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Countries that have Buddhism as the main religion still today is:

Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


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No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

The main religion is Buddhism and Islam

main religion is Buddhism

Buddhism is the predominant religion in the majority of southeast Asian countries and Islam is also widespread but only two countries have Catholicism as their main religion, the Philippines and East Timor.

The main religion of Peru is not Buddhism.

China's main religion is Buddhism.

The main religion in Japan is Buddhism and Shinto.

It's main religion is Buddism.

Buddhism isn not really a religion. it is just a way of life.

Buddhism is the 4th largest religion and is the fastest growing religion in western countries.

Yes, Theravada Buddhism is the main religion but it is shortly followed by Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

Other than India (Hinduism), it could be Islam or possibly Buddhism.

The main religion in Nepal is Hinduism 70%,Buddhism-30%

There is no one main religion, its different throughout the various countries, and even then, its different through the various regions of that country. Religion in Asia ranges from Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, plus countless of other religions.

Buddhism is the main religion in China.

The main religion in Mongolia is Tibetan Buddhism.

Almost all the south Asian countries follow Buddhism. In China also, it is the largest religion leaving the atheist.

there are 2 main religions. Buddhism and islam

Buddhism is considered a philosophy and not a religion because, the Buddha is not a god, there is no "God" in Buddhism. The main tenant is that we are all capable of Buddhahood.

The main festival or holiday in Buddhism is Vesak. (It has various spellings in different countries.)

Buddhism is not the main religion today in India because over the years..... India has been introduced into different religions such as Shintonism, Zen Buddhism, and Confucianism. :O)

the main features of Buddhism are the middle way, Siddhattha Gotama, Anicca, Anatta and Dukkha

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