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Manufactured by Chrysler since 1914, Dodge trucks are famous for their dependability. The trucks are available in three models: light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks. In 2009, Dodge re-branded its trucks as Rams.
Rear shocks:   You will need 15 and 18 mm sockets or wrenches, but combination  wrenches will work as well. First, place your vehicle on jack  stands and also support the side you are doing with a jack. (If you  remove the spare tire it will give you a lot more room to work.)  Second, coat...
Possible bad torque converter, low fluid level, bad clutch packs
Kimberlite pipes are typically quarried using open pit mines.
take bolts out the by a new one then put back on
At the base of the engine you will find the starter.
Could be torque converter going bad or cylinoid in a certain gear is burning up and going bad.
Take the door panels screw the screws out the speaker pull the plug off the speaker put the new one redoing everything you did to take it out
The Ram Forum has this advice:    6.75 or 6.5 fit the front and back doors.   6x9 front (reason why smaller fits) and 5.25 rear. However, you can  make any size fit any door if you are willing to cut metal and make  spacers.   Dash speakers 3.5.
Inside the fuel tank attached to the fuel pump assembly. To replace  it you replace the entire fuel pump.
Bleed the fuel lines at the injectors, driver's side of the head,  by cracking them open and turning the motor. Video in the link.
if you are facing the engine, its on the bottom left side of the  the engine. Close to radiator.
Check all of the fuses and relays, if they are good, chances are that the blower motor is bad, but once you get it out try to get electricity to it both +and- if it works then, the switch is bad.... This is what I would do...
you need 13mm spanner,undo the lower slider bolt,rotate the cliper upwards,remove the resevoir cap,push the position back,swap the pads and refit. no more than 30min.;)
Low battery (bad battery or alternator) or bad starter, most  likely.
  == Answer ==   Remove belt and tensioner complete should be able to be unbolted from engine (Left-hand thread)
not normally, unless it was somehow getting the coil  packs/distributer (don't know your year) wet and shorting them out.
  == Answer ==   salvage yard
no idea all i can find is people looking for the same answer maybe incorporated into computer
best bet, bet the oem number off of the carb that is on the vechile. Your local parts store should be able to locate the correct replacement with this number. The number should be on a metal tag on the carb, or stamped in the side of the carb. Mike.C. Says; Make sure the carb is the one from the...
It's at the front, drivers side corner of the engine, between the engine and the battery.It's under a cover and on the bottom of the throttle body.
  You may be able to reset it after you repair the problem that set the light in the first place, by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. That may not work on your 1996. If not, you will need an OBD scan tool to reset the light.
  == Answer ==   Most are self-adjusting   Try backing up and stopping vehicle using the parking brake 3-4 times
Answer . \nDear Sir,\nThe problem is most likely the switch on the passenger side has gone bad.. Answer . \nYou might want to be sure that your WINDOW LOCK button is not on. It is on the driver's side control panel located on the door.. Answer . \ni have to go for the switch as well.. Answer ...
I'm assuming that you are talking about the front lower ball joint as they are the most common. You remove the tire then remove the axle nut in the center of the rotor it is a should be a 32mm socket. removw the lower ball joint nut, it is a 17mm socket then with a ball hammer hit the metal casing...
If you're not running sulphuric acid for coolant, there is no reason why a new heater core would wear out so quickly. If the parts you're using are not new, there is no way of knowing how long they will last. if at any time you have used stop leak the radiator could become clogged at the bottom...
  Should be in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose
  Try the technical dept of your library. I just got the complete wiring diagram for my 88 accord.
Answer . Your PCV valve is located on the valve cover. It should consist of a grommet on top of your valve cover. The PCV sits on top of the valve cover and the top portion has a rubber hose which leads away from it. Remove the rubber hose from the top of the PCV valve and then remove the PCV...
