Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia, and bordered by People's Republic of China and the Republic of India. It has a total area of 147,181 sq km with a population of about 29.3 million as of 2009.
Nepal exports iron and steel, carpets, textiles, plastics, hollowtubes, beverages and vegetables. Nepal's main trading partner isIndia (accounting for 66 percent of all exports). Others includeBangladesh, Germany, France, Canada, China and Japan.
The crimson/red color is a traditional Nepalese color and the blue outlined edge represents the country's peaceful nature. The two triangular portions of the Nepalese flag represent the Himalayan Mountains and the two main religions of the nation - which are Buddhism and Hinduism. The moon and sun...
The history of Nepal shows that though small in size and sandwiched by two emerging giant nations of South Asia, Nepal has never been a colonized by any third country. Before the unification of Nepal by late King Prithivi Narayan Shah in the middle of 18th century, it was scattered into various...
95% of the people in Nepal do farming!.
Its mostly because of the maoist problem. and preety much unstable government and less opportunities to be honest.
Yes, they grow different types of nuts like peanut, walnut, etc..
Nepali Currency which is Nepali Rupees (Rs.) . But some banks can get Dollars and/or Indian Rupees on request . And you can Exchange the money almost everywhere
There is no king in Nepal. There used to be king in Nepal. Last king was Gyanendra who was stripped from the power of king.
No, the capital of Tibet is Lhasa. Nepal is a country not a capital.
Its hot and humid in Terai region, pleasant in hilly reason ( cold at night in winter) and cold in Mountain region.
Physical diversity describes a variety of physical characteristicsand abilities. For example, you can see physical diversity in plantstructures, as some are tall, some are different colors, some donot have leaves, some pollinate, some grow flowers, etc.
The tallest mountain in Los Angeles County is Mount San Antonio,commonly known as Mount Baldy. The tallest mountain in Louisiana is Driskill Mountain.
Dear Friend Now you can get kiwi fruit seeds and quality saplings in Horticulture Farm Boach Dolakha district Nepal.
Sari, Chaubandi Cholo, Patuka and Pachhyouri.
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I dont know the exact average but the highest is 8848m and lowest is 70m which make average of 4457m.
There are 25 insurance companies in Nepal. 8 life insurence company 16 non life insurence company 1 life and non life insurence company
The kids in villages have alot of chores, such as : Boys . Work in the fields. Girls . Do household chores such as, cooking, washing dishes and clothes. Both . Go to the town and sell crops with their parents. The city kids have easy chores such as going to the grocery to buy things or washing...
hi, im raphael meer, cause they choose they're less influence by most european naval powers than most countries
Earlier Constitutions and their features: (Constitutional Development in Nepal) The Nepal Government Act- 2004 (Nepal Sarkar Baidhanik Kanun-2004:( By: Padma Shumser JBR 1. The 1st written constitution of Nepal implemented from 1st Baisakh 2005. 2. Provision to fundamental rights and Duties. 3....
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Timbuktu is important because it is a major city in Mali.
If you didnt know about its website. I've put it in related link. If you want to know more about that college then you need to contact who studies there. i don't think you can find them here.
Yes. Nepal is represented by two athletes at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Dachiri Sherpa is competing in cross country skiing and Kumar-Shakal Shyam is competing in alpine skiing.
People who govern the country are not highly educated so this limits their way of running the government hence they cannot come up with any creative ideas. The citizens are easily misguided since they have the tendency to follow others like a sheep so they never take any action against government. ...
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According to census of 2007, there were 3,79,042 Christians. I dont think they have done any survey after this. But it is rapidly growing. So maybe by now its around 5 lakhs or more.
By aeroplane.
The currency used in Nepal is Nepali Rupees (abb. NRs)
Nepali are the people lived in Nepal, or native or an inhabitant of Nepal .
of course india,singapore have visa on arrival for nepalese passport holders.
H. E. Ronald B. Allarey is the Ambassador of Philippine to India and Nepal.
No. Its different country.
Check link below for latest news.
Nepal is in Asia, between India and Tibet. . It's in Asia
Same as international human rights.
No, Nepal's flag is the only none rectangular national flag, with the exception of the square flags of Switzerland and the Vatican City. The flag and more details are shown on the related link.
no no. My reascearch tells me that the Himalaya Mountians form the Border Between Nepal and Tibet I hope my research is Correct do inform me. You are right. The Himalayas form the border between Nepal and Tibet. The Ural mountains form the border between Asia and Europe, and is located mostly in...
As like the peoples as much the culture and traditions also Nepal is a multi religious country where all religion is brotherhood and understanding living and respecting own way of things and same with others too. So there is many kinds of holidays for many kinds of religious peoples, But Mostly...
Kathmandu - the capital city of Nepal.
Rice, wheat , barley and lots of other.
Some parts do fall in India. But most of them is in Nepal. Maybe it is the reason
No. Nepal and India are different country. Check the world map.
Third Wave Countries are those countries that had changed in to democratic government from either monarchy, dictatorship or from colonial rule. e.g. Nepal.
The movement of April 2006 was aimed at regaining popular control over the government from the king and restoring democracy.
Green Belt movement took place in Kenyain which about 30 million trees were planted across the country.
The dissent against water privatisation in Bolivia was not guided by any political party but by an organisation named FEDECOR though Socialist party supported it. That organisation consisted of local professionals, including engineers and environmentalists. They got supportfrom federation of farmers...
The main demands of Seven Parties Alliance (SPA) were: (i) Restoration of Parliament. (ii) Power to all-party government. (iii) New Constituent Assembly should be formed.
The difference between the movement of Nepal and Bolivia are as follows:- a)The movement in Nepal was to establish democracy, while the struggle in Bolivia involved claims on an elected, democratic government. b) The popular struggle in Bolivia was about one specific policy, while the struggle...
SPA was the alliance of Seven Parties Alliance of Nepali Parliament which was formed to fight for the cause of democracy. For this purpose they also shook hands with the Maoist and started agitation for democracy in April 2006.
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Mount Everest can be found on the border of Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan mountains.
The flag of the Nepal is extremely unique as it is the only one not rectangle or square.
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The Himalayas I believe. You might want to check back up on that. However, I do believe it is the Himalayan mountains. :)
Approx 1400 metres
Himalayasthe himalaya mountans good luck with 7th grade Language Arts fellow CLMS Cougarsource : physical map of Nepal