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Electronic Music and EDM

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Electronic music is the most modern and popular genre played on the electronic musical instruments like Telharmonium, Hammond organ, electric guitar, Theremin, sound synthesizer, and computer. Its varieties and ranges vary from experimental art music to electronic dance music. This category is for questions and answers about Electronic music, its composers and styles.
These lyrics appear in a 2004 song by J Five about Charlie Chaplintitled "Modern Times," which has been remixed and sampled in anumber of electronic tracks, including 2005 house track "Move tothe Music" by Laboratorium and Dj NILbS. To clarify, the lyrics are "Does anybody here wanna hear my ...
Tiesto has been named the richest DJ in the world. The Dutch house virtuoso is worth an estimated $75 million (£50million), according to wealth calculating website Celebrity NetWorth. Tiesto topped the poll last year when he was worth anestimated $65 million (£43 million).
it probably would be hard maybe not even possible cuz daft punk, well thomas bangalter, used a synthesizer 2 make tht song and watever else instruments they used for that song. You would either have to be a expert guitarist or able 2 use a synthesizer
the DJ's name is Adam Goldstein so AM is short for Adam
An electronic era is a interval of time of new electronics.
Fancy Footwork by:Chromeo
My opinion? That's easy! DAFT PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never heard of Leftfield but I've known about Daft punk for years! DAFT PUNK!!!!!
Daft punk's official website says that they are going on a world tour in either 2010 or 2011!
First, please note that techno is a sub-genre of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in Detroit during the mid to late 1980s. "Techno" is very often confused with generalized descriptors of EDM, such as electronic music and dance music. "In general, techno is very DJ-friendly, being...
It's a vintage style humbucker put out by Seymour Duncan.
It translates as "Pretty red-head of the night."
I think the song you might be looking for is put em high by stonebridge, hope that's of help
Yes, they are called digital sheet music stands. You can advance pages by pressing a pad on the floor or program it ahead of time. You can also buy software to turn your computer or Kindle Reader into a music stand. In addition, pages can be magnified to any size for ease of reading. There are many...
Daft Punk only wear costumes at shows and eventually interviews. So eating for them is not a problem.
He is currently earning $77 million a year.
Altern-8 was a UK rave music duo featuring Chris Peat and Mark Archer Altern-8 was formed in 1990 in Stafford, when both members ( Mark and Chris) were both 21. They were famous for their awesome basslines and electronic sounds in their songs.
Daft Punk wear helmets and robotic clothing for several reasons. One, because they do not wish to be recognized as Daft Punk every time they go somewhere; they like their privacy, and wearing helmets is a stylish way to keep their privacy. Second, by wearing robotic suits, they've established their...
The best techno song is 'this club is closed forever' Check Out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhah55qMm0E
They have different genres of music in the EDM world but according to DJ Mag's list of top 100 DJ's. Armin Van Buerran has hit more top spots than Tiesto.
Rave?? Hardstyle, Hardcore, Hard trance all range from 140-180 bpm Improved answer: The fastest type of music is most likely "DarkPsychedelic" music. The normal Bpm ranges for this type of music is145bpm - 240bpm. Their are even songs that have even more intense,and extreme Bpm than just a 240...
Detroit is the city most commonly stated as originating the techno genre. This original form of techno is called Detroit techno. It still exists today. I hope this answers your question!
Definitely Random Album Title if you like dubstep. Otherwise his newest 4x4=12 is almost fun to listen to. 4x4=12 has many good songs to listen to. songs such as Some Chords, Bad Selection , Sofi Needs a Ladder ,oh and Animal Right s featuring wolfgang gartner is a very good song,and one my...
In an interview, found on the web he admits to using mostly Logic Pro. He uses outboard synths from time to time, but resamples them in Logic's EXS24 plugin. His argument for this is that through this method he finds that the tonality of the sound is altered through resampling. In the same article,...
techno is computised and house is just sung
I feel that techno will change in the sense that its sub genres will be as popular as techno, if not more popular. Needless to say that there will be new sub genres of techno in the future. I hope this answers your question!
Chip Wave is a genre of electronic dance music (electronica) that started in Chicago and New York City. The Chip Wave genre was coined by Nico Demonte and blends elements of New Wave, Chicago's acid house (phuture). electro wave, Hi NRG, Italo Disco (Giorgio Moroder). Chip Wave incorporates...
A subgenre of electronic music coined by Nico Demonte that incorporates post modern philosophical elements, chaos theory, fractal music and synthesizers. This electronic genre has branched out from other forms like Die Musik der Futurismus, Die russische Avantgarde, Post Avante Garde-ism, Die...
