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Frogs are amphibians which are present all across the globe in many different species. They are adapted for life in the water with many evolutionary characteristics, such as having the ability to breathe through their skin, having webbed feet and finger joints and many others. In this category, you will discover questions related to frogs in any shape or form.
A leopard frog (sometimes called a meadow frog) can mean any frogof about 14 species within the true frog genus Lithobates
No, they do not have teeth.
A bullfrog will go after anything it canfit in its mouth, even its own kind! .
Unfortunately, the promise of a true ecosystem was their sellingpoint, but this promise was overstated. The kit was meant to moreor less take care of itself, the snail eating the algae, and so on.But the snails frequently died so a key part of the "ecosystem"fell apart. As with any pet, it takes...
Keep them in their own large tank with only a few inches of water.Try to feed them a variety of foods. Change half of their water.Add about 10 degree cooler water to trigger the hatching. Bewarned, they will eat their own eggs/tadpoles. I hope this helps.
The frog eggs are found in the water cockroach eggs are found above ground near garbage or mold. Frog eggs are jelly coated. Cockroach eggs are hard brown or black in a some what hard and soft shell.
The name of the cat in princess and the frog is Lola
Description . The Blue Poison Dart Frog is a small frog with bright bluecoloring. Its back and top of the head are a lighter-colored skyblue, while its belly and legs are a darker blue color. Dark blueand black spots cover the frog's body, primarily its back and head.The sexes are similar in...
In urine and faeces, by evaporation and by osmosis.
They behave differently than any other normal frog because theydon't just jump I believe they actually can walk on their back legs
"Frog" in English is rana in Italian.
The process of adaptation for the frog is the same as any otherorganism: through natural selection on genetic variability andoccasional mutation. Frogs adapt over millions of years in different climate They canswim.
cause god made them that what i guess
Well it is possible if you are quiet and they do not see you.
They live in Rainforests, mangroves, in South Africa and surrounding suburbs, tropical rain forests, and if you live in a place that is hot and humid, sometimes in your backyard!
They are in the second level but it depends on what type of frog itis
In the frogs mind, the coloratoin is camoflage, so hopefully the hunter won't even see the frog to begin with.
This isn't a question that has a straight answer there could be alleggs eaten or a few depends on the area
A septum in the heart is used to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood between the chambers. However, it is debated if a frog has a septum. If it does have a septum, it is only a partial barrier. Or, "the septum" in a frog could just be a tissue acting as a valve. Fish do not have a septum....
Frogs have 2 atria (above) and one ventricle (lower).
Wild bull frogs eat everything from grasshoppers, to worms, to flies, to beetles, or even small rodents if they're large enough. If you're keeping one in a tank, you can go to your nearest pet store and buy a bag of crickets - live is best, but you can also get them dried.
yes because they get it from their parents
Leopard frogs may live up to 9 years in the wild, althoughvery few leopard frogs will live for this long. Most mortalityoccurs as a tadpole or newly transformed froglet, when as many as95% will die.
The little black dot in the egg is the part that grows into an embryo.
ok if a frog has lived up to the age of 1 then it will die so if you see one dont keep it because it wont live for very long and if u ask this guy named thomas fordham then he will tell u and if breanna shcoley tells u this then tell her thjat she is smart or else she will bite ur finger off this...
Each female lays thousands of eggs at a time, in slimy masses( ihope i helped)btw most lay up to a 200 limit to 2,000
In some frog species, you can determine the sex of a frog based onthe development of a vocal sac. If the vocal sac is present, thefrog is a male.
Some frogs in the tropical rain forest can but in the U.S you donot have to worry.
In the trees for food.
Probably not. I know when dogs ingest frogs it can make them very sick. If your dog for any reason starts foaming at the mouth, you should take it to a vet right away. Some frogs are poisonous and can cause this reaction.
The causes of the apparent declines are unknown. However, most ofthe historic sites and other streams in the region have undergonesignificant habitat alteration and degradation through clearance ofstreamside vegetation, grazing and timber harvesting .
wood frogs protect them selves by camouflage. Some can change colours to match its back ground.
frog? It's not like a poison dart frog will hop into your shoesbut, if you accidentally touch one in the wild, seek medical helpright away. Your skin could very irritated if in contact from thepoison frogs. Unless you want to hunt like the natives in theAmazon Rain Forest don't go looking for these...
