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Animal Behavior

Parent Category: Zoology or Animal Biology
This category is for questions about an animal's visible muscular activity that constitutes behavior, as well as the proximate and ultimate causes.
Yes, colossal squids do squirt black ink
Ofcourse! However their hibernation lasts more than a grizzly bear! Fascinating isn't it?
The lynx kittens stay with their mom until 9 months old.
  Leeches swim best in 60 degree F. water, better than 40 and 60   Leeches swim best in 60 degree F. water, better than 40 and 60   Leeches swim best in 60 degree F. water, better than 40 and 60   Leeches swim best in 60 degree F. water, better than 40 and 60
Dogs and bats are two animals that have a great sense of smell.  Their sense of smell is strong because they rely on it to eat.
You would need to show the Sun with light emitted from it. The  light should fall on a spherical Earth and illuminate only the half  nearer the Sun.
  an enemy.
Forever! .. But if u ask how long does it depends on her, for 1.5  months in dogs
If it gets in your eyes of into your body it will sting. If it hits  your skin it will also sting but not as long.
its use to identify unknown organisms
All animals judge in a sense. In the sense that they will avoidother animals if they judge them to be a danger.
They adapt together and need to know where they are going to go  first before adapting, and have to make sure that there new home is  cooler water than there old home because as they are older they  need cooler water to survive.
to talk to ohter animal
Mourning Doves are scientifically known as:  Zenaida macroura
decoposers break down the dead to return nutrients to the soilconsumers eat
A Bug is a decomposer, because it brakes down matter and gives nutrients tot he soil.
Sometimes, they will take the water from human dwellings where it is left outside for domesticated pets. In the more wild areas, their keen sense of smell leads them to sources such as rivers, streams, and lakes.
Probaly not. But seals and all land and water animals did.
Survival of the fittest is another name for natural selection.
Animals with no brains, like oysters, coral, anemones, etc., are not concious, and therefore do not have emotions at all. Repitles have basic emotions, and they will feel fear, satisfaction, stressed, lonely, etc. Mammals like dogs and pigs have complex emotions such as happy, sad, angry, hurt, love...
Don't know if they like to, but they do hibernate.
its an i9nsect because all insects can have 8 or 2 legs i don;t know don t no.Wrong first of all a insect will always have six legs and second of all it's A ARACHNID,GET IT THOUGH YOUR HEAD PEOPLE,AND THEY TAUGHT YOU THAT INSECTS HAVE SIX LEGS IN YEAR ONE COME ON PEOPLE.
Snakes are Cold-Blooded meaning they need heat and sunlight to  survive so on cold days there body isnt getting the sunlight and  heat they need to they dont move alot because they dont have that  much energy
Snakes are cold blooded, and when weather gets chilly, their metabolism slows down. Warm blooded birds must eat to maintain their body core temperature.
  == Answer ==   Twins can be born with different health and different size but if one baby is term then they both are term. good luck joymaker rn
no he didnt i dont think
The giant squid must keep its body temperature regulated because it  will suffocate in warm water. To keep itself cool, it remains in  cooler water and migrates as necessary.
To become a zoologist, the general courses in biology, physics,  chemistry, and math. While you can find entry level employment with  a bachelor's degree, you will need a master's degree for higher  paying jobs. If you wish to conduct research, you will need a PhD.
  The Candiru http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candir%C3%BA -Dane
There are many predator-prey relationships in the rain forest. For  example, birds eat bugs. Big bugs eat smaller bugs. Small animals  and some insects eat plants.
The only time that bees carry honey is when they are swarming.
Depends on which species of mammal you're thinking of. A bear -  being an omnivore, all-eater - would happily eat seeds while a cat  - being a carnivore, meat eater - wouldn't be able to.
Reptiles go through a process called brumation where their activity slows down during cold weather. This is similar to hibernation but their metabolism slows rather than living off fat. People who own pet reptiles should speak to their vets before their pet starts this process as it can be dangerous...
Some animals use pheromones to find mates
  They oyster has a small organ inside of its inner body that creates its own egg with out breeding
They live in large seagrass beds, saltmarsh and margrove areas in the australian coastal waters. They camaflouge in seaweed, to hide from there predators. They swim with 3 types of algea Macrocystis, Ecklonia and Lessonia.
  Yes it is. In humans it is, cant imagine it to be different in mammals. Greets, Aapie
many small cave lizards and amphibiansalso gold fish they cant hear as well as fresh water fish.Moles and worms
The bobcats' North American range covers all of the US, parts of Canada, and parts of Mexico. There are thirteen Subspecies of bobcat. Please see the related link listed below for a range map and more information:
they do not hibernate that i think of!!!
Pigs can swim
  The meat eating animal in the canine family is a wolf.   The meat eating animal in the canine family is a wolf.
