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From crosswords to Scrabble, many games involve word strategy in some way. Ask questions here about popular word games.
The synonyms could be challenging or contending. The terms for unseating an incumbent or champion is to oust, depose or dethrone.
Gia Island near the west coast of Africa.
Exceptionally, particularly, specifically, notably, primarily, mainly...
A small brook is a rill
i dont think so it could be made up from ruta and used as a word meaning all things good and wow (e.g the french would say volla!)
Friend Fun Fair Flight Flew Friday Figure Foot Faint Find Free Flag Freedom Founder Fine Finger French France Fry Feeling
A five letter word for fizzle out could be Fades Break Droop Faint Go Out Yield Fails
For the crossword puzzle hint, try 'soon'.
A four letter word for something a violinist needs could be Bows.
When referring to crossword puzzle hints, a 3 letter shoe hue wouldbe tan.
Are you sure it starts with cu? Maybe the c is off and the answercould be quad. Try looking at the answers and see if something else could bechanged to see if one of the following works: Area Rift Quad
A buttercup is one such flower. Dandelion is another.
Durabrand Digital Digital XL
abide . aside . bride . bide . collide . curbside . chide . coincide . confide . collide . divide . decide . deride . dockside . homicide . inside . guide . glide . germicide . genocide . hide . infanticide . matricide . onside . outside . override . offside . peptide . preside . patricide ....
Lovie Smith, NFL head coach, Chicago Bears . LaBron James, NBA star, Cleveland Caviliers . Lionel Richie, singer . Leslie Ugghams, actress . LaToya Jackson, sister, Michael Jackson . Louis Gosset Jr., actor . Lisa Leslie, WNBA, Los Angeles sparks . Le Var Burton, actor, "Roots" miniseries and PBS's ...
Alabama . Alaska . Arizona . Arkansas
gladness joyful joy glee bliss delight contentment cheerfulness
It means the stream is getting more water.
sitting . hitting . fitting . befitting . knitting . spitting . quitting
Tugged Heaved Lugged Hauled Yanked Pulled Take your pick. Hope this helps!
An eleven letter word for Ireland is "Emerald Isle".
Tournament, tantamount, nationality, northernmost, penitentiary, penitent, partitioning, contrition, intuition, internment, transition, infatuation, abstinent, translation, naturalization, transubstantiation (3 Ns and 3 Ts!), tantalizing, tormenting, consternation, contamination, contraindicated...
1. the straight stalk of any of various tall grasses, especially of the genera Phragmites and Arundo, growing in marshy places. 2. any of the plants themselves. 3. such stalks or plants collectively. 4. anything made from such a stalk or from something similar, as an arrow. 5. Music. ...
elude to avoid being found or caught by someone, especially by tricking them
It means the bit identified as Spooner's is a spoonerism of the answer. e.g., Spooner's outlawed crone has a purse. (7) => handbag (banned hag)
fabric . fanatic . fantastic . fatalistic . fetishistic . frolic . forensic . frantic . feudalistic . futuristic
"Ski" or "chi" both end in "i" and have three letters.
A one letter word starting with I is I.
He is probably best known as a friend of John Mayer, whom he met in Atlanta while attending Georgia Tech. Scotty toured with John Mayer, working as his road manager and updating the online road journal. His witty blogs garnered him the attention of many John Mayer fans and he became a fixture at...
Label is a synonym for handle (name).
dress,doll,doll ouse,doll shoes,dart,.
blacked blackfeet blacking blacks blair blamed blase blats blatting
Is it Spring forward or Spring back? I had indigestion.
A crescent-shaped window is called a Lunette.
Arkansas . Colorado . Delaware . Illinois . Kentucky . Michigan . Missouri . Nebraska . Oklahoma . Virginia
bomb . chub . club . comb . crab . crib . curb . drab . dumb . flab . flub . garb . glib . glob . grab . grub . jamb . lamb . knob . numb . scab . slab . slob . snob . snub . stab . stub . swab . tomb . womb
Some words that describe a dog starting with the letters U, V, or Z are: . ugly . unrivaled . unruly . unusual . upbeat . valiant . verbally quiet . vicious . victorious . virile . voracious . zany . zealous . zippy
9 calories (37.8 Kilojoules) in 1 gram of fat
4 Doors in a Car
13 M of N = 13 moons of neptune.
several lava several severe server seventeen seventh
The reference is to Odin (Woden), where Odin only anagrams to Dino,I nod, or I, Don . Anagrams of Woden are endow and owned. The phrase has no particularly apt anagrams, although it can spell: "So many pets never won a duel" "Newsrooms evaluated penny" "Demons unwoven separately"
Skin, skit, skim, skis, skid, skip, skew...
jack . jade . jail . jam . jar . java . jaw . jay . jazz . jazzy . jeans . jeep . jeer . jell . jet . jewel . jibe . jilt . jinx . job . jock . jog . join . joke . jolt . joy . judge . judo . jug . juice . jumbo . jump . junk . juror . jury . just
That's likely to be "tribute." See if the "I" works in place of the second "T."
Pi is a Greek letter for the "P" sound.
The letters DSEMES spell the word "messed" (only used as a verb idiomatically) and 17 other common English words including "deems".
The shortest are "bipod" "scrod" "unsod" and "synod" (where the Yis a vowel). Other words include: method, ramrod, tripod, unshod, isopod,demigod, and decapod.
These are the countries i know that begin with an A: . Åland - Åland Islands (Autonomous province of Finland) . Abkhazia - Republic of Abkhazia . Afghanistan - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan . Akrotiri and Dhekelia - Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK overseas territory) ...
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.