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Broadband Internet

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While definitions of the term vary, broadband internet usually refers any form of “always-on” internet connection which provides a higher throughput than a dial-up connection. Questions about these technologies and services belong here.
Check the wireless network properties, one of settings is security for wireless networks. If you want a definite answer you need to show your router's model.
Many people are affected by lags when accessing the Internet.However, you can reduce how much you are affected by this bychanging a few things. I explain how to make your internet workfaster with a few suggestions and ideas and will give some hints onhow to make your computer run faster, as this can...
It depends on router. Almost all new models allow to connect external drives directly, and make it available for all network.
A difference is that they have different speed and how can it go
Answer . features? Well, the "features" of a true standard 56k modem are that it accepts and sends information in bits and packages through a phone line. DSL and Cable modems are different. They actually convert data back and forth for a higher stream range. I suggest you goto howstuffworks.com....
Hmm, the question is very broad to answer in two or three lines, but it is better to anwser two lines than to leave it out ;) So , modem is basicaly short name for MODULATOR - DEMODULATOR, which basically means that all data you send through it will be transformed into sound send through telephone...
\nIf you have encrypted network, it's not easy and even experinced users cannot do that. For non-ecrypted network it's really easy to do using special program which is called sniffer. Your password should different from the standard ones.
Either you are on the Internet when many people are streaming anddownloading (after work/school) or a device in your home is using alot of bandwidth (downloading Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.11 or an HDmovie).
Yes, you can. You assign for both ip addresses from the same network (manually). And using Add hardware wizard add the printer. It might very tricky to do.
No; a DVR just records TV; it does not have a WiFi router built in.
cable internet service dsl dial up
You shouldn't need multiple modems ... one modem and a 4 plug router should be sufficient for most homes..
Almost everywhere these days. There are different forms, including Satellite internet, cable internet and DSL internet, all deliver high speed connections.
You are not supposed to open that file on your desktop. VLC player opens it because it uses the same extension for different file. Anyway, if you want to use the driver (firmware) you need to log in your router and use "Update firmware" field. It will ask you to show destination of the new firmware...
A DNS server is a server that looks up the IP address of the webserver you are trying to access. You can change what DNS serversyou connect with by using OpenDNS or a DNS service like Google'sDNS server at is a local IP address which wouldcould be your router, so your router is...
1. A wireless modem is a machine that is able to receive andtransmit a network signal, like the Internet, without the use ofcable connections and transmitting it to other units. 2. A Wi-Fi network gives you the freedom to be online anywhere inyour house that is in range of your modem's Wi-Fi signal....
I've download the concerned driver, but not take configurations as data driver. how do I success on it?
computer is an electronic devices which takes input from external device like keyboard and processess the input through cpu and display the result on output devices like monitor,lcd. . A digital computer is composed of the following units: . Arithmetic Logic Unit - manipulates data . Memory Unit ...
That depends on your requirements and the environment; I don't believe one could say that any particular network cabling is the "most reliable", since it depends on a lot of other factors.
The "last mile" is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer. The "middle mile" is the segment of a telecommunications network linking a network operator's core network to the local network plant, typically situated in the network provider's central...
DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) is a broadband Internet connectionthat uses the wires of a telephone network to deliver a high-speedInternet signal.
A good quality modem, a fast gigibit (at least) router directlyconnection via Ethernet cable on the router. Don't use anyextenders, they will make the call lag since it is travelingthrough multiple stops in your network if you use an extender. Justa phone base connected to a port on your router and...
Both hp and epson are good for wireless printer.
You connect an old laptop to broadband just like a new laptop,using the Ethernet port. If the computer doesn't have an Ethernetport, then you will have to purchase an adapter.
It needs a wireless network to connect to. If that's nonexistent, then no internets for you. If there's a very weak connection, then still no internets for you. If you have a router, then maybe it's a problem with that. unplug it and replug to reset it and see what happens. Go to settings and...
you get to see your laptop on a (most likely) bigger area or you can set it up to be extra real estate(one document on your laptop and one on your extra monitor)
A modem (which stands for Mo dulator- Dem odulator) converts digital data from the computer to analog data compatible with the telephone system. The analog signal is converted back into digital data on the other end of the call.
a GPS device will need at least 3 satellite locks to work.
There is a difference if you are using a low quality router. For good routers you will not notice any difference. Usually there is no difference at all.
Theoretically you can, but you need to know the code for router's software. Because you will have to modify it manually. It's very far from a simple task and cannot be performed even by advanced users.
No one, they are programmed to do what they do. Whoever programs the virus commands it what to do then it does it. They can program them to do the action repeatedly or just once. They can also have them infect other computers with the virus and have that computer do the same thing, and that's why...
Most likely, it's known that some routers have software as well as hardware problems and the only way to fix it is to replace it. Before replacing it try to update firmware, if it did not help, replace the router.
Without a default gateway you will not be able to route packets out of your LAN; in other words, you will not have Internet access, or access to any other network in the enterprise.
All other gates can be made from NAND or NOR gates.
It should be at least UTP CAT-5, if your equipment supports gigabit connection use CAT-5e.
There isn't one. The switch only knows about MAC addresses, and the default gateway isn't one of those addresses.
A tracking cookie is a script designed to allow your computer to go back to that page or website with ease. For history perpouses it were fine, now days the web designers use it for variuose other reasons including hacking capebilaty. you need to clear your computers cookie file at least once a...
Well you can get an email address when you are 8 or older. I recommend you have your parents permission and supervision!
Of course it's possible, that's why routers where invented.