  == Answer ==   Cylinder head bolt torque 2.7L M8.....21 ft/lbs   M11 Step1 35ft/lbs   2 55ft/lbs   3 55ft/lbs   4 Plus 1/4 turn
1. First remove the plastic triangle with the tweeter, gently pry it off. The "clip" / "retaining point" is situated about 1/2" from the tweeter outside ring above it at about 2 o'clock angle (north-east). The clip is a round plastic cylinder with a metal clip screwed to it. (or for the passenger...
Depending on your age and driving record. If your 23 years old with a moderately bad driving record with 3-4 points, your insurance would be around $5,000/year.
Yes, Dodge has used a Dana 60.
Answer . \nOn a honda, the ignition mount had "Shear bolts" with no heads on both sides. I used a Dremel tool and made a notch for a screwdriver. Worked great.
  Needs to be posted in the auto section.
  I had a 92 dodge i/s ton that sat for a long time.... mice had packed muffler and exhaust system right full of stuff..... had to remove and replace with new before truck would run
The easiest way is to take it to a reputable shop. Although you can  rent it there is a tool called a "spring Compressor" that is  required to do this job. Not recommended for the backyard mechanic.   The Jeep will need to be jacked way up till all the weight is off  the spring and the wheel...
  == Answer ==   hit the tire with a mallet dont hit the rim it might damage it 
  ==Answer==     There are two and they are on the exhaust pipe. One in front of the catalytic converter (upstream) and one behind (downstream). Replacement is roughly equivalent to replacing a spark plug. Make sure to get the special socket that Autozone loans out.     ==...
It sounds like the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) has failed. If the VSS fails, it can cause the symptoms you are describing. Check the wiring and make sure your VSS is properly plugged in before you replace the VSS. Where the VSS is located can vary depending on Make Model and Year. Check your vehicles...
  This procedure applies for both 194, 230 & 250cui engines.   1. Clean the intake manifold using 200 grit emery cloth until metal is shiny.   2. Locate carb. gaskets, use high temp silicone (red) and apply a thin coating on the manifold suface. Install gasket on to mainfold.   3....
It is on the wiring harness under the hood on the passenger side of the firewall.
from the furthest caliper from the master cylinder. Start with that one and move closer.
  == Answer ==     you need to remove the entire steering knuckle and have a machine shop press out the hub and bearing for you.
You might have pushed the window lock button which will cause you to not be able to open any of the windows. You might also have a bad computer which is getting old and needs to be thrown away
  18436572 clock wise looking down at the cap, should be one lug with the #1 stamped into the cap 1357 are on the driverside of engine 1 being at the front of engine,2468 on passanger side 2 being at the front of engine
  == Answer quad cab rear diff sensor. ==   It is not a switch, but a speed sensor used by the anti lock braking system to sense rear wheel speed.
The wheel and lug specification for the 2005 Dodge Dakota with the  17x7 inch wheels are as follows. The bolt layout diameter of 5.5  inches and a lug pattern of 5-139.
I just had the same problem. This is what I found and fixed it! When the cable comes down and keeps going but the tire stays up it is because of a metal piece that is supposed to move inside the piece that holds the tire but because of rust or something is does not move inside and gets stuck and...
== Answer ==   She most likely has a severe tooth infection; the soiling will be excess salivation. A common cause of tooth trouble in rabbits is because of misaligned teeth, which cannot be kept down to size by the rabbit's chewing, so they can grow into the wall or palate of the mouth. However...
 == Answer ==   look on your intake manifold each cyl.has a num.above it.near the frunt of the manifold is your fireing order.bring #1 to t.d.c.(top-dead-center)the rotor button is at #1.cap should be marked. 
  These aren't bad trucks. They just aren't very good trucks either. If you want gas mileage get a Ranger or an S-10. Even a full size will beat the Dakota for MPG.   No major repair or maintenance issues if it's had proper care up to this point.
