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Contact lenses are clear and flexible, and fit on the cornea of the eye to correct vision. Questions in this category can include how to purchase and care for contact lenses, as well as health concerns.
A contact lens (CL) can act as a vector for microorganisms toadhere to and transfer to the ocular surface. Commensalmicroorganisms that uneventfully cohabitate on lid margins andconjunctivae and potential pathogens that are found transiently onthe ocular surface can inoculate CLsin vivo. For More...
Regular Contact lenses ahere to the cornea of the eye with natural eye lubrication- nothing else is required, usually. Intraocular lenses are small corrective lenses implanted behind the iris of the eye and in front of the the lens of the eye to correct myopia and hyperopia.
It depends on the person. I prefer contacts because I like the way they feel, got tired of glasses falling off my face when in an amusement park and my prescription for glasses are bigger then my face ( a small person). I still have a pair if I need it. So, it is up to you on what do you prefer
No. It wont harm your eyes anymore.
You can get your eye color from either parents, but usually by your mother. Catherine Ashley was here
haha by paulg1997 I work for Contact Lens King an online retailer of contact lenses. There are ways to convert the prescription but your ECP will be the one to do it for you. It is not as simple as saying -250 will be -250. Remember the contact lens sits on your eye. Eyeglasses are up to 10cm from...
Yes a web site such as sells them
yes u can its just that when you jump or dive in close your eyes tightly
could get uncomfortable for some individuals
ofcoarse. you can be any age, depending on what your parent/optimologist decides
try fresh look colorblends for a drastic change try the gray, blue or turquoise. for more subtle change try the green, brown (i know you have brown eyes but if they are a almost black brown color the brown color will actually lighten your eyes a bit) or hazel. i think the green looks the best...
It depends in the circumstances. Some people only need to wear one contact lens. If you are supposed to wear two, you really should wear both. If you lose one, wear glasses until you can get another. The danger involved in wearing only one lens when you should be wearing two is dependant on your...
Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses allow far more oxygen to get through to the eye than any other soft contact lens. With the increased oxygen supply to the eye, most complications that can occur when sleeping in other soft lens materials have been greatly diminished.
Answer I detail/restore headlights for used car dealers and I useThe CrystaLenz Headlight Restoration Kit. Their product works greatand is VERY easy to use. Check out their website An Acrylic lens deoxidizer is the safest fastest DIY way to getyour headlights clear. It is the...
Cheapest Contact Lenses The cheapest type of contact lenses are monthly disposables. You wear them every day for 30 days, removing and cleaning them at night, then throw them away. However, the very cheap lenses may only have a wear time of 6-8 hours due to the materials from which they are made....
well color contact lenses enhance your natural color ,well it depends if you have dark eyes
anytime. you just need to practice proper sanitation.
depens how old but i know someone who is 11 and wears contacts... no problem getting them in and everything. i also have been wearing contacts since i was about 9 or 10. hope this helps
Yes, a 12 year can wear contact lense(s). But in some cases Eye Doctors advises some, not all, patients that wearing glasses may be better. You will have to talk to the eye doctor to see what may and/or may not be the best choice.
Wearers of contact lenses share their views: . I use the EyePOD Contact Lens Kit to easily insert and remove my contacts. I just take the adapter, put it on the EyePOD, place a drop of water on the center of the adapter, place the adapter on the contact (my fingers never touch it anymore, no...
No you cant. Because your already wearing contact lenses u cannot put on eye glasses. It can cause infection and blurriness. Consult with a doctor before doing tht
Glasses and contact lenses Short-sightedness can usually be corrected by you wearing glasses or contact lenses. Your optometrist will discuss with you what options are available. If you're mildly short-sighted, you may only need to wear glasses or contact lenses occasionally, such as when you're...
Yes I'm sure you can still be a SASR trooper if you need glasses.
Some areas allow the medical use of cannabinoids, and others don't. You'd need your doctor to prescribe it for you anyway, so you can just ask him/her if it's legal where you are as a treatment for some ailment that you have.
While some questionable places will sell you contacts, if it is a new prescription, you should have your lenses fitted. Contacts are not like socks. They must fit your eye or can cause plenty of damage, irritation, blur and pain. The difference is clear. (pun intended!)
While some contact lenses are designed to be worn for as long as a week without removal, many require removal at the end of each day. Whether you can leave them in overnight depends on the type you are using.
The O.D. designation on an eyeglass or contact lens prescription means the right eye or oculus dexter. The O.S. means left eye or oculus sinister.
