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Addiction is a dependence on a behavior or substance that a person is generally powerless to stop, and will increase in severity over time unless it is treated. Medically, it is the compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance. Questions related to substance abuse and dependency on nicotine, illegal drugs and alcohol, as well as other addictive substances, are asked and answered in this category.
The short answer is, yes.   The same provisions which allow involuntary commitment of a person  with a mental illness disorder are applicable to those with  addictions. Google "Casey's Law", to find out the details and gain  access to the text of the statute itself
Many drugs will severely mess up a persons reproductive system. Aside from the fact that it may be possible to get pregnant, a child can have defects from drug abuse even if their parents haven't used in years. Talk to your local physician. Tell them your situation and ask about the possible...
A product that contains nicotine, but not the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco It also can be a prescription medication
Every day in the US, 2,500 youth (12 to 17) abuse a prescription  pain reliever for the first time.
Last I checked, big league chew is shreaded bubble gum champ!!!
The FDA demanded that all additives in cigarettes be made public.  They did and the ingredients were all FDA approved additives  already In use worldwide in every manufactured food available. The  complete list is available at RJR's website.  rjrtDOTcom/ingredientsDOTspx
Acetone (solvent), cyanhydric acid (was used in gas chambers), Ammoniac (detergent), Naphtylamine, Urethane, Pyrene, Toluene (industrial solvent), Naphtalene (moth-repellent), Arsenic (lethal poison), Nicotine (used as herbicide and insecticide, also what makes smoking addictive), Dibenzacridine,...
Yes but, even if you have the genetic predisposition to alcoholism, if you do not drink you will not become an alcoholic.
1890s when cigarette making equipment became available for mass  production. It was already being produced by hand prior to that for  ready made consumption.
about 1.00 to $1.50 2.0$$ was considered a huge price
Yes you should, even if you don't know them! I think it could  really change your life and that persons life also.
Anyone using it as a cigarette, chew, or snus.
Put it in a plastic bag with a wet sponge leave over nite but not  to wet or molding will result.
No a minor can not. Any reputable e-cig seller maintains you must be 18+ to order.
If you stay in an inpatient alcohol rehab and  you receive care from licensed addiction treatment staff 24/7 for  several weeks or months, you are an"inpatient" of such facility.  You are also called, a 'residential patient' receiving  treatment. 
addiction for rn certificate is impatient in game and othersarvasis
The smoke will be very nasty and will make you high.
This might be a good place. Maybe you could start by asking the question that you want to ask.
The youth alone can not prevent drug abuse, as drug abuse is actually very common amongst all ages. Its needs to be a combined effort amongst the community to stop drug abuse. We can start by educating our youth the effects of drugs on their life and health. The main priority is to stop it at the...
I'm not to sure truly some gaming websites have ads like that
A drug that is not on the FDA's list of controlled substances.
Breathing only becomes impaired from alcohol during alcohol poisoning.
Yes it can be possible. If you have already had a type of cancer  like lung cancer, gum cancer, skin cancer, and throat cancer, it  can be possible to make yourself open to the type of cancer again.  It would be best to try to get rid of the addiction to smoking. You  can go on google or medical...
No, not at all, despite tobacco being dangerous to your health-- cigars less so if you have had skin cancer then smoking will not increase the chances of you getting cancer. However, if you have had lung cancer then it does make it extremely more dangerous to smoke.
You can hold a cigarette with whatever your body will allow you to  hold it with? Plenty of people have held cigarettes in their teeth.
All chemicals used in reputable E-Liquid is FDA approved for Human Use; however the FDA has attempted to say they are not safe, but were unable to prove this.  It seems they have an issue saying these things are not safe but the other stuff is.It is safer to use reputable E-Liquid (E-Cig's)...
  try replacing the fuse. i had the same problem after trying to use a phone charger. you have to put it in perfectly or the negative and positive contacts touch and blow the fuse. it wasn't designed for power on the old ones. i have a 93. it does work but you have to put it in directly...
