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The legends, worship and observances of a god or gods of the distant past. Including but not restricted to the Roman, Greek, Sumerian, Norse, Celtic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese.
there's no proof he isn't but its likely that hes just myth
The most common cause if usually PETROL and a MATCH!
Go to Google images, then type in roman god Mercury.
3 holy cities for Islam are Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem.
Horus was the god of the sun, kings and vengence :] By Brian Morrissey
Both. Nymph can be the category yet divinity is defined to have thequality of Divineforce or power - powers or forces that are universal, ortranscend human capacities. In this case: any being which is ableto maintain its personal centralisation beyond transitions of deathand birth.
That would be Maahes, a god of war during the New Kingdom of Egypt.Also there were two goddesses with heads of lionesses: Sekmet andBastet.
The Apocrypha are several books not accepted by all Christians. The Deuterocanon is a subset of Apocrypha used by the Catholic Church, that include all but 3 of the Apocrypha of the 1611 King James Bible.
ancient cultures had to mine caves and holes to find iron like wedo today. However, they did not have the tools we have today and/orthe tech so it took them much, much longer to locate iron and getit out of the earth. :-)
I think it is because they had a democracy and the rest of Greecedid not, in some retrospect the Greeks may have come up with ademocracy.
Seth was the god of deserts, chaos, darkness, and storms.
She was the only surviving daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine ofAragon. Although she had been separated from her mother andexpelled from the court, later, in 1544, she became the Queen ofEngland, and in 1553, the Queen of Ireland as well. She got thename "Bloody Mary" because she was a Catholic...
Religios war was once rare - generally they recognised the equivalence of the pantheon of gods - eg Pompey, on capturing Jerusalem, went to the temple and sacrificiced to Jehovah, recognising him as the same as Zeus or Jupiter. Religious wars came withe the exclusive religions who claimed their...
Gita Govinda was written by a Twelfth century poet Jayadeva, who was born in present day Puri in Odisha (Orissa).
The Greek Goddess of love is Aphrodite.
The Mesopotamians had about 2,000 gods
The bible does not exactly say which gods that Terah worshipped. Wedo know that he worshipped idols. Some believe that he worshippedmultiple gods and goddesses.
you try again, and if that fails, you try something else
That's possible. The movie "Unbreakable" starring Samuel Jackson and Bruce Willis explored that theme well.
Sadly, there is NO way to remove spells or curses. The best way is praying to god for his help.
to answer questions about the world and nature because they did nothave science. If lightning struck down a town they would call itthe mighty wrath of Zeus, the greek god of lightning and the sky.Today we would say it was simply a really bad storm and blame it onscience.
They wrote the book of the dead proclaiming what to do to the deadbodies and what would happen to the deceased.
no they are immortal.
African rock art is the oldest form of art from the continent ofAfrica. Rock paintings and engravings are what make up African rockart.
The Egyptians believed that if they worshiped their gods, theywould provide for them crops, fortune, and a good after-life.Osiris, the god of the Underworld would provide barely, a cropwidely known to Egyptians and very common. Also, the Egyptiangoddess of warfare would keep killing until all the...
Yes, that Akhenaten did. He changed Egypt's Polytheistic society into one that was of Monothesiam. He took thougt that only one god needed to be worshiped and that all the others no longer mattered. He was hateed and despised by many. He was the father of king tut and was infamous for going to...
Gnostic churches are characterized by the belief that a special knowledge ("gnosis") is needed to fully enter into salvation. Jesus then possessed this special knowledge and gave it to some (one?) of his disciples, and it has been preserved in the Gnostic church. In a sense the Gnostics become an...
There will be a solar eclipse, many will think it's the end and will commit suicide.
It's to do with "The Hum"
Through ritualistic sacrifice and worship.
Masks were used in Egypt to symbolize everything from wealth to power.
There are several famous Egyptian kings. Some of these includeRamesses II, Akhenaten, King Tut, as well as Pepi II.
The pharaoh was seen as being the living god, such as Ra or Horus.
Rome chose symbols to represent who they were. Most people couldnot read in Ancient Rome, so they had to communicate via picturesand symbols instead.
Commonly, Jove or Jupiter's son Mercury (aka Hermes in Greek myth) was known to be a messenger for the gods. He was also the god of thievery and a variety of other things, including travel.
Buddha indicated that the belief in a god is not essential toenlightenment. Furthermore the searching for deity related answers(Is there a god?, What does god want?) which are essentiallyunanswerable wastes time and effort which would be better used inself improvement.
at the bottom of the ocean
When a person was born into being a peasant, it was hard to get outof that class. To make their lives better, they would learn to takecare of themselves or start their own business to bring in money.
Visions are an individual thing in most cases. Young Sioux boys customarily had their 'vision quest' to receive guidance for their lives. Probably the most well known Sioux vision can be found in the book 'Black Elk Speaks', which includes the holy man's personal visions and those for his nation.
The way that the dead are embalmed today is vastly different fromhow the dead were handled in ancient times. Now, the bodies aredrained of blood and chemicals such as formaldehyde and othersubstances are injected into the blood vessels to preserve thebody.
The Buddha statue is considered as one of the most symbolic objectsof Buddhism. The first statue was done in the country of Gandhara,North of India, in what is today, the country of Pakistan.
