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A passport is a key to a world of adventure. However, getting one can be an adventure in itself. Ask questions here about how to obtain a passport for traveling between countries.

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Which country give port entry visa for Bangladeshi passport?

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can any one saw which country still give bangladesh passport holder a direct entry or port visa.
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What are the reasons for disqualification for a US passport?

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If you owe back child support. If you are not a US citizen.
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Do Indians get a visa on arrival in china?

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No, India passport holders are required to get a China visa prior to departure at their local China embassy or consulate. Application for a China visa will require a validity of 90 starting from date of departure (however, 6 months is recommended), 2 blank pages in your passport, and 1 passport photo. Fees vary from country to country so check with your local China embassy/consulate for accurate fee prices.
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Passport Office Patna 24.10.2008 passport delivery status'?

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I'm stuI have applied for my passport on 11-may-2009and my File Reference Number is: A050897. Current position of my Passport on net is displaying below from last two months:- It is to regret that due to unavoidable circumstances the despatch of Passport has been delayed and will now be despatched in a week's time. please send me feedback.mped. CanI'm stumped. Can you help answer 4month only one statuse please help me
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List countries which are visa free Malawi passport holders?

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Countries and Territories Conditions of access Benin 3 months [1] Burkina Faso 90 days [2] Burundi Visa can be obtained upon arrival at Bujumbura Airport [3] Cape Verde 90 days [4] Cameroon 90 days [5] Chad 3 months [6] Comoros Visa issued upon arrival [7] Côte d'Ivoire 3 months [8] Djibouti 1 month visa issued on arrival [9] Gambia 90 days [10] Ghana 90 days [11] Guinea 3 months [12] Guinea-Bissau 90 days [13] Liberia 3 months [14] Madagascar 90-day visa issued upon arrival for MGA140,000 [15] Mali 3 months [16] Mauritania 3 months [17] Mozambique 30-day visa issued upon arrival for US$25 [18][19] Niger 3 months [20] Senegal 3 months [21] Seychelles 1 month [22] Sierra Leone 3 months [23] Togo 3 months [24] Uganda 3 month visa isused on arrival for $50 [25] Zambia Countries and Territories Conditions of access Barbados 6 months [28][29] Dominica 6 months [30] Grenada 3 months [31][32] Haiti 3 months [33][34] Montserrat 3 months [35] Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 months [36][37] Turks and Caicos Islands 30 days [38] [edit] Asia Countries and Territories Conditions of access Middle East Jordan 30 days $80 on arrival Isreal Bangladesh 90 day visa issued on arrival for $50 [39] Cambodia 30 day visa issued on arrival for US$ 20 [40] Iran 15 days [41] Laos 30 day visa issued on arrival for US$ 30 [42] Maldives 30 days [43] Macau 30 day visa issued on arrival for 100 MOP [44] Singapore 30 days [45] Timor-Leste 30-day visa issued upon arrival for US$30 [46] Great Britain South Ireland (Dublin) [edit] Oceania Countries and Territories Conditions of access Cook Islands 31 days [47] Fiji 6 months [48] Micronesia 30 days[49] Nauru 30 days [50] Niue 30 days [51] Palau 30 days [52][53] Samoa 60 days [54] Tuvalu 1 month [55] Vanuatu 30 days [56]
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Which countries included schengen staaten?

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Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Austria joined the Schengen zone area in 1995; Belgium joined the Schengen zone in 1985. The Schengen Agreement (or the Schengen zone) is not necessarily related to the European Union (i.e. the Schengen zone is not the same thing as European Union). Although many of the Schengen zone member countries are also members of the European Union, some European Union members (UK, Ireland) did not sign the Schengen Agreement. On the other hand, some non-EU countries are members of the Schengen zone (Iceland, Norway). The UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen Zone. Switzerland, which belongs neither to the European Union nor to the European Economic Area, has been cooperating with the Schengen zone and began implementing Schengen rules on December 12, 2008. The European Commission approved on July 15, 2009 a decision to allow citizens of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia entry to Schengen countries visa-free from January 1, 2010. Bulgaria, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Romania which are part of the European Union have not yet implemented Schengen zone member rules.
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Can you list visa free country for FIJI passport holder?

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Countries (Length of stay) Andorra(90 days) Antigua Barbuda (180 days) Bahamas (90 days), Barbados (180 days) Bermuda (180 days) Botswana (90 days) Belize (90 days) Bangladesh (90 days) Cayman Islands (30 days) Chile ( 90 days) Costa Rica (30 days) Cook Islands, (31 days) Dominican Reppublic (30 Days) Eqcuador (90 days) Ei Salvador (90 days) Grenada (90 days) Guatemala ( 90 days) Haiti ( 90 days) Hong-Kong, (90 days) India (90 days) Indonesia (30 days) Ireland (90 days) Israel (90 days) Jamaica (180 days) Kenya( 30 days) Kiribati (28 days) Kosovo (90 days ) Liechtenstein ( 90 days) Malaysia (30 days) Maldives (30 days) Malawi (30 days) Mauritius (90 days) Micronesia (30 days) Montenegro(90 days) Nauru (30 days) 'Palau (30 days) Palestine (90 days) Peru (90 days) Philippines (21 days), Pitcairn Islands (14 days) Saint Helena (90 days) Seychelles (90 days) south Korea (30 days) Singapore (30 days) Saint kitts Nevis(90 days) Saint Vincent Grenadines(30 days) Saint Lucia(90 days) Samoa( 60 days) Tonga (30 days) Tuvalu (90 days), Trinidad Tobago (90 days) Tunisia (90 days) Uganda (30 days) Vanuatu,( 90 days) Zambia( 90 days) Zimbabwe(90 days) Also check the related link out to see more
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Do canadians need a visa to visit new zealand?

