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Geometry = Math of Euclid. Geometry is the Branch of math known for shapes (polygons), 3D figures, undefined terms, theorems, axioms, explanation of the universe, and pi.


The diagonals of a square bisect each corner or vertex of the square.
The length of a midsegment is half that of the parallel side of the triangle; assuming the midsegment is parallel to the [given] base, then its length is 27 ÷ 2 = 13.5 units.
Right angled triangles
If it is triangular, area = height x base/2 = 5 x 6 /2 = 15centimetres squared.
An asymptote of a curve is a line where the distance of the curveand line approach zero as they tend to infinity (they get closerand closer without ever meeting) If one zooms out of a hyperbola, the straight lines are usuallyasymptotes as they get closer and closer to a specific point, yetdo not...
The face is a flat surface on a three dismentional shape
This is a very simple one to know that all triangles including  right angle triangle have 3 sides.   to get more help in mathematics jus visit acadsoc website and find  all your answers from a range of expert tutors.
Yes it does. The two bases (hexagons) are congruent, and the six  rectangular sides are congruen to each other.
Cogito ergo sum = I think, therefore I am .
The radius is tripled, too. Suppose: (1) C = 2πr (2) C' = 2πr' (3) C' = 3C Then C' = 3(2πr) = 2π(3r) But C' = 2πr', so 2πr' = 2π(3r) and finally r' = 3r.
Length is usually left to right, and the side that is not theheight or length is the width.
A straight edge is basically another name for a ruler, or it could  be anything that makes straight lines.
1 square inch = 645.16 square mm
 If the small triangles are worth 1, determine the value of the  other Tangram pieces.   Be sure to explain your reasoning.   More Challenging Version:   Find the fractional part each tangram piece is of the whole (all 7  pieces).   Now, suppose the large triangles are worth 1/2,...
\n. \n. a obtuse scalene and a pregnant triangle \n.
If the two points are 'A' and 'B', you just told us that it's 170m . If 'A' and 'B' are not "the two points", then you've told us nothing about them. -------------------------- I trigonometry, we talk about "solving" a triangle. There are 6 pieces of information in triangle ABC: the 3 lengths AB,...
half of the radius. the radius is the distance across thecircle.
They are AMI (Alternate Mark Inversion) and B8ZS (Bi-polar with  8-Zero Substitution)
The altitude value is essential. In the absence of the numeric  value of altitude, we will get multiple answers.
You would divide by 2, then by 2 again, then again. (Because 2 to  the 3 is 8)  
Elements de Geometrie ( elements of geometry)
A nonagon is a 9 sided polygon and its 9 interior angles add up to  1260 degrees
A polygon whose sides are unequal is called an irregular polygon.  It may then be further described as being concave or convex.
A tangent is an object, like a line, which touches a curve. The  tangent only touches the curve at one point. That point is called  the point of tangency. The tangent does not intersect (pass  through) the curve.
A regular pentagon has five congruent interior angles so yes :)
A polygon whose sides are not equal is known as an irregularpolygon. A regular polygon has equal sides and angles.
Try to bring in shapes that are 3D, pyramid, cube, sphere, etc. Explain why the object you are holding is 3 Demensional. Try also asking them why a certain shape is 3 Dimensional, for instance, "What does a 3 Dimensional Square look like?" Let them get interactive and explain to them that a 3...
A real life object of a quadrilateral is a windowpane.
The point that moves (if none a new point is made) goes up or down  the graph.   Up is a positive number.   Down is a negative number.
A triangular based pyramid has 4 flat faces, 6 edges and 4  vertices.
You cannot convert square inches to inches. Square inches are units  used to measure area and inches are units of length. You cannot  convert one to the other.
Obsolute angle
A regular pentagon can always be drawn through any two given points  with those two points as any two vertices of the pentagon.  (Diagonals of a pentagon connect two vertices which are not next to  each other.)
If you're talking about two parrallel lines that have a line which  strikes through them then the term is congruent angles.
Work: don't care about time (that's power)   frictionless means don't care about length of plane   only care about height and mass -- figure 9.8 m/s*s for  acceleration of gravity   F=ma   F times distance (up) = work   good luck
They do not cross.   Lines that are parallel go in the same direction, but some distance  apart. Coplanar means they are in the same horizontal plane.  Therefore the two lines can never cross each other.
No but they do intersect each other at right angles
It can be used to refer to lines or planes. It means that  whereverer they extend, they will never intersect.
One of the most common would be the roof of most homes and many  buildings. The rafters of the roof form a triangle, and most have  smaller triangles as part of the supporting structure to hold the  roof up, and withstand wind, snow load, and other external forces.
Their sum is 360 and the angles in opposite corners are congruent.
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a line of symmetry in a shape is the line which reflects on the other side of the shape, so you can get the same side onto the other side from an angle! :D I hope that this has helped!
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A quadrilateral with four equal sides but no right angles is a rhombus.
Valency is the number of hydrogen atoms that can combine with [or displace] one atom of the element [or radical] to form a compound. For example, one atom of hydrogen combines with one atom of chlorine to form hydrogen chloride [HCl]; so, the valency of chlorine [chloride] is one. Similarly, the...
That is the correct spelling of "vertices", the plural of the term vertex.
(C = r x 2 x Pi) 6.6cm x 2 x Pi = about 41.47 cm circumference.
Thales(known for geometry theorems), Pythagoras(known for  Pythagorean theorem), Leonardo Pisano Bigollo(known for fibonacci),  and there are alot more.
pi minus pi is zero. Any number minus itself is zero.
1 foot = 12 inches1 sq ft = 12 x 12 = 144 sq inFloor area = 12 x 14 = 168 sq ft = 168 x 144 = 24192 sq in
1 cubic meter = 61,023.7441 cubic inches.
The area of anything is determined by multiplying length x width.  When you want to find the perimeter of a rectangle you must use the formula 2l+2w. this means 2 time length + 2 times width. so do as the following  *the 2 stands for how many times you multiply your numbers by  P=2l+2w  P=2(# of...
The name of a 21 sided polygon is Icosihenagon.
The diagonals of a kite cross each other at right angles
This forms four right angles.
A compass. This is not the same as a compass used to determine the direction of North.
I'm an old (75) country boy who lived by a fireplace all my life, until I was in my 20's as the only source of heat besides the wood stove in eth kitchen, and I've never heard the corner by the fireplace to have a special name except "the corner by the fireplace." As in, "Stand it in the corner by...
An octahedron have 6 obtuse angles.