Clams Oysters and Scallops

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Clams, oysters and scallops are bivalve mollusks native to both freshwater and saltwater habitats. Many are edible and some types of oysters produce the world’s freshwater and saltwater pearls. All questions about clams, oysters and scallops can be directed here.
Yes, some types of crabs eat clams.
You can have some asparagus on the side.
the white part that is rubbery
the very rubbery part inside the shell
A Mollusk has an outer shell, siphons, that bring water in and out of there bodies so that they can get oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Hope that helped
Oysters are known for living in groups. Oysters are commonly foundin brackish water like bays in the United States.
An oyster does not reproduce by giving birth to live young. Anoyster is buried in the shore most of it's adult life. It mates byreleasing eggs into the surf which will mix with the sperm of maleoysters. The fertilized eggs will implant into the sea until theyspawn.
Fresh water mussel is also called as Unio. It has following characters.... 1)Body is laterally compressed, soft and has bi valved shell 2)On the surface of shell, horizontal growth lines are present 3)Two valves are joined by a hinge joint, near which a projection called umbo is present. 4...
scallops mate while the sea water is warm because then they feel safe in warm water
Oysters are from the class Mollusks. They acquire eleven elementsof their system. They are gills, mantle, shell, intestine, stomach,digestive gland, hinge, accutor muscle, auricle, ventricle, libialpalp.
It is the pithinia clam( Ilooked it up on to be clever.Wha ha ha haaaaa)
Oysters can sometimes have a pearl inside which is worth some money. Therefore, this pearl represents success and the mattress represents the way you get to success. You can't open a oyster on a mattress because it is too soft, so that means that you have to work hard in order to be successful. I...
The blood of mollusks moves in a setae.
The smallest have about an inch diameter but different species get to be different sizes you have to be more specific in your questioning.
crabs eat babies
Answer . Raw mother of pearl refers to the shell unaltered from the way it is removed from the ocean. It is unpolished, not coated with any preservative, and uncut. It often is sold in bulk, with all the pieces of all sizes mixed in together. You get a lot of waste when you buy it that way.
There are many ways that germs (bacteria) help us. They sit on our skin and take up space so that harmful bacteria can't live or grow as rapidly. They line our digestive system and, again, take up space so that harmful bacteria can't. They also aid in digestion. If you've ever been on an...
Mullusks are tiny squids that has shells.
Ok. Abalones clams and mussels are molluscs.If you notice the meaning of molluscs is any invertebrate of the phylum Mollusca, typically having acalcareous shell of one, two, or more pieces that wholly or partlyenclose the soft, unsegmented body, including the chitons, snails,bivalves, squids, and...
Yes they are if they are not you can get sick
A coral reef is home to many ocean organisms, starting with thecoral itself. Many kinds of fish also live there, such as triggerfish and clown fish. The reef is also home to sea anemones, seaurchins, moray eels, and starfish, along with many more.
The theheme of the play"THE OYESTER AND THE PEARL" is the hope of happiness.All the characters of the play reveal goodness and virtuous acts.The play starts with a hope,a hope of contentment,spiritual peace and mental settlement.Harry,Clay,his father,teacher even writer himself want to do good all...
Don't risk it. When in doubt, throw it out. In other words, don't eat or buy it!
Clams eat plankton and other microscopic things but you can feed them popcorn I would recommend that you pop the popcorn before you give it to the clam because a popcorn kernel is like a rock to us and them so make sure you pop the popcorn first and make sure the popcorn doesn't have ANY butter. It...
Believe it or not, clams eat tube worms and planktonic stuff or plankton. FYI, Not from Spongebob
very good question. im sad that nobody has an answer.
Yes, you can freeze clam chowder.
no it can not be POSINING it just makes your stomach hurt if your ugly.
No, they only have a set of ganglia.
if they have teeth
It is hard to determine a clam's lifespan because they vary greatlybetween type of clam and living condition. The oldest species ofclam is the quahog clam which can live to be more than 400 yearsold. The typical lifespan for a clam is between 5 and 20 years.