Through a car lighter
When you say computer addiction, I am going to assume you are  talking about video game addiction, not pornography addiction. That  being said, It is hard to come up with statistics for how prevalent  video game addiction is because it is not a formal diagnosis. This  means each study that is...
Look on the back to see the active ingredients, check if it has  alcohol, or opiates such as codeine (if your getting it over the  counter in the us, it shouldn't have this), and I would avoid  anything with dextromethorphan. Anything else should be good, but  you can ask a pharmacist/ check...
There are basically two types of alcoholism, alcohol abuse and  alcohol dependency. Depending on the type, the traits in an  alcoholic may vary. But in general, any alcoholic may suffer from  anxiety, impulsive nature, high frustration and low concentration  levels and problems at work and in...
Yes you can. Though there may be duty to be paid
Excessive exercise can lead to stress- and impact-related injuries, and eventual permanent deterioration of tendons, ligaments and joints.
tobacco is a plant and tobacco products are tobacco mixed with a lot of other ingredients
From the time polio first appeared in humans until the 1950's.
HGH addiction is physical addiction the grwouth hormone incise thebody belding
Well one of the ways is to order a free quite kit from the NHS. You can also by any niquitin products.
It really isn't designed for that, the getting high part or the snorting part. If you're looking to take a break from your program, ( don't give up on it all together ) stop taking the suboxone for 2 or 3 days, it'll clear your system and stop blocking the receptors. Then, if you must, and I'm not...
  Fuse #8 operates Horn,Amplifier AND Cigarette lighter (20 amp),LED being bad is due to faulty radio,slides out of deck after 2 X 3/8 sheet metal screws are removed.Answered my own question!
Teenagers consumed more alcohol and drugs in 1861 than they do today.
sex addiction 5 characteristic ,sex behaver,negative continuance,irritation,
it dependes on the name brand of the tobacco to say the cost
The three stages of tobacco are: *First Use- A user who is curious about smoking*Regular Use-To use tobacco more often*Total Dependency-Users need tobacco regularlyI HOPE YOU GUYS FIND THIS VERY USEFUL!!!!
Just make sure you wait 6-8 hours after taking a diladid! People say 12hrs but i took two 30mg oxy codone the other day at 10:30 a.m. & then took an 8mg suboxone at 4:00 p.m. and It did me real good! So bottom line I would say wait a min. of 6 hrs!
  I don't think that computers are addictive, but its the stuff that you do and use on the computer that could be addictive - such as if you are a huge email fan, or stuff like that.
 Oxycontin abuse --as defined by the DSM-IV--has costed Americans  somewhere in excess of 400 billion dollars a year, when you factor  in all types of medical costs, lost wages, court costs, and many  other lifestyle factors. This drug seems to be moving into the  hands of younger and younger...
Answer . When you smoke, your lungs constrict, reducing airflow in. Basically, smoking is terrible for you, and if you smoke, don't bother working out. If you work out, then don't smoke!
your house will smell of smoke and that you will loose alot of money due have to keep on buying ciggerattes.
  Yes, each state has a Board or a Bureau of Alcohol & Drug Counselors that provides exams and certifications (licenses) for alcohol and drug counselors to practice. There are usually pre-requisites and requirements prior to taking the exams. Education, internship hours, etc. There is also a...
  Probably just 24 hours. To be safe, just wait until you start feeling crappy.
no meloxicam not addictive
You don't really have to, since opiate withdrawal is rarely fatal. However, opiate withdrawal lasts a long, long time. The worst of it lasts for weeks, and you might not feel 100% well again for over a year. Basically, it's like a horrible flu that lasts for months.So, since most people cannot...
Alcoholics can drink in moderation, but shouldn't do so before competitions.
the stages of repair after quitting smoking are get good food ,dinkmore water,vitamins use,morning worlk regularly.
peer pressure is a big one but family influence also contributes to it. and cause they get the impression that it is cool, it is not!!!
  Smoking causes Cancer, lung damage, and a lot of other serious sicknesses, not including, it could kill you.