  == Answer ==   Should be in the fuse box on 2000 models         *IF you mean the four way flasher control button,it is on top the steering column between the dashboard and top half of the steering wheel.
look under the back of your truck. there should be a steel line running from each brake cylinder to a splitter about midway down the axel. there should also be a metal line running from the splitter to the fluid reseviour in your engine compartment. to remove the lines: find the proper size wrench....
Answer  The fuse for the radio's constant power and the domelight might be located under the hood in the fuse panel there. Also the same fuse should power the cigar lighter.    Hey theres also another place that may have gone wrong, if you have power seats under the driver side, the plug is...
Answer  It is located under the dash on the passenger side. You do not need to remove to flush.  the heater core is under the dash in the center the a/c core is on the passenger side
Look for 33/12.5/17, it will give you what you are looking for.
You can use a scan tool,or unhook the battery for ten minutes.
The Haynes manuals have excellent wiring diagrams. A Dodge dealership may be able to order you one also.
The flasher is also the hazard switch located below the fan switch Cleaning the contacts would not fix the problem permenitly. Need to resolder the contacts for the coil.
Need more info on what you need ( bulb#, fuse#, hazard flasher,  wiring color/gauge?) also need to know what year dakota? The  owner's manual has bulb#/fuse amp/location.
The 1998 Dodge Dakota has both upper and lower ball joints. OEM  grade replacements are approximately 40-50$ per ball joint (as of  August 2014). Labor to replace will depend on how many need  replacement and time necessary. The changing of ball joints will  require an alignment upon completion...
  Lower ball joints call for 1.7 hrs per side for labor, app. $50 per hour = app. $85 per side for labor.
passenger side back of the motor just got done changing one on my 1994 dodge ram not to bad two Allen head bolts its just ackward hope that helps everyone
  apart from wrenches to remove engine components you will need a valve spring depressor to remove valves from the heads
Answer . \nTry this web page:\nhttp://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-6511.htm\nGood luck.
Answer . you put a funnel where the dipstick is and add it there. Answer . \nSame place you check it on an A/T. Under the car on the upper side of the tranny on a manual.
If I were you I would go to other forums and read up on the Dodge Durango's blowing pistons and rods out of the blue. And Dodge not admitting to a factory defect. I am telling you this because I read up on it after my 2004 Dodge Durango blew the rod thru the block wall coming home from the grocery...
  == Answer ==   Chances are good that third gear is burning out. Check the fluid, if it has alot of metal shavings in it, your tranny is just about finished. On a truck of this age it is easier(cheaper) to replace the tranny than to have the current one rebuilt. I replaced the tranny in my...
  Brakes adjusted to tightly, or the emergency brake lever is adjusted too tightly. Another possibility is you are riding the brake pedal, or the wheel cylinder is sticking.
  == Answer ==     You need what is call a 4-wheel drive axle nut removal tool. You should be able to get this tool from a NAPA store. then remove the dust cap from the rotor. then there will be a set of nuts and bearings remove these keep track of the order you take them out! then you...
  I have to pull a fuse to get mine to work and then replace it. It only works once, so every time I want in the hatch, I have to open the hood, open the fuse box, remove and then replace the fuse. I can then open the hatch once.
  possibly but im not so sure maybe some one has had the same problem and fixed it they may let you know to   possibly but im not so sure maybe some one has had the same problem and fixed it they may let you know to
  == Answer ==     Shiny square box on drivers fender near headlight.
  Look at the pads you are replacing and put them on the same way.
    == Answer ==     As you are looking under the hood, it is back by the firewall on the left side
  It's probably the sending unit (in the tank) malfunctioning. Drop the tank to replace it or just fill up every couple of hundred miles.
If you have an offset reduction drive starter, you can access the starter solenoid spool under the end cover. Remove starter from vehicle, remove this cover, slide out spool, and expose the electrical contacts. The input (batt cable) contact will wear faster than output (motor lead) contact due to...
I did mine myself for just under $80 with a new pump(Gasket included) from Napa (lifetime warranty). I was seeing between $350 and $400 at shops.