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Hoarding is the excessive gathering of food or certain items. Sometimes hoarding can become compulsive and problematic. When this happens, people are often unwilling to get rid of things they do not really want or need. They just can't bring themselves to part with many items, even when the item is useless to them. Through the years, these people have been referred to as packrats, but some experts are starting to believe this may be a serious mental health issue.
i have no idea what the heck the asker is saying.
depends WHAT you're hoarding. if it's coinage or paper money thathas become obsolete u may be in violation of governmentregulations. hoarding food or water for disaster preparedness isn'tunethical unless u can afford to spend millions and deprive othersof what they might need. IMHO
Location:The Hoarder's Tower
it means DON'T be a recluse. it means MINGLE a little and shareyour-SELF with others.
my parents have had what ever that problem i can tell you now just throw stuff out and he will get really pissed what you need to do is get him with some of his older things and try to ether get a garage sale going or convince him to donate older stuff but no matter what don't try to force him it...
Call the SPCA and authorities. This is something that is needed to be handled by them, so don't do anything but pick up the phone.
The Style Network's HIT SHOW 'Clean House' is coming to the NY TRI-STATE AREA looking for families with CLUTTER that NEEDS TO GO!! Do you need help ridding your home of clutter? Are you having a hard time letting go of stuff you don't need? Is your house in dire need of a makeover? If AT LEAST 3...
hoarding involves hoarding.
sia- breathe me or hurricane - needtobreathe. i think it's the first one, but it kinda sounds like the second. dunno for sure.
Take her to a counselor and have her evaluated. Perhaps something has happened to her that you're unaware of. The counselor should also be able to give you some advice on effective discipline techniques as well. Check your phone book for low-cost counseling or check with your daughter's school for...
Basically if you are a possessive person, obsessed with certain things, have special ties to things that are useless, or are even depressed, you could start hoarding.
PET hoarding ? never heard of it.
Generally police can respond to a complaint and investigate itsvalidity. If they find reasonable cause they may investigatefurther. But they may not enter a premises without the consent ofthe owner or without a search warrant. Having found reasonablecause they may request a search warrant. If they...
There is no definitive answer. You are hoarding when you: 1. Have too many animals. 2. Can't take care of them. If you have many animals but are taking care of them you are not a hoarder. Some people have 6 dogs and take care of them perfectly fine.
in Psychological terms ? [1] Ownership, pride of ownership. [2] Acquisitiveness, greed, the desire to have more. [3] Loneliness. something to fill the emptiness of life. [4] Interest, a hobby, something to keep the mind occupied. [5] Putting up barriers and having control over the...
anything's possible. but it will COST. question is can u afford it?
yes. Neglect and child endangerment Added: If you are referring to an 'aged' parent who exhibits these behaviors, and the 'child' is not a minor --- you will probably have to engage the services of an attorney, or petition the court yourself, to be named as the guardian or conservator of your...
the construction man fell of the hoarding in the construction site
various causes...i would venture to guess. Simplest overall causewould be fear. fear of not having enuf...obviously.
Most ferrets are hoarders! In fact, their Latin name - Mustela putorius furo - reflects this tendency, as it means "weasel-like stinky thief." Ferrets will often develop an attachment to a particular item or type of item and will spend much time and effort searching for it if their hiding place is...
depends on government regulations
work at it. that means develop outside interests.
Hoarding is a mental illness, a biological, brain based illness andvery complex.
NOT wrong in moderation. But then in moderation it wouldn't becalled HOARDING. It's wrong only if it can be shown to bePATHOLOGICAL.
In my opinion, the mental health field, unfortunately, goes through "fads." For certain time periods, it seems that almost everyone who has any kind of problem is given a particular diagnosis. Television is particularly susceptible to this phenomenon. I can remember when every series had a character...
depends. families vary as much as hoarders do.
depends. if u have a clever lawyer almost anything can be usedAGAINST.
GTFOH. what does that even mean ?
Hoarding is whenever people start collecting things, like food orpossessions that they perceive they need, but may not actuallyneed. It is common among humans, as well as some types of birds.
"hoarding" doesn't apply to that situation. it's anotherword..."monopolizing."
Some five letter words that can be made from the letters in'hoarder' are: . adore . ardor . heard . hoard . horde . oared . order
Islam teaches human brotherhood, love of other humans and serviceto humanity. Hoarding is a crime against society. It deprives thepoor and the needy from getting their daily needs.
Some locations have laws regulating the number of specific animals allowed per dwelling unit, but not all do, so the answer is "it depends on where you are." Many locations have exemptions for e.g. bona fide animal shelters where it's expected that there may be a large number of animals but where...
i don't DO "animal hoarding."
Too many! People should realize they are being so selfish when they hoard. But I realize it is a type of mental illness too.
a Hoarding is an upright wooden structure, or other suitable material to which details are pasted, or other wise fixed, to bring the public's attention to something of importance
You have a ton of hamsters.. Hamster: short-tailed Old World burrowing rodent with large cheek pouches Hoarding: is a general term for the large accumulation of food or other items. The term is used to describe both animal and human behavior. It is normal stage of behavior in children.
a very cluttered living space
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animal hoarding is when you take in too many animals and fail to give them proper care
Yes, It can be. Having to many animals can be abusive. You could have too many and forget about one. And if you animal hoard, you could give them lack of food because of the expenses. Try looking up animal hoarding on Google. It should help.
money money money money and MORE money
Compulsive hoarding is not considered an addiction. Although they may seem similar, they both are believed to affect the brain differently. Hoarding seems to affect the brain in such a way that the person does it to make some sort of anxiety disappear. They then have a hard time letting go of the...
It is when you never get rid of food no matter how old same asnormal hoarding. This term can also be a reference to stockpiling food. The problemis that this often happens during times of disasters and unrest.Some people will buy up all the food and not leave any for others.
Believe It Or Not
No. He is not a hoarder he just finds people with talent He does not hoard any thing and he is not selfish.
what is humongous
acumular, amontoar ( hoard)
someone who likes waltzes
Hoarding in general, and hoarding animals in particular, is considered by some mental health professionals to be part of the OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) spectrum.
If you mean a person that fills their house with worthless junk like on that TV show, the closest word is: pepenador. Un pepenador is garbage-picker, junkman or ragpicker - someone who takes things out of other people's trash for their own use. Of course, there are different kinds of hoarding and...
it depends on medical conditions and how bad the hoarding is. it is possible, but it isn't likely to get a heart attack from such things.
everything peeps do is connected to Narcissism...no exceptions.
If the home is not fit or safe for children, the state department will usually remove them.
They are both compulsive behaviour, I'm pretty sure that is the link.
possible fire hazard
your mother
One who keeps to much of one thing so that nobody else can buy it. Also called "selfishness".
They would either have an orgasm or a mental break down because it's organised wrong
it prevents unauthorised persons from entering into the site
i would say it depends on the terms of the lease. if your activity (whatever it is) produces conditions expressly prohibited by the lease then yes. but as far as i know the term "hoarding" isn't used in the standard lease documents. such terms as UNCLEAN and UNSAFE CONDITIONS are used. those need to...
No a messy room could be when there are clothes on your floor and see part of the carpet then a horder is when you would not be able to see any part of the child's carpet and you could not walk in there without being barried buy boxes of crap
No, Hoarding is not a covered peril. Homeowners insurance covers losses that result from the natural perils listed on your policy. Typical Perils are Wind, Hail, Fire, falling objects etc.
No. The platypus is not a hoarder.