If you rip or tear a contact lens, there is nothing that can be done but to replace it. Do NOT try wearing a damaged contact lens as this could cause serious damage to the eye.
yes, people care about their appearance and how other people think of them. Contacts also help athletes who dont want glasses as it will get in their way. hope this helps x
You should quit using your contacts and go to your eye doctor. It sounds like you have a slight infection. If it is neglected, it could turn into something more serious. The contacts could aggravate it. Once the doctor gets the infection under control, they will let you know when you can go back to...
you can't. the only way to be glasses/contact free again is with laser eye surgery. sorry
Yes, you just need to wear goggles or close your eyes
Yes some people find it impossible to touch their eye even if their optometrist will teach them how to wear contacts. They are very afraid
clean your lenses before you insert them, and only use newly opened contact lenses. common sense
You would have to order online from a foreign (ie, non-United States) source that did not require a current valid prescription. This is generally not advised as reputable companies that sell safe products in the US will require a prescription. The concern would be that a disreputable company would...
Contact lenses dry my eyes , becoz of which I feel like closing my eyes all the while, but my mind is still alert. the moment i remove the lenses everything is ok. I heard that there is a small part of respiration called corneal respiration that might be hampered by the lens.
It's best to take them out. Using personal experience, when I've left them in, my eyes had become red, swollen, or itchy; or, I've simply had difficulty removing them.
It is not recommended that you wear them when your eye site degenerates so far because of how frail the eyes are.
There is no set age limit; it depends on each individual and their vision correction needs.
Contacts are suppose to be taken out every night before you sleep so you can clean them. Why do you think that there are so many brands of contact lens solution whether it is rub/no rub if you are not required to clean them every night? Also there are disposables contacts too (for those who donesn't...
He wears it in memory of a dog he had in his childhood which he describes as "his only true friend." His dog was deliberately poisoned by his neighbor, resulting in it's death.
Replace it in a minimum of 3 months..
The 'grade' you are asking about is the dioptres (units of measurement of sight), which in turn is your optical or ophthalmological prescription. These would be the same regardless of the method of visual correction device, so yes, they are identical.
How often you should replace your contact lenses all depends on what kind of lenses you have. Disposable lenses are replaced more often, so there is less time for bacteria and other things to gather on them. Some people use daily wear lenses, which means that you wear them by day and dispose of...
I have read that MiraFlow extra strength contact lens cleaner willbe back on the market in early Spring of 2014.
double convex, page 33, last paragraph, last sentence.
There are several vision defects and the corrective lenses. Some ofthe common vision defects include myopia, which is corrected usingconcave diverging lenses, hypermetropia, which is corrected usingthe convex converging lenses, and astigmatism, corrected withcylindrical lenses on eyeglasses.
Glasses and contacts alter the angle of the light entering the cornea of the eye which changes the focal point to hopefully hit the retina correctly for a better vision. The shape of the lens is determined by factors such as the shape of the eyeball.
No, drying up of our eyes causes iritation.
Have your mom take you to the eye doctor to get tested and then order a pair if they will work with your eyes. Don't buy a pair of cheap ones online or at the corner store they will ruin your eyes. At 13 your eyes are still changing and this could affect you the rest of your life.
Answer . Well some contacts leave a hole in the middle for your pupil as you look out through your pupil.. I used to wear blue, brown, violet and gray contact lenses before... Based on my experience the color doesn't have any effect at all, unless ofcourse you put your contacts the wrong way. One...
If you leave them on too long nothing will happen except your eyes may become sore or irritated. Most of them you can usually wear them for up to 18 to 20 hours.
What are some ways you can help protect your vision
If your contact lens has expired do not use them get new ones unless your eyedoctor says that you can use the expired ones
u put them from the packet and slot them into your eyes
Taken from . Visit to learn more about contact lenses and to order your lenses at a saving of 70%. . Now your answer... . Your doctor will be the most qualified person to recommend contact lenses to you. However, there are three basic types of contact lenses to select...
There really is no age: It depends on the child, the child's visual problems, and the doctor's diagnosis and assessment of the child.
It might be, but I do alot and it's more helpful to dry contacts then the eye drops the doctor gives you.
Any optical shop should be selling contact lenses, but i usually buy them online as there are more variates. I usually go to my eye doctor, you can try other online shops like if you want. I found some info on searching on google how to choose color contact lenses, so maybe it can...
Yes, children as young as nine are able to wear contact lenses. In fact, because of their high levels of involvement in team sports, it is often recommended that children wear contacts, rather than trying to wear glasses, as it is quite simply more convenient.
First thing is to relax. It's happened to me twice. It might hurt a tiny bit but it won't get any more painful. Take your fingers and stretch out the part of your eye were you think it went and look in the opposite direction. do that for 10 seconds and it should slip back in your eye.
Well technically regular contact lenses are used for far sight. if there was one for near sight it wouldn't have the same substances. So I doubt there is one. But you can check at your contact lenses store.