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This category contains tips and info for surviving all kinds of threatening and potentially dangerous situations.

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What can you eat in the woods?

It depends on what type of forest you are in. In a temperate zone forest, depending on where you are, you can eat the following plants with preparation: Amaranth Arrowroot Asparagus Beechnut Blackberries Blueberries Burdock Cattail Chestnut Chicory Chufa Dandelion Day Lily Nettle Oaks Persimmon Plantain Pokeweed Prickly pear cactus Purslane Sheep sorrel Strawberries Thistle Water Lily and Lotus Wild onion and garlic Wild Rose Wood sorrel Also, you can trap or snare small mammals if necessary. Or you can spear them if you have a knife to make a spear. See also link below. ...
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When should algebra be taught?

I think that most schools offer it to freshmens. The school I went offered it at both freshmen and eighth grade if you tested out of regular eighth grade math. Algebraic concepts are taught as early as Grade K. Algebra as a subject in other countries is taught in late elementary school along with basic computations. In Ohio (where I live now) Algebra as a class is taught as early as 7th grade for high school credit to students who have...
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How do you survive financially after you kick the abuser out?

There are many programs available to single mothers. Please contact an abuse shelter and allow them to help you. They probably know the best course of action for you to take. ...
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How many people usually survive a plane crash?

There are multiple factors that would determine an exact answer-- point of impact, number of people on the plane, the cause of the crash, etc. ...
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How do you survive the first day of a new school?

On your first day of school, you will most likely be nervous, but all you have to do is go there with your head held up high. Don't be afraid, or stay in a corner watching what everyone is doing. Be brave and when you see people who look like your type of friends, go ahead and walk up to them. If they reject you, try again with a different group, don't give up! If you feel like you have run...
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What is the best way to survive being married to a passive aggressive narcissist and not rage against him?

This question is, why waste your life on someone like this. Most men seldom seek psychological counseling because they feel it's a form of weakness. Narcissists are over-bearing (even in a quiet manner) will take digs at their partner either in private, in front of family or friends (it's ever so sneaky most of the time.) They are controlling and self-centered. There is no way you can change him unless he wants to change himself and you will ALWAYS be to blame!...
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How do make a fire when it's raining?

Our job is to create a campfire when everything in the environment appears to be wet. Notice that the operative word is "APPEARS". Even after a rainstorm there is tinder and firewood that is dry. Knowing where to look and what to look for are the keys to success. Let's start with tinder. Look around your site for fir trees. The smaller lower branches that have died as a result of being denied sunlight by the larger upper branches are the...
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How do you survive the loss of a child?

I am terribly sorry to hear of your sorrow. I don't think a person ever gets over the loss of a child no matter how old they are. Parents raise their children and expect their children to out-live them. When this doesn't happen it is a terrible shock. Although the pain will subside (the memories never will) you will survive. You need time to go through the grieving process and then you need grief counseling provided for parents who have lost children...
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Will you live longer if you hold your breath if your throat is cut?

it depends, if the carotid artery and/or jugular are cut then you cant do anything about it, your virtually dead. if your windpipe, esophagus is cut then it depends, you want to keep as much blood out of the lungs as possible but if your throat is cut you might not want to live for very long... It mainly depends on the circumstances. if your close to the hospital then try not to breath as much. but holding your breath will...
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How do you survive the zombie apocalypse?

It is unlikely we will ever have to worry about a zombie apocalypse. But if you're truly worried about it, here are some tips. If you have ever played any zombie video games (for example, Left 4 Dead) you would know it is important to find food, supplies and a place to hide. If there truly was a zombie apocalypse, chances are people will be breaking into stores for food and supplies. Get as much as you can while you can. It...
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Does survivor man have a camera crew?

No No, he films everything himself. He carries all the equipment with him. A search crew will then come and look for him after 7 days. ...
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What do humans need to survive in space?

To survive in outer space, a man needs to have oxygen, water, food, space suit, warm clothing. We would also need a gravitational force similar to earth's, otherwise we would suffer rapid muscle degeneration, and eventually death. This is why astronauts must constantly exercise in space. ...
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What is the survival kit of essentials they would be needed if you were going to the Arctic?

Basic: windproof outdoorsman butane lighter (or any butane lighter) for fire starting, compass (but may not work well if too near the poles), and knife (half serated can be best) More specific to the Arctic: Wear as much heavy clothing as possible, magnifying glass (for more fire), snare wire for hunting, water bottle(s) for storing water, tiny fishing kit (yards of line wrapped around a small piece of cardboard, hooks, sinkers, use a stick for a rod), rain poncho, just a regular...
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How long can a person live buried alive in a coffin?

if you were buried alive in a sealed coffin with not air getting in and assuming you didn't panic I would say about 3 mins but I am no doctor and am just using the old axiom 3 mins with out air 3 days with out water 3 weeks with out food ...
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What should you wear while hunting?

Wear a bright orange shirt. And that's all. Wear camouflage pants & shirt, with an orange vest & a camo hat. What I prefer to wear is a blaze hat, camo shirt and pants, boots, and a tactical vest. I like the vest because it holds things more securely than a backpack. When it's cold out coveralls are good. ...
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When in a survival situation what are some factors that need to be considered?

The first thing to consider is how you're feeling: Ill, fatigued, thirsty, hungry, if you have any injuries that need treating. This also goes for anyone who might be with you. The next thing to do is to take stock of any and everything you or anyone else there may have with you that may be of use. Three primary things to consider is regulation of body temperature through building a fire and/or shelter, finding a source of water, and acquiring food....
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Do grenades hurt?

Depends on how far away you are when they go off.
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How long can you survive in freezing water?

Assuming you have no protective diving suit on, about 15 minutes.
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How do you survive a cyclone?

Yo survive a cyclone you have to gather a emergency kit, tape up windows, gather a list of available mobile numbers, stay in a secure place (that is the newest bit of the house), fill up all the buckets, water bottles and bath with water so that you will stay hydrated, gather a large amout of canned food (it has a longer expire date), BRING PETS INSIDE!. ...
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How does the amount of energy in the batteries of a flashlight compare to the total amount of energy given off by the flashlight as light and heat?

For a normal battery,for example,AA,AAA,CR123A,CR2 it can just work alittle time and not steady. But for charging batteries,it is steady and can be used fora long time,for a normal 18650 battery,with 70 LM, it can be used for 2-3 hours the LED flashlight is excellent,here is an experience i can share with you: It was a night,when i come bace to my home late,but that day was very special,because it was very dark everything not as usual,then when i went to a...