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Depends why you are traveling there and for how long. If you're a tourist and going for less than three months, then no. For more information visit:
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What are disqualifications for a passport?

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I would think that one disqualification would be having no verification of citizenship in the country from which you desire a passport. Another would be no proof of identity.
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Do you need a passport to go to South Carolina?

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Not if you already live in the United States. Of course if you are minor from another state traveling w/o adult supervision or permission and have an encounter with authorities there can be problems.
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Do EU citizens need a visa to Turkey?

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No Umm, yes we do. A visa is attained at the airport (port, border) in Turkey for the sum of £10, $20 or €15 (only cash is accepted). You can not step on Turkish soil without this visa. It is valid for multiple entry for 90 days and does not allow you to work.
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Before and after 1900 were any photos of Italian immigrants taken for passports or other processing and if so are they retrievable?

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Federal naturalization records usually have a picture in the 1900's. Naturalizations are in the National Archives. I suggest you check out Dead Fred's Genealogy Photo Archive If photos were found somehow they might be in bad condition (because of weather and other things). Photos were not required for US Naturalizations until sometime after the 1920s.
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Do people need a passport to go to the Republic of Ireland?

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In most cases, Yes. But the situation is complex. Officially, citizens of the UK or Ireland don't need a passport to enter Ireland from the UK, but all other nationalities do. But you need some form of ID to prove you are an Irish or British citizen, and the only form of ID generally accepted are a drivers license or a passport. The drivers license must be a UK or Irish license and you must have been born in the UK or Ireland. This is because the drivers license doesn't state your citizenship, only your place of birth. To use it as evidence of citizenship, you have to have been born in either the UK or Ireland. Technically, only those born in the UK before 1983 can use their license to travel, this is because UK law was changed in 1983 and anyone born after this date is not guarenteed to be a citizen. In short, you may enter Ireland from the UK without a passport if: * You are a UK citizen, or * You are an Irish citizen, and * You are born in the UK before 1983 or in Ireland, and * You have a full UK or Irish drivers license Anyone else needs a passport. If you needed a visa to enter the UK, you need a new Irish visa to enter Ireland. These rules are enforced in the airports and to a lesser degree in the shipping ports, but hardly at all on the land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. When entering the Republic from Northern Ireland, non-UK and Irish citizens (including all EU nationals) are technically required to register their passport at the nearest Garda station (Police station), but this rule is not enforced at all. Exactly the same rules apply when entering the UK from Ireland. However, there is currently no enforcement even in the airports. The UK government plans to begin enforcing the rules in airports in 2009 and in sea ports by 2012. There is no plan to enforce the rules along Ireland's long land border with the UK. Finally, everyone wishing to enter Ireland (or the UK) from a third country needs a passport (or EU national ID card), including UK and Irish citizens.
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Do you need a passport to go the Mexico?

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Depends how old you are. 15 and under need birth certifacate and id. 16 and older need passport.
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Does an italian passport holder need visa to enter Malaysia?

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Italian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Malaysia, as long as their visit is no longer than 3 months.
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Countries where Benin Republic passport enter visa free?

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list out the number of countries which benin passport visa free into?south Africa, seychelles,Turks and caicos,saint Vincent and grenadines
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Where is Thailand passport offices?

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Here are the contact details of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand for issuance of a Thailand Passport. Offices of Passport Division 1.) Head Office : Chang Wattana Road. Working Hours 08.00 to 15.30 2.) Temporary Branch : 9th Floor Central City Shopping Center Bang Na , Bang-Na-Trad Road. Working Hours 08.00 to 15.30 3.) Temporary Branch : 8th Floor Central Department Store Pinklao, Borommarajachonnani Road. Working Hours 08.00 to 15.30 Other Offices in Thailand : -Passport Office, Central Department Store, Bangna, Floor B1Tel. 0-2383-8401-4 Fax. 0-2383-8398 - Passport Office, PinkhlaoTel. 0-2446-8111-2 Fax. 0-2446-8124-5 - Passport Office, KhonkaenTel. 043-242-655 Fax. 043-243-441 - Passport Office, SongklaTel. 074-326-511 Fax. 074-326-506 - Passport Office, ChiangmaiTel. 053-891-535-6 Fax. 053-891-534 - Passport Office, Ubon RatchathaniTel. 045-242-313-4 Fax. 045-242-301 - Passport Office, SuradthaniTel. 077-274942-3 Fax. 077-274941 - Passport Office, NakornratchasrimaTel. 044 243 132, 044 243 124 Fax. 044 243 133 - Passport Office, Udon ThaniTel. 042 212827, 042 212318 - Passport Office, PhitsanulokTel. 055-258-131,055-258-155,055-258-173 Fax. 055-258-117 - Passport Office, PhuketTel. 076 222083, 076 222080, 076 222081 Fax. 076 222082
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Can a convicted felon get a passport?

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Yes, most rights are restored when your sentence is complete. However if the felon is still on probation or parole that may reside with the sentencing court.
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Which are the countries that Lesotho citizens can enter visa free?

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I ve a lesotho passport,i will like to know all the visa free countries i ve a lesotho passport,i will like to know all the visa free countries
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Do I need a passport to fly from Greece to London?

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Although both Greece and UK are in the European Union you still have to show an up to date passport in and out of both countries.
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Do us residents need a visa to travel to Spain?

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US residents don't need a visa to visit for personal or business. 90 days is the maximum stay without a visa. An American visitor will need to present a valid American passport (valid three months beyond intended stay), proof of sufficient funds and a return airline ticket."