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Where did brown hair brown eyes originate from?


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November 14, 2012 1:34PM

Brown hair and brown eyes are of indo-European origin, from white Europeans. Brown hair and eyes and olive-white skin tones were the first mutation to the white race. Africans and Asians have naturally black hair, black-colored eyes (no visible brown at all) and very dark or black skin tones. The only way an African has lighter brown eyes (from dark brown to light brown) or brown hair is if he's mixed with a parent, grandparent or recent ancestor of European origin from both the maternal and paternal sides. An example would be a white mother and a white paternal great grandparent.

NOTE: Having actual knowledge of genetics and anatomy is useful.. "black eyes" are genetically impossible.. as Melanin is what gives ALL skin types (from the palest European to the darkest African), including eyes and hair their color.. Melanin is brown.. the more Melanin, the darker the skin, eyes, or hair. Dark brown eyes may appear to be black, but they are not, they are brown. Also the brown hair and eyes are believed to be originated from Asia, as Asia is where the oldest human ancestor has been found (it was originally thought to be Africa).. not in Europe. If the latest discovery remains to be the oldest human relative, then until something older is found, it leaves to the fact that all other "races" are genetic or evolutionary mutations of that original relative.. not the other way around.