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Europe, the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, comprises of the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, and shares 2% of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area. It is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa, having about 11% of the world's population.
No, there are about 51 countries in Europe.
The EU. . ' . +++ . Those are its initials. It was formerly the EuropeanEconomic Community (EEC) , sometimes shortened to EC, but itsfull title now is the cumbersome, European Union of the Citiesand Regions . (Notice what's missing?). . ' . When Britain was seeking affiliation, the then-Prime...
Racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance have provedparticularly difficult to eliminate in Europe. The Roma, one ofEurope's oldest minorities, have endured a long history ofdiscrimination and disadvantage throughout Europe, which has onlyrecently begun to be acknowledged and addressed. The...
Pompeii is very near the latitude of New York. Paris is nowherenear the latitude of NY.
Cuba Iran Libya Myanmar North Korea Saudi Arabia
World War 1 was a global war centered in Europe. It resulted in thefour major imperial powers (German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, andOttoman) end of existence.
Norway and Italy rain the most , 3rd is UK
The three countries are Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey are official candidates to join the EU. Two did get their candidacy accepted. Macedonia is waiting for acceptance.
Europe is made up of several countries with their own national heroes. Europe is not a nation... it's a continent.
The United States of America is the world super power having thehighest advanced military in the World. It has the biggest economyin the world, next to China, then Japan.
Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. The nearest land to the islands of Malta & Gozo is the island of Sicily which is part of Italy. The next nearest countries would be Tunisia and Libya.
about this long _________ . ADDED: Given the shapes and sizes of the two countries, youwould find it better to ask the distances between the relevantcities (e.g. Lisbon to Oslo, their respective capitals).
The potato was first domesticated inthe region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia [1] between 8000 and 5000 BCE.
The EU allows natives from the involved countries to work in theother involved countries. The EU also manages the Euro, allowingthe involved countries to work on regional issues, rather thantheir economy (not including the UK (The United Kingdom (England,Ireland, Scotland, Wales) which uses the...
Greece is more easterly on the continent. It could also beconsidered southern European.
Currently, most of Europe is facing economic problems, though signs are not as bad as previous years; it will improve.
There is no consistent agreement on what exactly the boundaries of the continent of Europe actually are, some countries are considered in Asia by some and in Europe by others. Eurasia encompasses this overlap. So technically never.
Opinion is divided and there are many advantages and disadvantages commonly listed by different groups. Some of the advantages include: - European Common Market - free trade within the European Union. Some argue that free trade in the EU can be achieved through the EFTA, but members of the EFTA...
France's capital, Paris, is located inland and therefore has no border on any ocean or sea, but instead it is located on the Seine River. France itself borders both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
For electricity and for transportation.
The United Kingdom is such a country. It was once the largest empire the Earth has ever seen, and after the World Wars, it established an organization of all of its colonies at the time to keep close links; this is known as the British Commonwealth of Nations and lasts to this day, with a total of...
Because of physical isolation and international treaties. They also have different governments. Another is tourism and low taxes !
There are no opossum species native to Europe, but the Virginia Opossum of North America has spread to Europe and Asia.
Yes. It is an island belonging to Spain.
No, Romania is not a member the Schengen agreement. Romania is due to join Schengen in late 2013. This date has already been postponed many times, and may be postponed again.
Mont Blanc is considered to be the tallest mountain in Europe. Itis located in the Alps of Italy and is 15,781 feet in elevation.
All animals arriving in the UK from ANY country, must spend a mandatory six months in quarantine. The owner of the animal has to pay the cost of the quarantine.
There are actually five countries located on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal, Andorra, and Spain are the only countries located fully on the peninsula. France is partially located on the peninsula. The United Kingdom has a territory, Gibraltar, located on the tip of the peninsula.
There are 27 countries in the EU, soon to be 28 with the addition of Croatia in 2013: Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Malta Poland Portugal ...
The country has to swear allegiance to Europe and agree to help it prosper and help other nations. Im not completely sure that the country has to be in Europe specifically.
Answer . provinces. In France, there are Régions and Départements.
There were seven wonders in the ancient world.... . Great Pyramid of Giza . Hanging Gardens of Babylon . Statue of Zeus at Olympia . Temple of Artemis at Ephesus . Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus . Colossus of Rhodes . Lighthouse of Alexandria .
Because they want the same things. There is no reason for an Irishman to fight with an Armenian over a plot of land in Norway. But when you live in close proximity to a group, all the wealth and land they have access to is all the wealth and land you have access to, so if they have it, you don't. It...