Frogs is the plural of frog.
any were from 10 to 25 dollars depending on were you want to get it from. i got mine from Andy's Pets at a mall for 19 dollars. It costs me 25 pounds\nIt depends on your locality as much as the type of tree frog. Red eyes will generally be less than ten, while whites would be about twice as much. It...
green / slippery / noisy / fast / elusive.
Foxes normally eat fish if they can easily catch them from a fishpond. Foxes and other predators will eat frog spawn.
It produces digestive enzymes. the pancreas of a frog release enzymes into the small intestine to help break down food complex substances into simple substances. it creates digestive enzymes that go into the small intestine The frogs pancreas is a large gland that secrets digestive juices. The...
they put there wee wee in the girls vv and there comes eggs
by leaping from basically rock to rock and caches bugs with itsmouth
The average life span for a France edible frog is 5 to 6 years.. Hope this helps
They lay 3 to 5 in each clutch. But the female may lay one clutchas often as every week.
No they dont they have to live next to it
Size relative to a tea cup. They weigh around 15 grams.
Every animal moves around in its own way. Hopping is a way for afrog to move forward, it is used to get away from enemies,traveling and going after food.
Alligators usually eat frogs when food is scarce and their is notmuch meat.
when the frog jumps, the frog legs push backward against the leaf.the force of this push makes the leaf move back ward ,away from the leaf.
Depending, do you mean the WHITE'S tree frog (AKA dumpy tree frog or and Austrailian green tree frog)? If that's the type of frog then make your hands wet with water that has been treated to be safe for the frog, then carefuly cup your hands around it with a hole between your fingers the size of her...
I have had 2 angels with ADF's for years. They are quite compatible. Please make sure you give the ADF a place to hide, though. They love to hide under rocks but I have an aquarium decoration just for them. I also try to keep no pebbles under the decoration because the ADF prefer smooth surfaces....
Cordeelia,Bugweiser,Brittany,Lily-pad,hoppers,jumper any name you want actually!!!
The forelimbs of frogs are primarily designed to support the hindlimbs during sitting and walking. The back limbs are the onesdesigned for jumping.
Yes and when they do they are called little taddys
Frogs are not pregnant because the eggs are not fertilized inside their body. The term is gravid . They are gravid for usually a couple months.
They are wet, soft, and squishy. They feel like jelly.
it goes in there mouth then it becomes waste
Indian tribes in south America uses it as weapon (diping their spikes in it).
There is a very helpful article on wikihow about how to get rid offrogs.
Because the eggs must stay mousturized. If they become to dry, the tadpoles will die. Also, tadpoles must begin life swimming.
There are several differences between the human and frog digestivesystem. There are no villi in the small intestine of a frog. Frogsalso have dull teeth used only for chewing and a sticky tongue forcatching prey. A humans digestive system starts with their mouth, enzymes insaliva help food to break...
They both breath oxygen, drink water, have 4 limbs, and eat live animals.
Usually 10 to 15 dollars, depending on where you buy it. Never ever get a green tree frog for more than 15 dollars. up to five or ten bucks
no.... a tree frog id definitely an amphibian.
the world would blow up because there would be no enderasdof 4.846, a special chemical that frogs emit when they breath. endeasdof 4.846 keeps the lava in the earth and when it runs out the volcanos would blow up in our faces. to keep this from happening, we should eat as much gold as we can. P.S...
yes fish like trout eat tadpoles so watch out
They have strong muscles near the bottom of them which they use tojump very hight and move.
\nWith there mouths, they eat crickets, spiders, flys, and all that but they DO NOT EAT MONARCH CATERPILLARS
because they got eaten by fish.
Bell frogs have a croak that sounds like a motor cycle changing gears.
No. Why would you want to anyway?
yes it does. its just called a tree from cuz it lives in trees
They all do that. As frogs and toads don't have much of a diaphragm they use their expandable throats for the job.
No, frogs posses lungs. However, tadpoles have gills but soon loose them as they progress towards maturity..
No, there are some newts and salamanders that do not transform all the way and keep their gills.
Depending on the species, frogs take 1 to 5 years to reach maturity.
To expel waste, both liquid and solid, from the cloaca.
They would most likely lay there eggs in a downfall because tadpoles need water even while in the egg that's why the egg is moist and damp...they lay them in moist and damp areas because the eggs wetness starts thinning and they need moisture....so when they are coming out the egg they will need...
nothing at all. well, one grows larger than the other, but nothingserious. ;)
mostly frogs live in water but they can go on land to get away from preitors or to get food