Through worship and ritualistic sacrifice.
everbody will die. everbody will die
Posiedon had many children too many to mention here, but one is Percy Jackson, (Posiedon doesn't exist so I wouldn't lose sleep over it)
The Roman goddess of food and feasting was Edesia. She paired withBibesia, the goddess of drink, to preside over banquets.
they first go to heavan and god decides where will the person go and lets say they go to hell they will burn first and be a slave to the devil
there are goths of all religions
In ancient Egypt, there was supposedly a cat goddess named Bast, who was in the form of a Cat Woman. In fact, because there was a Cat Goddess, the people of Egypt worshiped cats for a long period of time. It was said that if somebody killed or attempted to hurt a cat, they would be sentenced to...
his mother Isis stabbed his eye so Horus cut off Isis's head. bloody bloody family!!
Singers have three patron saints. St Cecilia is the patron saint of all music and singers. St Gregory is the patron saint of singers and choir boys. St Andrew the Apostle is also a patron saint of singers.
as per search , in area of vidhrbha( washim ,balapur,akot,buldhna) vanjari called as raosaheb, but there is no perfect proof of claming of being kunbi vanjari,some autor like Russel........, ornamental of India author in his book said vanjari are some what kshtriya.......,still further research is...
It is unclear that there is a single answer to this question, because the Incas were a wide-ranging group of tribes. For about 100 years before the Spanish conquest, there was a united Inca kingdom with a seat at Macchu Picchu. The design of the temple there indicates the Inca worshipped the...
Wilderness, not desert. They received the Torah from God, built the Mishkan (tabernacle), appointed judges. A foreigner named Bil'am (Balaam) tried to curse them but was frustrated by God in his plans.
Hermes was the messenger of the gods. He had wings on his feet, andwas also the son of Zeus.
\nHe was born in Stadacona, which is present day Quebec.
It means that you are both wise and free-spirited. You flow through life with grace and composure. You are also curious and friendly. My power animal is also a Manta Ray.
The Egyptians believed you would go on a journey in a boat afteryou died to go live with the gods. People would be mummified sothey don't rot on their journey and their grave filled with food sothey wouldn't starve on their journey. If you were a Pharaoh or aqueen, your grave would be filled with...
The Jews agreed to live by Roman rule.
It is said that people should kiss the Blarney Stone on St.Patrick's Day. The stone is located at Blarney castle in Ireland.It is said that if you kiss it, you'll never again be lost forwords.
im not too sure probably catholic cause it was Italy??? The erruption occured in 79 AD At the time christianinty was a fairly minor cult and catholisism had not yet been concived of a christian sect. The inhabitants would have been Italian pagans worshiping a varity of gods both local imported...
Seperatists wanted just that, to separate from the church of England. Puritans want to clean up the corruption found within.
Hades does not have a throne in Olympus. His throne was in the underworld.
Amenhotep IV was the pharoah or king of Egypt who enforced worship of just one god, Aton Ra, previously a minor god - the god of the sun disc. Amenhotep then changed his own name to Akhenaton (servant of Aton").
In Greek Mythology, Cronus was the father of Zeus. In Roman mythology Cronus was identified with Saturn..
Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world, though there are more agnostic or atheistic people than there are Hindu people. Christianity and Islam are first and second, respectively.
Iris was only in 1 myth. It was the about how Artemis was born.
The most well known are the four sons of Horus: Imsety in human form, protected the liver. Hapi in baboon form, protected the lungs. Duamutef in jackal form, protected the stomach. Qebehsenuef in hawk form, protected the large intestines.
In 50 BC, the most common types of jobs were labor intensive.Peasants would either grow crops or herd animals. People were alsofishermen, hunters, and gatherers.
Phaethon was the mortal son of Helios, god of the sun. He asked his father if he could drive the sun chariot, and Helios reluctantly consented. Phaethon grew overconfident, and the horses sensed an inexperienced hand driving them and grew out of control. The sun got too close to the earth and burned...
Noah had three sons; Ham, Shem, and Japeth.
Santa Cruz sometimes is referred to as "hard luck" mission. It iscalled this due to a troubled past from people having to relocateafter a flood.
There was no Egyptian god which was simply a animal, the animal was their symbol of power and the meaning of their ideal nature.
The Pillars of Hercules are now known as the Strait of Gibraltar.
Greek - Hestia, Hephaestus Roman - Vesta, Vulcan Norse - Loki Celtic - Brigid Polynesian/Hawaiian - Pele
Because, the Egyptians thought that their gods gave them life and that they were the reason that everything happened the way it did. They thought of their gods as we think of our God and I hope I answered your question.
Gods and goddesses which the ancient people who lived in Egypt believed and worshiped.
Because it is one of things in the world that humans have no knowledge on. Actually, it isn't in the classical sense. The reason is that the man who organized the original list, Herodotus, didn't know of its existence. A reason why it would be is that it's a mystery and a marvel to humanity's...
the economic achievement of Askia Toure are that they had a democracy and a powerful government.=)
While there are some Hindus who are not vegetarians, most of themare. One reason for so many being vegetarians are a belief innonviolence. Another is the belief that non vegetarian food is badfor the mind and hinders spiritual development.
Saint Patrick's day is a holiday that is celebrated on the 17th ofMarch every year. It was originally started in the 1700's.
The Ganges River in India is considered sacred by Hindus. The Hindubelief that the river is sacred comes from their mythology.
Islam adherents usually worship five specific times a day. Buddhismdoes not have this strict a schedule. Buddhist practice includeschanting, meditation, and yoga.
The general religious answer is that Judaism originated in Israel (Canaan), but there are three acceptable religious answers. In addition there is also the historical answer. Religious: Israel The general correct answer is the Holy Land (Canaan; today's Israel), since it was there that Abraham...
The main religion of Spain at that time was Catholicism. El Cid defeated the Moors who were Muslim and drove them out of Spain in 1492, and since that time Spain has been predominantly Catholic. There were a some Jews and most likely a few Muslims still around at that time, but it was not safe for...