Ok, you might use "mammal" in a sentence like this... " The platypus is both a mammal and an amphibian." OR"A whale is a mammal"
  8-1o weeks on the average or the mother may move them , one at a time, if she feels threatened.Baby squirrel's usually stay with their mother for about 8-10 weeks. A mother squirrel may move her babies to another location in those 8-10 weeks if she feels threatened. If you ever see a mother...
Partly white/off-white with shades of grey and a few areas of  black. Sometimes it can look like a light tan. It varies within  those colors.    Answer:   Morning doves are basically a beige brown bird with gray on the  wings, and white outer tail feathers. There is little or no ...
Its filled with an oily substance that controls its bouncy so it has the easiest time while swimming.
is haddock found in rivers or seas
Some do like polar bears
external fertilization
the yucca plant grows in the southwest can be pollinated only by the yucca moth
Densely populated areas have more units per unit of area than moderately populated areas.Example: If 100 people in a store is densely populated; 75 in a store of the same size would be moderately populated.
An adult Arctic Hare is anywhere from 2.5kg to 7kg. A Scrub Hare is  anywhere from 1.5kg to 4.5kg. There are many different  classifications of the Hare but these are the main two.
The Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse.
All references to the discovery in 1676 that animals generate  electricity, simply mention scientists and not specific names. A  few famous scientists who were working in that year on  groundbreaking experiments were Isaac Newton and Antony von  Leeuwenhoek.
Gilla monster would make good pets but i think they would bite alot and they look rarelly not good pets for younger kids but maybe teens would be able to take care of one. But if you think you are responsible and know how to not get it angry by not sqeazing,pulling and others.
triggerfish use water currents to knock them over, and then eat  them from underneath.
The habitat that you need to breed ladybugs includes plants thatproduce steady aphid populations.
  What is alife cycle of a smooth backed gliding gecko
Gliding is often called flying, although it really isn't. Flying  squirrels and sugar gliders are two types of animals that glide.  They use the skin under their arms to glide on the air.
Its webbed feet & its skin covered with slime fluid to keep skin moist
They live in a pineapple under the sea
sterfish are algae eaters, and they eat a certain type of algae thet kills most fish Do you mean starfish?
mostly frogs live in water but they can go on land to get away from preitors or to get food
yeah i dont even know if this is an answer or what but I have to know this for my science fair!this new answer is posted by cbtadpole07yes even puppies are born with a strong sense of smell although they can't control their body temperature and are deaf and blind. Dogs are good smellers because they...
Autotomy is the ability of an animal to sever an appendage.Autotomy occurs as a means of self-defense. Geckos and lizards,some molluscs and spiders exhibit autotomy.
Many! When animals are going into the winter, it is possable for a bear to sleep up to A year! a rattlesnake can go 8 1/2 months.
It looks different by comparison.Like if you put a a big object near a small object the bigger object would bigger.
The Hector dolphins of New Zealand have adapted to their  surrounding . They are the smallest marine dolphins in the world,  have contrasting markings, and have developed an unique hunting  strategy.
· Nile Crocodile · Northern Rubber Boa
The cheetah is a carnivore, eating mostly mammals under 40 kilograms (88 lb), including Thomson's gazelle, Grant's gazelle, the Springbok antelope and the impala. The young of larger mammals such as wildebeests and zebras are taken at times, adults too, when the cats hunt in groups. Guineafowl and...
Bees in one hive typically do not communicate with bees fromanother since they usually will not allow bees from another hive toenter their own hive.
Jaguarudi's are both nocturnal and diurnal.
  Leafy sea dragons are subject to many threats, both natural and man-made. They are caught by collectors, and used in alternative medicine. They are vulnerable when first born, and are slow swimmers, reducing their chance of escape from a predator. Seadragons are often washed ashore after...
by kicking and attacking the other male also jumping and charging then the male will have sexual inter cause with the female...
After pollinating a flower, a bee goes back to its nest.
A baby bird that is just learning to fly is called a fledgling.
  == Answer ==   the space an organism occupies is called a niche   the surroundings of and organism would be its habitat    I hope this is what you meant by organisms surroundings?   if not restate question a little more clearly
  because it eggs cannot eaten by fish.........
The mesophyll is a layer of cells, the palisade cells, which  contain the chloroplasts. These palisade cells are found in  dicotyledonous plants.
Blackbirds wil eat insects, worms, seeds, and berries.
  female, it is the female of the horse
I would say no, but I could be wrong. Mine likes to dig in his dirt  next to a heat pad.
  Genetic differences would not affect the outcome of the test
Brook trout are diurnal
 A trait that display a continuous distribution, such as height  or skin color, are  polygenic
Jaguars are jungle cats, predators. If they feel threatened, they will do what any predator does: Try to intimidate the other creature by showing physical signs of aggression (i.e. Bare Teeth, Lash Tail, Extend Claws, Ears will Flatten, their fur will stand up to make them appear larger).If...