Frogs are amphibians which are present all across the globe in many different species. They are adapted for life in the water with many evolutionary characteristics, such as having the ability to breathe through their skin, having webbed feet and finger joints and many others. In this category, you will discover questions related to frogs in any shape or form.

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Zoology or Animal Biology

Are frogs carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Most frogs are carnivores as adults, feeding on insects such as grasshoppers, mosquitoes, moths, beetles and crickets, as well as worms, spiders and snails. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not all insectivorous as some species may eat vertebrates such as lizards, small fish, other frogs, reptiles such as baby freshwater turtles, small birds and even mammals such as rodents and small bats. Frogs have teeth, and while these are not used to chew their food, they are used for gripping large prey.

However, it is important to note that tadpoles, the juvenile form of frogs, can range from herbivore, eating algae and decayed plant matter, to omnivores, as some tadpoles such as bullfrog tadpoles, known for their size in contrast to other North American Species, will eat animal proteins.

Carnivore. Frogs eat..

  • Beatles
  • Worms
  • Flies
  • Grasshoppers
  • Crickets
  • etc.

Could a frog live in glass jar without a lid?

I will answer this question with a second question - why do you need to know? What a horrid ornament that would make?!

Entertainment & Arts

What frogs eat leaves?

None of them do, all frogs are carnivores. Although tadpoles do eat plants.


What sound do frogs make?

  • Ribbit or a croaking sound.
  • Different species of frogs make many different kinds of calls. For example, many toads make long (30 seconds or more) high-pitched trills. On the other hand, bullfrogs make loud bellowing sounds. Green frogs sound a bit like a banjo string being plucked.
  • The sound made by a frog is usually referred to as a croak.
  • clucking
  • Frogs of different types can croak, chirp, trill, squeak, groan, and many other sounds.
  • They make chirps and croaks, which can be long, short, or in bursts, and vary in low to high pitch.
  • It varies. Some frogs make a hissing noise, male-fire bellied toads bark, some green tree frogs quack. Of course we think they croak or ribbit.
  • They vary in length, how many bursts, and pitch.

Frogs make many different sounds. Some are high pitched 'peeps', some are high-piched trills, others sound like clucking chickens, bleating sheep, or tubas.
Animal Parasites

Is it legal to have a pet leech?

Yes, but they do not make the best pets.


What would happen if you touched a dwarf frog?

It may try to bite.

Aquarium Fish Species
Happy Aquarium

What do the frogs eat on Happy Aquarium?

The regular fish food :P


How do you get rid of a frog phobia?

Hypnotherapy helps to reprogram your subconscious "programs" that may be part of your fear. When these programs are "de-bugged" the symptoms of Frog Phobia often are minimized. However, some people don't like the feeling of loss of control in allowing someone else to play with their personal "software". Hypnotherapy does appear to be effective in many cases. Often only one or two sessions are needed. Hypnotherapy is safe and works fast. There are also other options for overcoming a phobia. Immersion is one of them. The aim of this procedure is to overload the mind with the stimulus to the point that exposure to that level again is impossible and therefore normal exposure is not frightening. Read as: You will be locked in a small room filled with frogs and no amount of shouting, screaming or throwing yourself against the walls will get you let out. This procedure is invasive and frightening, and therefore not popular. Volunteering to be locked in a room with something you are terrified of is not a very pleasant prospect. It is often used only when the phobia is interfering with somebody's life, ie refusing to leave the house for fear of encountering a frog. Another option is gradual exposure. At first you might be asked to look at pictures of frogs, then to touch them. Eventually this might progress, over days or even weeks, to being in the same room as a frog, standing next to somebody holding a frog, touching a frog and eventually handling a frog. There are also ways to manage a phobia without actually overcoming it - asking somebody to remove all the frogs from your house and yard, and trying to avoid being in places that frogs frequent. If you choose this option, please have the frogs relocated instead of killing them. They don't deserve to die because you don't like them.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

What is the function of the tympanum of a frog?

The 'tympanum' is the same thing as the human eardrum-- it is used for hearing! Frogs and toads have this membrane on either side of their heads for bi-directional hearing.
The frog's tympanum allows it to hear.
The frog's tympanum allows it to hear.

