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Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia, and bordered by People's Republic of China and the Republic of India. It has a total area of 147,181 sq km with a population of about 29.3 million as of 2009.
95% of the people in Nepal do farming!
Its mostly because of the maoist problem. and preety much unstable government and less opportunities to be honest.
Yes, they grow different types of nuts like peanut, walnut, etc..
There is no king in Nepal. There used to be king in Nepal. Last king was Gyanendra who was stripped from the power of king.
Its hot and humid in Terai region, pleasant in hilly reason ( cold at night in winter) and cold in Mountain region.
The tallest mountain in Los Angeles County is Mount San Antonio,  commonly known as Mount Baldy.    The tallest mountain in Louisiana is Driskill Mountain.
Sari, Chaubandi Cholo, Patuka and Pachhyouri.
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I dont know the exact average but the highest is 8848m and lowest is 70m which make average of 4457m.
There are 25 insurance companies in Nepal.8 life insurence company16 non life insurence company1 life and non life insurence company
The kids in villages have alot of chores, such as : Boys Work in the fields GirlsDo household chores such as, cooking, washing dishes and clothes BothGo to the town and sell crops with their parentsThe city kids have easy chores such as going to the grocery to buy things or washing dish(es). The...
hi, im raphael meer, cause they choose they're less influence by most european naval powers than most countries
Timbuktu is important because it is a major city in Mali.
If you didnt know about its website. I've put it in related link. If you want to know more about that college then you need to contact who studies there. i don't think you can find them here.
People who govern the country are not highly educated so this limits their way of running the government hence they cannot come up with any creative ideas. The citizens are easily misguided since they have the tendency to follow others like a sheep so they never take any action against government....
According to census of 2007, there were 3,79,042 Christians. I dont think they have done any survey after this. But it is rapidly growing. So maybe by now its around 5 lakhs or more.
By aeroplane.
The currency used in Nepal is Nepali Rupees (abb. NRs)
Nepali are the people lived in Nepal, or native or an inhabitant of Nepal.
No. Its different country.
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Nepal is in Asia, between India and Tibet. . It's in Asia
Same as international human rights.
Kathmandu - the capital city of Nepal.
Rice, wheat , barley and lots of other.
Some parts do fall in India. But most of them is in Nepal. Maybe it is the reason
No. Nepal and India are different country. Check the world map.
Third Wave Countries are those countries that had changed in to democratic government from either monarchy, dictatorship or from colonial rule. e.g. Nepal.
The movement of April 2006 was aimed at regaining popular control over the government from the king and restoring democracy.
Green Belt movement took place in Kenyain which about 30 million trees were planted across the country.
The main demands of Seven Parties Alliance (SPA) were: (i) Restoration of Parliament. (ii) Power to all-party government. (iii) New Constituent Assembly should be formed.
SPA was the alliance of Seven Parties Alliance of Nepali Parliament which was formed to fight for the cause of democracy. For this purpose they also shook hands with the Maoist and started agitation for democracy in April 2006.
Tattoo parlours are banned in the UAE as they go against ShariaLaw. There are a few illegal parlours around, but no one in their rightmind would use them as they are definitly not up to any kind ofhealth codes
  The flag of the Nepal is extremely unique as it is the only one not rectangle or square.
love In Hindhu.. Priyanka mean love or pretty. This is a very good answer because there are a lot of priyanka's in the world, but Priyanka mostly means love or pretty=)
The tallest mountain on the Moon is Mons Huygens. It is about 5.5 km high.
Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, located in the central region ofNepal.
There isn't any national plant but national flower of Nepal is Rhododendron
Nepalese Rupees
Nepal is land-locked country. There is no sea near Nepal.
There are lots of river in Nepal like Bagmati, Sun Koshi, Narayani..
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there are shops with lots of sweats but there are not very many sweat shops
The Karakoram is home to the highest concentration of peaks over 8000m in height to be found anywhere on earth, including K2, the second highest peak of the world 8,611 m (28,251 ft).
  There are about 5% maoist child soldiers in Nepal.
There isn't any national fruit in Nepal.
kine taie prem
The Himalaya Mountains make up the entire border between Nepal and China, but the most significant one is Mt. Everest, the highest in the world. See the links below for photos and information on the Nangpa La and Zhangmu border crossings as well as other information on he Nepal - China border.
the interim constitution 2063 of Nepal promulgated in 2063 Maraga 1.
No   As above, but the Ghurkas have been helping the British Army for a very long time. Cause & effect, you might think.....
There are lots of protected area in Nepal like all National park and wildlife reserves. Some of them are Chitwan National Park in Chitwan, Sagarmatha National Park in near Namche, etc... Google you should find lots of others.
Football and cricket recently
THEY have fun in Nepal usually play swing that are so high and sometime that are low
I dont think there is any direct fight to Nepal but you can travel by Thai airlines stopping at Bankok.
Former king gyanendra shah is richest person of himalaya country Nepal.his estimated property is 8 billion us dollars . Second richest person of Nepal is dr.upendra mahato.
To preserve endangered animals and plants.
Mount Everest (known then as Peak B) was discovered and  measured by Andrew Waugh, the British Surveyor General of India in  1847 during his time in surveying mountains all over the  Himalayas. 
The plateau of tibet.
Its in Saudi Arabia not in Nepal
Yes it is. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world  standing at 8,848m above sea level.
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In my view, IN this 21st century also Nepal is not being able to create equality among every people of the country. Though it has created many rules and regulations we can still find the inequality prevailing in the country.Today also, the so called high class people do not allow the low caste...
Lots of things. Cinemas, funfairs, club, bar, strip clup, etc
Nepal was ruled by Ranas for 104 long years.
India,sri lanka pakistan and china
Perhaps Nepal's most important and well-known feature is that it is the location of the famous Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. The largest Shiva temple in the world, the Pashupatinath temple can also be found in Nepal, a site that holds great significance to the Hindu faith. Nepal...
Mount Everest can be found on the border of Nepal and Tibet in the Himalayan mountains and is the highest mountain in the world.
As of today, there aren't any states in Nepal. The geographical division of Nepal consists of 14 Anchals and 75 districts.
Tuesday is "Mangalbar" in Nepal.
Yes. Agriculture accounts for about 40% of Nepal's GDP. Agriculture employs 76% of the workforce
Bimsen thapa is the first priminister of Nepal.
Yes there is.
Nepal (officially, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) - 147,181 km2
Surface area is not area...so i am looking forward for the answer too..if Nepal is flattened, what will be its area?
I dont think there is dated recorded for this. It was named way by in time.
Nepal is located Southeastern Asia between India and China.