What you can do is simply conduct an intervention. Confront them  about it. Ask them. Open communication is really important in this  matter.
Smoking is bad for EVERYONE. . Age is a so-so thing. . It's less bad for old people to smoke since they are more likelyto die of other reasons before smoking kills them. . Smoking is more bad for older people since they often have highblood pressure and poor circulation anyhow, and smoking makes...
yes, it does. It can give you brain damage and it is addictive SO WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT SNIFF GLUE
Usually. Very few people like the taste of unflavored tobacco, which is extremely bitter.
Like any other addiction, it interferes with everyday life. You begin to constantly crave the drug and pay less attention to your wife and kids. They try to help you and nothing changes because you aren't willing to help yourself; eventually you could possibly lose your family to the drug and they...
I believe some people can be.
Cigars contains 4,000 chemicals, which includes 43 known  cancer-causing compounds. (Carcinogens) such as tar, carbon  monoxide, nicotine, formaldehyde ammonia, arsenic, hydrogen  cyanide, and DDT. Nicotine is also highly addictive.
he said he only smokes Cohiba
  == Answer ==   Not all people have oral fixation problems. Sometimes this is caused by the person failing to exit the "stage" of childhood that involves putting everything possible in your mouth. Other people just get into the habit of doing so. There could very well be more scietific...
yes there is also over 4000 other chemicals in the smoke
In certain circumstances, yes anyone can hallucinate. Some commoncauses include: . reactions to prescribed medications . meds taken in excess . illegal drugs . life threatening reactions to street drugs . overuse of alcohol . withdrawal from drug use . withdrawal from long term alcohol use . water...
They're about, for newports, in pennsylvania, 6.14 or something like that, Marlboro's are like 5-6, l&m's are 4 something and raves are 3.97
  Research indicates that tobacco advertising promotes smoking initiation, hence the desirability of banning it. See this website for information: http://www.globalink.org/en/advertising.shtml
One issue is that while additives have been approved for food, this was not tested when burning a cigarette. When a cigarette is burning it creates more than 4,000 chemical compounds! (Sorry if this is Incorrect) (Provided by Wikipedia) Additives in Cigarettes (599): A * Acetanisole * Acetic...
Yes. They are smaller than men and metabolize etoh differently. Medical people recommend no more than one drink per day for women, two for men.
In Richmond, Virginia, is the headquarters of Malboro. There are more, but I do not know where the other ones are.
The nicotine is basically the compound in tobacco that keeps a person addicted. The tar is what will line the insides of your lungs and kills the alveoli. The rat poison in the tobacco product is what attacks your heart.
  Good question. If alcoholism runs in the family, you have to be careful. Even if it does not, alcoholism kills over 125,000 people per year. When the time comes and you realize that you have a problem, AA is the solution. Call 1-800-ALCOHOL. Don't be afraid...they won't bite.
If we had known how harmful tobacco was in the days when people first began to use it, I believe that cigarettes too would be prohibited. As it is, it is useless to bolt the stable door once the horse has escaped! One can only hope to get people off cigarettes by gradual legal restrictions as to...
  It is a special flavor cigarette made by H & J Tobacco Corp. They come in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappocino, Green Apple, Cinnamon, Orange and lemon.
  sometimes. it can depend. i went on a plane and they didn't allow my moms cigarettes on flight but on the trip back they said it was okay. it was weird.
I took Valium whilst taking subutex, to help with sleep and anxiety while withdrawling. Worked wonders. Be careful not to end up with another addiction though.
Adderall is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. One of the side effects is an accelerated heartbeat and increase in blood pressure. You should discuss any side effects with your doctor. If you are taking it illegally, without a prescription, at least have your blood pressure checked. If it is...
== Answer ==   No, but they will not pull so hard on the leash afterwards.     == Answer ==   It is believed that over a period of several years, a lot of the visible damage is repaired - so much of the tar, etc, in the lungs is eventually removed - but it depends on how long you have...