Relaying sound waves is the function of a frog's tympanum.

Specifically, the term describes a structure which is located on the outside of some amphibians, insects and mammals. In frogs, it is found just behind the frog's eye. It works as a middleman in hearing since it transmits sound waves from the environment into the frog's protected, inner ear for processing.

the ear is the typanium in the frogs.
Care of Reptiles

What are cute frog names?

  • If the frog is small.... pebble.
  • And if he is big.......frogieo.
  • If he's medium sized.... ribberto (get it ribbet and Roberto)
  • No matter what the size.....Freida
  • Kermit
  • Bagel
  • Lily
  • Beans
  • Frog
  • Ribbit
  • Fry
  • George
  • Cutie
  • Put
  • Sully
  • Boo
Food Chains and Food Webs

Do peregrine falcons eat frogs?

I'm pretty sure they do.


What is the function of the fat bodies of a frog?

The fat bodies store fat. Storing fat gives the frog energy, helps him stay warm, and ables him to float.
because they need the capacaty
They stay warm in the winter.

  • The function of these fat bodies is that they keep the frog warm during the cold winter while they are hibernating.
  • Fat bodies are mainly used for the storage of energy for hibernation and reproduction. They are also used in the production of genetic material.
  • Fat bodies are fats which stores energy used by frog during hibernation. This also helps the frog to float in water because fats do not sink in water.
  • The fat bodies serve as energy reserves when food is not available.

The function of fats to frogs is to:

1. to support the special organs in the body e.g heart & kidney

2. it act as shock absorber

3. it provide insulation to the frog

4. it produces hormones

It reserves food supply during hibernation
some times when your in your back yard you might flip up a rock and find a toad, toads actually hibernate under objects such as a rock for example and there body fat play a role in keeping them warm and insuring that they wont starve to death.
The fat bodies serve as energy reserves when food is scarce.


What is frogs body covering?

Frogs have a permeable skin wich contains mucusglands and poison glands.


Why do frogs have webbed feet?

Webbed feet allow frogs to swim more efficiently. They also are able to swim with more speed.


What is a name for a thin frog?

A good name for any frog is something that relates to frog life. They may not sound like very good names but Hoppy, Buggers, Froggy, Froggert, that kind of name because they are froggy like and it doesn't matter if it is thin or fat! If this wasn't helpful then search it on google because there are other websites that already have answers and we don't have to answer questions for you so suck it!

Just kidding lol Hope I helped!

Types of Grasses

Do frogs eat grass?

do frogs eat grass?

yes they do

They prefer bugs.

Happy Aquarium

Why won't my frogs eat on Happy Aquarium?

I have experienced this problem 2 but i do not yet know the answer, there is no frog food so then facebook might just be glitching :D


Are frogs vertebrates or invertebrates?

All amphibians are vertebrates. This includes all frogs and toads.

A frog is a vertebrate because it has a backbone called a vertebra.

They are classified in the phylum chordata which includes the vertebrates.

The difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate is the fact that vertebrates have a spinal cord (or back bone), and invertebrates do not.

It is a vertebrate having an internal skeleton including a backbone.


What is the name of a baby frog while it has gills an a tail?

A tadpole, this is the larval stage of the frog life cycle.

Tree Frogs

How big are red eyed tree frog tadpoles?

Males range from 2 (5.08 centimetres) to 2½ inches (6.35 centimetres), while female range from 2½ (6.35 centimetres) to 3 inches (7.62 centimetres) on average.

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Can you give frogs fish food?

Well, actually yes you can. I caught a frog and I didn't have any dead flies to feed it or anything like that and just recently my fish died and I didn't want to throw away the food because that would just be a big waste of many so I gave the frog some fish food and he ate it and I've been feeding it that for 3 weeks and it's still alive.


Do wild geese eat frogs?

Nope, Herons and egrets eat frogs.


Are frog legs kosher?

No, frogs are not kosher.

Only land animals with divided hooves and chews the cud are kosher.

Only water animals with fins and scales are kosher.

Military Equipment

What does a soldier keep in a frog?

A soldier keeps his bayonet in his frog.


What is the seating position of frog?

Frogs don't really sit up like toads do. They are more flat.


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