Bluff Hill In Napier is famous for its product 'Bluff oysters'
A scallop is a shellfish with 2 hinged shells valves.Scallops move around by opening and closing their valves rapidly.
you put sand in it and wait for a long time
Creatures that can eat clams include humans, bears, otters, birds.
I say its the snail. .
oyster drill (a snail), starfish, oyster catchers (bird), seagulls, bears, otters, walrus, gray whales.
The heart is located on the terminal end of the shell.
An oyster grows its shell from the calcium carbonate mineral. Theshell helps the oyster stay hydrated and protect it from prey.
clams can feed on plants remains in the sediment
\nClams have the most complex heart of the mollusks, with 3 chambers.
Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) records the species name as Crassostrea gigas kumamoto a subspecies of C. gigas . However there are some who believe it should be listed as a separate species, since it is very different from the other C. gigas in physiology and morphology with the...
You don't say what they are stuffed with , which would effect my answer but Ill say rice pilaf or risotto.
Yes, all pearls come from bivalves though not all bivalves form pearls. Look at the inside of the shell and if it contains mother of pearl then the bivalve is capable of producing pearls. This holds true for both fresh and salt water bodies.
Answer . If a pearl is deemed Freshwater pearl, chances are, it is real. Freshwater pearls are the most affordable pearls available. If the pearls are described as faux, shell pearls, imitation, or anything other than cultured Freshwaters, then they are fake.. More and more vendors are popping up...
i dont really think anyone has tried to test that but if it wasn't poisonius you would find other things eating it
Yes and no. They can and do not choose what they eat but filter outwhatever passes by them in the seawater in which they live. Theirdiet may be plant or animal.
The function in a mollusks mantel is to help it's muchel move in the bod Located in th inside of the shell
Oysters are what are known as filter feeders; they filter microscopic organisms out of the water. They therefore do not have to attract prey. The prey is always there, in the water, carried by currents, and oblivious to its fate.
the zebra mussel was introduced in 1988 in a lake in onario.
An ugly barnacle encrusted rock.this is not all true ugly is an infrence so that's not accurate. but they do look like a rock. they look like a black sedimentary rock that has been polished down. -Jacob
  .  I only have three but here they are! . 1.there are about 100000 species of mollusks. . 2. An octopus has 3 hearts. . 3. an oysters shell is made of calcium.
Not all sharks eat clams. The ones that do are the bottom dwellerssuch as the angel shark, zebra horn shark and woebegone.
no they are not
Scientific name: Crassostrea gasar , Russian name: Устрица мангровая , English name: Mangrove oyster
In mid tidal zones in New Zealand
YES! I think... They can also clam up! -Happily!
They do not give birth. They release sperm and eggs into the water, some species retain the eggs in their shell for incubation.
No, they're molluscs, like slugs and oysters.
They do pee, so the awnser is yes.
A siphon brings in water, and filters out the food for it.
they eat and then poop it out!
There are actually seven - Cephalopods Bivalves Gastropods Polyplacophora Monoplacophora Aplacophora Scaphopoda
yes why wouldn't it :D
Well if you know how pearls are formed , it is when a grain of sand or something else irritating a clam, it will secrete nacre. That will layer overtime until that intruder is fully in cased in the nacre, or what we call, a pearl. Same thing applies to the parasite, If that thing has somehow...
A clam shell is not smooth because being smooth would decrease friction between a clam and the surface it lives on. With low friction, a clam would go places it would not want to go.
70.8 grammes. Which is 156% of an adults recommended intake (19-70 years). 156% means all of your intake plus another 56%.
Yes. It is quite possible for giant clams to latch on to your hand. They will not purposely bite you, it is instinctive that they close when they feel threatened. The clam can bite down at 225 PSI. That is enough to break every bone in your hand. My recongmindation to you is to NOT put your hand in...
Generally speaking they are very good for you. Some are toxic and some people have a low tolerance for some of them and hence are allergic.