Is Justin bieber a dancer? no he is not a dancer because he only gets payed to sing and that's all he gets his money for yeah he will bust a move now and than but he wont get payed for it and just because he is busting a move doesn't mean that he is a dancer because he is not he is a singer. :)
Mac, and more specifically Garage band. Or audacity if your publishing it to any were except iTunes.
First, it La Roux not La Roax. Second, La Roux is a duo but the one we see is indeed a female.
yes , her name is Natalie guetta
don't know which one you're referring to, but some of the hats he wears are made by f as in frank/bean dip
Karlheinz Stockhausen worked briefly in Schaeffer's studio in 1952, and afterward for many years at the WDR Cologne's Studio for Electronic Music. In Cologne, what would become the most famous electronic music studio in the world was officially opened at the radio studios of the NWDR in 1953, though...
Nobady give a f about him we care about Justin bieber because he is cute and hot to be with him
Elly Jackson looked exactly the same before she was famous. The hair style and the clothing style and all of the other stuff was all the same. She used to have long hair but she cut it when she was a teenager.
"World, hold on" - Bob Sinclair, "The world is mine" David Guetta, "Ordinary World" - Aurora, "Underwater World" - ATB, "Out of this world" - Paul Oakenfold, "Around the World" - Daft Punk.
EX 1. I went to an awesome rave last night (noun) EX 2. I love rave music. (adj.) EX 3. I love to rave. (verb)
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la roux is the singer to bulletproof.
Green Velvet 9artist) The Stalker from 1996
I don't think he's very religious, but I've seen him wearing a shirt that says: "Love is my religion" on it.
because techno is part of technology, if you listen to it youll hear that its all made on a computer
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yes he is in the caste
Jayy von Monroe of Blood on the Dance Floor (Jeremy Griffis)is 26 years old (born August 17, 1991). Dahvie Vanity (Jesus Torres) was born September 5, 1984.
little boots has alot of different songs on her album.I have her album and i thibk she is the best artist around.My favourite songs are new in town ,remedy and meddle.I hope she makes a second album out because she is so good.
In the original version from their 1997 album "Homework", they say "Around the World" 144 times, but only 80 times in the radio edit.
the band Justice has pretty good music compared to Daft Punk
try whit .. Touch and Go - Straight To...Number One 104
Tiesto is currently on his world tour. Dates in Europe, Latin America and North America have been announced officially. However, no dates are currently set for the South Africa leg of his tour. Check his official site www.tiesto.com to keep updated.
Daft Punk are not robots. The whole robot story is a facade to hide their real faces and was inspired by a recording accident in which their sampler exploded. They made up the story that they had been badly hurt in the accident and were reconstructed as cyborgs. They are human because recently...
No, they are still going strong today, releasing new albums and songs. They are still touring as well.
its a song remade by Midina-"You and I", Deadmau5 also does a nice remix of it as well. Cheers!
Testing samples of techno.
It's recording a sound in order to play it after.
An american artist from the 70's named Mandre. Here's the link: http://trickledown.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/daft-punk-copied-their-helmets-from-1970s-motown-artist-mandre/
Goa trance is a genre of music!similar to Psychedelic Trance
At time writing there are 5 members of passion pit. P.S Also at time of writing Passion Pit are making the follow-up to their debut album Manners and are hoping to get it released by spring 2011. Huzzah!
The best techno song to listed to is face down ass up by dj caffin
apparently deadmau5 Makes 100.000$ for each show
They aren't robot they just added a story to why they wear helmets, but the original reason was because of shyness according to Thomas Bangalter
La Roux's music genre is electro-pop and synth-pop.
tiesto uses a pioneer cdj 2000 4 decks of them and the svm 1000 now not before.
Commercial elecronica
Sir you may please go to SANGGAR POPULER - MUSIK-KU and listen and I am doing just that for the past 24 hours. If you have any idea about good 80s south east Asian music with saxophone, female voice, guitar please let me know Krithivasan Indian
Yes :) on Aug 1, 2010 (8:00 pm) at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
Keep the beat, . just have fun with music! P.S. You should be good with records
LP is short for "long player", typically meaning an album length record pressed on vinyl.
Guy Manuel is not married. He is single. Only Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk is married to Elodie Bounchez (a french actress). Thomas and Elodie have two sons. Roxan and I think it's Tara-Jay. Tara-Jay is the oldest. 10dba160-68a9-4e2f-a14e-7b306f7967b6. 1.03.01.
No, his Dutch.
She is Armin Van Buuren's wife! They got married last September of '09 and he is the world's number one DJ of psy-dance/trance/techno music!!! It's been said that they were together already 9 or 10 years before they got married. Good for them to tie the knot. I hear she is one super nice girl and a...
Kanye West has a song where he uses the original by Daft Punk as a beat. But that's about it.
that is exactly the same song i have been looking for.heard it about 5 years ago...now cant find it hey got the answer Modjo lady hear me tonight thats ur song i hope