Tell me how to set my wifi on my iPod touch when I want to carry with me anywhere I fo
If you can use fiber optics. If not try to use CAT-5e at least, CAT-6 is recommended.
You shouldn't need a driver for a router. Open your browser and go to
No, the modem is already a router itself. the 2wire is an AP (access point) for 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards. also it has 4 ports on the back for 4 wired devices.
The 512 kbits is your connection from your modem to your ISP. The other one is from your PC to the modem, it's called LAN. If send someting on Internet you willn't get more than 512 kbits.
You might need an extra LAN cable of CAT-5 at least.
go to start-> control panel-> network connection and create a new connection, make it dsl
Solar Compact Disc Pvt Ltd (Solar CD), a subsidiary of plastics major Saro group, has set up a new plant for manufacturing prerecorded CDs, DVDs which would cater to the growing demand among the music, film, software and hardware industries.. There is a good demand for replication services from CD...
Because you PC needs to connect to that modem your ISP provide. You could either wire them both or set it up like the modem wired to a wireless router "the transmitter" and an internal wireless LAN card or a wireless USB adapter as "the receiver" of your PC. The later is what WiFi hot spot area uses...
You cannot make a NAND gate with only AND gates. An inverter is also required.
Probably not. It actually depends on the configuration of your work network. In any case, making changes you don't fully understand puts your network, and possibly your job, at risk.
It depends whether the speed is real or theoretical. That said, your asymmetrical speeds are highly irregular, as normally, download speeds are many times higher than upload speeds. To sum it up, though, 291/527 is not fast. It is high-speed, alright, in the sense that it is not dial-up. But as...
Click start>click run type in msconfig and then press enter. Goto the start up tab and uncheck everything except your anti virus.click ok and reboot. When you come back to the desktop check the box 'do not show this message again" and click ok . You need to run these 5 essential steps to remove...
All four wire pairs are used for both transmission and reception
Default gateway is the router. It's where all other devices in the network send data to go out in to the internet. It's the gateway to the internet if you will.
3G literally stands for 3rd Generation, it's the 3rd generation of Mobile Telephony with faster data transfer speeds and other features. 3G services have just come to India and there are a lot of reasons why you should go for them. Apart from giving you fast data speeds and swift internet, they...
Im not 100% sure but broadband means exactly what it name suggests every area is called a band these bands decide Internet speed on the old dial up these bands were small as it was only the people connected to the same piece of telephone wire this meant speeds were slow broadband widened these bands...
Modem is an acronym for modulator-demodulator. It is a device whichmakes communication between computers and other devices possible byconverting data to a form which the phone or cable lines cantransmit.
Connect wireless router to the non-wireless router, and then connect the last one to the modem. Make sure that you are using right ports (WAN vs. LAN).
Rf means Radio frequency.. Scroll down to related links and look at the "Electromagnetic spectrum".
An ad-hoc network is completely wireless; there are no wired connections. Therefore, to create one, all devices must have a working wireless connection.
Broadband does not have a set speed and 3 meg is a measurement of Internet speed. Broadband has a huge range in speed depending on your location and Internet Service Provider or ISP. If you are in a cabled network area it can be say 100meg or 10meg. If you get the broadband service down your phone...
You need an output pin as well, so in the example of the 16 pin chip, you could have 13 inputs.
computer has a virus remove virus on the computer
Tracking is to know the path or way of something. Weather it is athing or someone. To follow it is known as tracking an good exampleof tracking is as follow:
in terms of speed and distance the best wireless network technology to date is wireless n
When DSL is used to connect to the internet, the data transmissionshares the cabling with a television switching station. DSL uses anexisting 2-wire copper telephone line connected to the premise, anddoes not tie up or interfere with your phone.
The theoretical minimum sampling rate required in order to avoid frequency aliasing is 3.4 KHz.
Yes, you can. Wireless connection is not different from wired connection in a sense of functionality.
The difference between these connections are that in wired you have the modem but a wire is connected from the modem to the computer. The wire size varies. If you have desktop in your room and the phone in the same room also , then you shud take wired or wireless. in wireless more than 4 comps can...
You are supposed to remember that or write it down. If you do not have the key, you will have to set up a new one.
All the ads showing features for the PS3 state Online connectivity requires broadband internet service and network devices such as a DSL or cable modem. Most people who have this also require a router and an ethernet cable or a wireless router to allow connection of more than one device to there...
Fiber Optic broadband is clearly the fastest way to connect to the Internet, unfortunately it's only available to like 7 million people. The majority of us are stuck with limited selections - usually 1 cable company in our area and 1 phone ( DSL ) provider.
You need to get a good wireless router (use google to find out which one will suit your purposes). Also you need existing internet connection (DSL, RoadRunner and so on). After that you need to connect your router to the modem using the lan cable included with the router. Use WAN port to connect the...
Not necessarily. Although a computer needs wireless access to the router, you can purchase a wireless adapter that attaches to the outside of your computer if you don't have an internal card.
Over a single phone line the maximum speed is 56 kb a second. This is why there are 56k modems only. DSL lines usually use two phone lines which gives you 112 kb total.
If you do not see signal from your router, it means that the signal is not strong enough an you need to get a wireless extender or a better router.
Internet server provider. Basically you buy your Internet off them. Eg. Bt, talk talk, plus net ect.
You don't. The laptop has to connect to the internet separately, either directly through a telephone line (for dial-up service) or a broadband DSL/satellite/cable modem. If you want to connect both machines at the same time, you need a router between the modem and the two machines. (NOTE: this...