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North America

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North America is the third largest continent by area. It is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean to the east, by the North Pacific Ocean to the west and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.
It has changed america in many ways. it has brought families and  friends together. that is how baseball has changed america
No. Not in North America. There are mountain ranges in NorthAmerica with other names - like the Rocky Mountains. The Pyrenees Mountain Range is in Europe.
It is the fifth (5th), behind Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina. It is also the 15th largest in the world.
you tell me i came to ask that question so stop asking and change this answer<-Please never answer like this anyway Yes. The Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador, Ecuador is a part of Latin America. Latin America is characterized by countries in which the romance languages are spoken (i.e....
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VinlandA.K.A 'wine land' because what the vikings thought were huckle-barries were actully red grapes.
Colombia is the only country to touch North America. It is a South American nation.
Because of this Italic Tribe, Latini (the Latins), who spoke Latin.
Newfoundland is a Canadian province (Province is a state in Canada). Peninsula is supposedly an island.
Lake Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park at 7,733 feet in altitude and with approximately 140 miles of shoreline.
yes, Canada is one of North Americas 24 contries
As any map will clearly show, the Rockies are in the Western portion of the United States.
The bobcats' North American range covers all of the US, parts of Canada, and parts of Mexico. There are thirteen Subspecies of bobcat. Please see the related link listed below for a range map and more information:
I am really, really SURE that the oldest mountain in North America is "ROCKY MOUNTAINS." Thank you for questioning it and i am happy to answer it. Vote this answer please? :)
there are 10 largest lakes in North America. But the largest 1 is the ...........   "Lake Superior, Canada/United States" - that has 82 410 km2 or 31 820 sq miles... k?
  Red Rock is the Sunshine Capital of Ontario. Thunder Bay is rated as the second sunniest place in Canada, but Red Rock is sunny all the time. In the winter when it is snowing or overcast in Thunder Bay, Red Rock has clear blue skies. Now it's just a small place that is virtually off the radar...
In Canada they use the Canadian dollar. US Dollars
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Yes bcause it is closer to the equator.
Language, culture, Human Development Index.
Tanzania is home of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in africa.
The Atchafalaya Swamp, although it's only 15 miles wide it extends over 100 miles into Louisiana and is over 800,000 acres in size.
The ocean that is west of South America is the Pacific Ocean. The  Pacific Ocean is also west of the United States.
Western Pennsylvania, where the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers join to form the Ohio River.
There are probably many different reasons why South America is poorer and North America is richer. The way both regions were settled, for instance, were very different. The fact that the USA were colonized by England, which was the first industrialized country, can be a good reason too. Well, there...
The largest country in North America is Canada. The next largest  country is the United States, followed by the country of Mexico.
The countries adjoining North and South America are Mexico, El Santiago, Panama, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
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Chicago is a city inside the state of Illinois so there are no states in Chicago.
Spanish America has become a lot of different countries. Portuguese America has become only one country: Brazil.
The distinctive look of the original Appaloosa was the product of  breeding by the Native Americans in the North West. The breed  itself was created there. The genetics for the various spotting  patterns may have been part of the gene pool of the original  Spanish horses that were released...
The "largest city" by population would be either Mexico City or New York City. Mexico City has the largest population within the city proper, more than 8.8 million, and 21 million in the surrounding metropolitan area. New York is part of a larger complex of large cities.The largest North American...
Can be divided into at least two cultural regions, Anglo America and Latin America
It is called the Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian  Plateau, a large region occupying nearly half of Canada around  Hudson Bay. It is located north of the Great Lakes and stretches  from the Northwest Territories to Labrador.
It is on the northern part of Latin America, bordering both the United States to the north, and the Central American nations of Belize and Guatemala, to the south.
Haiti is north of South America. Answered by Ashlyn Hardie
The native Americans reacted in defence, for their lands that the europeans were trying to take over resulting in the Indians to move. And later on resulting in a war.
Because they brought a knife to a gunfight.
no there was a priest who built a raft and sailed across the Atlantic ocean even before the vikings but after the vikings i am pretty sure that the spanish were the first after them
In western Canada there is: Carcross desert Fraser canyon Thompson country Carberry sandhills Nk'mip Desert Throughout Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon: Columbia Plateau Snake River Plain Wyoming Basin Red desert Alvord desert Oregon high desert In Nevada: Black Rock desert Forty Mile...
Because to the East the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio Rivers make up the continent's major river system. This system drains most of the interior planes of the United States. It also provides a an important network of waterways for trade and transportation. Source:World Geography Today Texas...
The leading producer of cattle in North America is the state ofNebraska. Christopher Columbus is responsible for introducingcattle to North America.
The Eastern Time Zone still has the highest population, but its advantage has been lessening as population has spread out, especially to the Southwest.
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Mount McKinley, in Alaska, is North America's tallest peak and stands at 20,322 feet tall!
The smallest country in South America is Suriname.
The most powerful native group, however had a rather different relationship with the french. The iroguois Confederacy-the five Indian nations (Mohawk, Seneca,Cayuga,Onodaga and Oneida
The ocean that lays east of South America is the Indian Ocean. The  ocean that lays west of South American is the Pacific Ocean.
There are several theories about when humans first inhabited the North American Continent. The prevailing theory known as "Clovis First" is predicated upon remains found in Clovis, New Mexico. Clovis First postulates that humans first inhabited the North American Continent 12-13,00 years ago by...
Yonge Street in Toronto Canada is the longest street in the world. It stretches 1,896 km (1,178 mi) from Toronto to Ontario-Minnesota border at Rainy River. The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest highway in North America stretching 4860 miles through Canada. By comparison Australia's "Highway 1"...
They are connected and form the continent of America, the two are politically separated though.
Of the four places named Bryson in the USA, one is a power-generating station; the others are towns or communities which are far too small to have universities in or around them.There is no university with that name, nor are any university campuses in any of the places by that name.
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the least populous country in North America is considered to be Greenland
Approximately 80% of North America is covered in Woodland.
Right now a "North American Union" with the Amero as currency is impractical, and at least for the next 20 years, such union and currency are the stuff of conspiracy theories. Canada and the United States are very well integrated on economic, cultural and demographic terms (both are developed...
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Well if horses were never used for transport then in the oldern  days people would have a hard time getting to their destination.
Every country in Latin America has its own natural resources.
Todt Hill on Staten Island in New York City is 410 ft ASL.Great Blue Hill, near Boston, is 625 ft ASL.
Asia is just across the Bering Strait from Alaska
The current crisis (circa 2009/2010) is the worst economic crisis of American history, but the same is true for almost every country of the developed World.Part of the cause may be due to policies of the US government but the same can also be said for other countries.It possible that the expense of...