There are two European countries that existed 20 years ago, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, which have since fragmented into eight countries. Czechoslovakia is now the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Yugoslavia is now Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Macedonia.
Fairly hot in the summer months. Very cold in the winter. I was in Russia in early June and still used a down coat.
In the Mediterranean Sea, South of Sicily and West of Malta.
Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia-Hertzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia andMacedonia were parts of Yugoslavia.
There are three other major languages families in Europe besides the Slavic family--Germanic, Romance, and Finno-Ugric--so some non-Slavic languages would be Portuguese, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Magyar (Hungarian), Finnish, and other languages like Greek and Turkish.
Larges parts of Scandinavia are low hills and lush greenery, but Norway offers higher altitude mountains with ski resorts.. Pictures and relief maps from Scandinavia are found here:.
it is in the south of Europe neer Spain
Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany.
Germany, It's in Germany or around Germany. :)
In the Scandinavian peninsula, Northern Europe
European nations brought warships and armies to build empires inSouth Asia.
San Marino, California, Las Angeles County is rich.
More countries do not use the Euro than those that do, so it iseasier to list those that do. . 17 European Union member countries currently use the Euro: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands,Portugal, Slovakia,...
The largest deposits are in the North Sea which belong to the UK and Netherlands. Russia also has very large deposits, but I'm not sure you would include it in Europe. Germany and Denmark have offshore deposits as well. Other countries include Italy, Austria, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece and...
The economic and technical assistance offered by the Marsall Plan was not accepted by the Soviets and it's satellites in Eastern Europe.
Europe is a continent. England is part of the island of Great Britain, which is an island off the north west coast of the continent of Europe and normally considered part of that continent.
There are many. Mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, etc.
since it is really hot in central africa, you would need lighter clothing there.
The only European powers that had colonies were Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands. All other countries did not have colonies.
Yes. France is part of the EU and has been for quite a while.
No, physically its in the City of Rome.
No. It was one of the first members. Croatia joined on the 1st ofJuly 2013 and it is the newest member.
because it rains 2 of every 3 days
The Czech Republic is actually the most prosperous country in Eastern Europe.
You could call them Northern European, Germanic, or simply European. You may also call them by their nationality, such as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, etc. You could call them Scandinavian or Nordic. It can even go down to regional or city denominations, such as Teledøl or Stockholmare. You...
Today, all Eastern European countries, with the exception of Belarus, are republics (representative democracies). Belarus is a dictatorship.
Portugal, Spain, and Andorra are located on the Iberian Peninsula, which also includes part of southern France and the territory of Gibraltar (UK).The Iberian Peninsula consists of Portugal, Spain, Andorra, and France. Spain Portugal Andorra France
Spain and Portugal share the Iberian Peninsula.
1. Russia - 142million 2. Germany - 82million 3. Turkey - 75million 4. France - 63million 5. UK - 62million
Bosnia is not a communist country anymore and it's not a Socilalistcountry anymore.Politics in Bosnia are very complicated tounderstand for eople who are not Bosnians or generallyEx-Yugoslavian countries.Bosnia is now simply democratic andcapitalist system.
Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, all Balkan countries (greets, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, part of Turkey) Denmark Spain, Portugal (both on Iberian Peninsula) Malaysia North Korea, South Korea
Malta is an island in the Mediterranean Sea which has been inhabited since pre-historic times. It was certainly occupied by the Romans 2000 years ago but how far back do you want to go?
The population of Western Europe is about 415,000,000.
US dollars are called US dollars every. Different countries in Europe use different currencies. 17 countries use the Euro (symbol '€'), the rest use a currency that is specific to the country.
The country with the largest coastline is Canada. Canada'scoastline is 152,100 miles long. The country with the shortestcoastline is Monaco.
They have varied widely over the centuries.
There is a total of 751 members of the European Parliament. Theamount from each country differs according to the size of eachcountry.
Germany played the biggest role to promote the outbreak of WWI. They chose to give full military support to Austria-Hungary when their archduke was assassinated by a member of "The Black Hand". The assassination of the archduke as the story goes was on his way to meet someone when the Black Hand had...
Here are just a couple of European capitals and some facts on them. Feel free to add to the list with additional capitals and/or facts. London, United Kingdom: - second largest city in Europe - heart of the Industrial Revolution in the UK - also the capital of England, an autonomous...
There are many apartments, and they have very good health care :)
May 1, 2004 No its the 8th of MAY 2004
No. Lithuania uses Lithuanian Litas.
Norway, Finland and Sweden, though sometimes Denmark, Greenland and Iceland are also included.
Britain,France,Russia, and Spain all had claims on the NorthAmerican continent in 1783.