, his performance has got exponential/unexpected long could he go with just the initial gimmick...even prof Einstein has now got his theory sheer theoretical logic...
buy mars for 100 billion then sell it a week later for 200 billion
united states of america
his fathers name was William Henry GatesIII and his mother name was Mary Maxwell Gates.
1) USD Provider and EURO Provider, directly or through their authorized mandated representative would accept, sign, seal and returna private currencies exchange agreement, along with IMFPA which is an integral part of this PFCTA, by fax or e-mail (hard copies to be sent by courier service if...
Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft.
As of January 2nd 2008 MSFT market value was $275.57 billion.
you cant pay for it in Microsoft points but buying it on games on demand is $30
Microsoft purchased an operating system from a small company, reworked it to meet IBM's specifications, renamed it MS-DOs, and charged IBM only $80,000 for a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use MS-DOS forever. -Isaac
since it is not available it costs nothing!!
Bill Harington, Josh Cowell, Chris Hardwell, Mike Johnson and Chris Martin of Coldplay.
Microsoft is an active tech company, and currently is home to the Windows OS. The most current publicly available version of Windows is Windows 7. Microsoft has a BETA version of Windows 8 available for download. Microsoft is hoping to make Windows 8 available on Windows Smartphones, Windows Tablets...
It started by geeks creating a company with Bill Gates
Well it is hard to say but it all depends on how many people who buy the same game and all that money goes to the company because you're the consumer.
While some people have their own view of Bill Gates, it is based on nothing more than an unflattering photo. I had the opportunity to meet Bill Gates and his wife about 10 years ago outside of a work setting. They are really nice people. Yes, Bill has a LOT of money. They also give away a lot of...
bill gates has achieved through interest and hard working with smal contribution of luck.i have also a dream to become more succesful person in the word.thats why bill gates is my target not my ideal.inshaallah i will do because i am pakistani so i can do.may allah help UMAR DRAZ BHATTI.
Human resource cycle consists of 4 main elements, - Acquisition- this invloves identifying staffing needs, recruitment and selection - Development- involves training and development, and maintenance of data bases - Maintenance- includes monetary and non-monetary bebefits - Separation- either...