Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th U.S. President from 1901-1909, but is known also as the Governor of New York, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, New York City Police Commissioner, a cattle rancher, an author, and a New York State Assemblyman. Questions should relate to Theodore Roosevelt's life, career, family, and legacy.
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt's two greatest accomplishments while in office was the negotiation to end the Russo-Japanese War, for which he was given a Nobel Peace Prize, and the completion of the Panama Canal to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
He made the first national park. (Yellowstone)
He knocked out all the competion and invented oil transported bypipeline.
Theodore Roosevelt married his second wife, Edith Kermit Carow, two years after the death of his first wife, Alice Hathaway Lee, at the age of 22, of tuberculosis. Roosevelt's second wife, just a week younger than Alice, died 64 years after her Predecessor as First Lady, at the age of 87, of what...
because some people thought he would abandon the gold standard and reduce the value of the dollar
Workers pursuing their right to fair wages and safe working conditions.
Teddy Roosevelt encouraged Panamanian rebels to revolt and declareindependence from Colombia.
The 26th President of the United States was Theodore Roosevelt from September 14, 1901 to March 4, 1909
yes, although im sorry reader i don't know it. im just answering the question=P
Rooseveltwon the presidential election in 1932, most of this were within hisown doing but some other factors helped him win that he had nothingto do with. TheDepression had caused america massive problems, unemployment roseto 14 million by the time FDR was president. A lot of the wagesnearly...
She was a aristocratic Victorian mother
To start saving time and money right away. In addition the quicker it was built the less the people working on the canal would get sick from yellow fever.
Theodore was close to his mother, as when she died it was sad. His children were also important. What molded his career is his interest in politics. :)
By surprising the Spanish with the attack on the Philippines first, thus scoring a quick and devastating victory and then switching their focus to the Caribbean theater. hill burton /default.htm. I hope you find your location here.. Happy Holiday
Because people thought he would abandon the gold standard and reduce the value of the dollar.
In late 1907, he sent the US Navy (2nd in strengh to the British fleet) on a grand tour around the world.
He favored both conservation and preservation. He also set up the most amazing national park the Adirondacks.
What was the Hemispheric Defense Zone? help me out guys A defense zone in World War 2 to protect American ships
The 26th President of the United States of America.
His philosophy on preservation of natural wonders is probably best summed up in a speech he gave at the Grand Canyon in 1903: "Leave it as it is. You can not improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it. What you can do is to keep it for your children, your children's...
Spanish-American War.....
The cost varies on many factors including the size of the park, the management goals and the responsibilities of the park to the law, projects such as repairs or construction, and the number of visitors. The National Park Service, which operates over 390 units, had a budget of $2.5 Billion in fiscal...
The great white fleet was considered to bo one of teddy rosevelts greatest achievements because it showed china that the united states had strength. the great white fleet started to sail the world when teddy Roosevelt came into office and came back when teddy Roosevelt left office.
Because the Republican Party turned there backs on him and everyone thought he was a boring president!
Theodore Roosevelt, Vice-President of William McKinley, became President in September 1901 upon the assassination of the President in Buffalo, NY.
In a word, ego. TR's father told him he would become the greatest person who ever lived. By age 10, he was an expert on birds, and he would tell you so. A shameless self-promoter, his own myth about what he did with the Roughriders -- they didn't actually have horses -- during the Spanish-American...
Yes, Theodore Roosevelt was Franklin Roosevelt's fifth cousin.
Teddy liked hunting and the great outdoors.
Cavalry regiments are mounted horsemen.
Teddy Roosevelt fundamentally changed the nature of the U.S. presidency; indeed, of the federal government in general. Prior to TR, presidents generally felt that they could not do anything unless it was expressly allowed by law or in the Constitution; TR felt that presidents could do most anything...
It was noted that he liked playing with kids because he was a big kid himself.
Roosevelt had this 'Second new deal' This was after his 'new deal' didnt work to well. The alphabet agencies there a few of them but the ones that helped the hobos and umeployed are (PWA) Public works administration - he spent 3,300 million on huge scale public works, getting the unemployed to build...
Lincoln's re-election showed support for continuing the Civil War,rather than arranging a settlement with the Confederates.
"Speak softly, and carry a big stick." It means be kind, but be prepared to fight for what you want!
A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad. Theodore Roosevelt A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. Theodore Roosevelt A...
Probably, secretly, both combatants desired Roosevelt's negotiations to end the war.
Officers in wss
None. Just those two. Britain had a treaty with Japan (signed in 1902) stating if any nation sides with Russia as an active combatant; Britain would side with Japan. Thus: The Russo-Japanese War of 1904 could've very easily turned into WWI (which occurred 10 years later).
He doesn't have a middle name.
According to Wikipedia, he was known as the Napoleon of Protection.
The first president to travel by air was frankly Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The park is between 2200 feet and 2800 feet above sea level.
Ronald Reagan-Feb. 6, 1911 William Henry Harrison-Feb. 9, 1773 Abraham Lincoln-Feb. 12, 1809 George Washington-Feb. 22, 1732....and soon to be Sarah L Palin-Feb 11, 1964.
Harvard College (1876-1880)
New York, New York
Speak softly and carry a big stick.
The first president to fly in an airplane while in office was Franklin Roosevelt . The first ex-president to flyin an airplane was Theodore Roosevelt , who flew asa passenger in a 4-minute flight in one of the early Wrightbiplanes on October 11, 1910, a year after he had left office.
It was the Agricultural Adjustment Act that was passed amid claimsthat the soil conservation program was insufficient. It was passedin 1933.
He may have done other things, but I was always struck by the story of how in the charge of "San Juan Hill", he let the black soldiers take the brunt, and after they'd won it, he and his fellow white soldiers took all the glory for it in the press. He then leveraged that "heroism" into a political...
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He didn't want him to be president because he thought the job wasn't worth it
January 5,1919
Powerful politicians wanted to build the canal elsewhere in CentralAmerica, in a more politically stable country, but TR saw thatbuilding it in Panama would save hundreds of millions of dollars.Panama was, at the time, a province of Colombia, that wasdissatisfied with how they were being ruled from...
McKinley did not go across the country and make speeches because it was considered undignified at the time. He received dignitaries and visitors on his front porch in Canton, Ohio and never left his house during the campaign
Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth President of the United States, was not assassinated - he died of natural causes at the age of 60, having caught a damaging dose of malaria a couple of years earlier.
Theodore Roosevelt was very close to Marry Poppins in fact, she is real, indeed she is.
Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican from 1879-1912. He was a Progressive from 1912-1916. After that, he was back to Republican from 1916-1919.
Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27, 1858. And he lived in New York, New York.
youngest ever president was 42 but minimum is 35.