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From crosswords to Scrabble, many games involve word strategy in some way. Ask questions here about popular word games.
attractive, handsome, ugly, tall, short, fat, overweight, thin,  slim, broad-shouldered, big-nosed, pretty, of average height,  fair-haired
Gia Island near the west coast of Africa.
tsar, czar, there are alternate spellings
Are you sure it starts with cu? Maybe the c is off and the answer  could be quad.    Try looking at the answers and see if something else could be  changed to see if one of the following works:   Area   Rift   Quad
Durabrand Digital Digital XL
Lovie Smith, NFL head coach, Chicago BearsLaBron James, NBA star, Cleveland CaviliersLionel Richie, singerLeslie Ugghams, actressLaToya Jackson, sister, Michael JacksonLouis Gosset Jr., actorLisa Leslie, WNBA, Los Angeles sparksLe Var Burton, actor, "Roots" miniseries and PBS's "Reading Rainbow...
Tugged   Heaved   Lugged   Hauled   Yanked   Pulled   Take your pick. Hope this helps!
  An eleven letter word for Ireland is "Emerald Isle".
eludeto avoid being found or caught by someone, especially by tricking them
It means the bit identified as Spooner's is a spoonerism of the answer. e.g., Spooner's outlawed crone has a purse. (7) => handbag (banned hag)
A one letter word starting with I is I.
He is probably best known as a friend of John Mayer, whom he met in Atlanta while attending Georgia Tech. Scotty toured with John Mayer, working as his road manager and updating the online road journal. His witty blogs garnered him the attention of many John Mayer fans and he became a fixture at...
Label is a synonym for handle (name).
blacked   blackfeet   blacking   blacks   blair   blamed   blase   blats   blatting
Is it Spring forward or Spring back? I had indigestion.
Some words that describe a dog starting with the letters U, V, or Z are: uglyunrivaledunrulyunusualupbeatvaliantverbally quietviciousvictoriousvirilevoraciouszanyzealouszippy
Skin, skit, skim, skis, skid, skip, skew...
That's likely to be "tribute." See if the "I" works in place of the second "T."
The letters DSEMES spell the word "messed" (only used as a verb idiomatically) and 17 other common English words including "deems".
The shortest are "bipod" "scrod" "unsod" and "synod" (where the Y  is a vowel).   Other words include: method, ramrod, tripod, unshod, isopod,  demigod, and decapod.
Dhaulagiri - Located in Nepal, Asia it is the earth's 7th highest mountain at 8,167 meters above sea level.
menu, ecru, tofu, thou
ripe   pig   peg   rip   rig   grip   riper   prig   peg   prier   peri
There is no 9 letter word for kangaroo tail, but there are some  words close to it that represent the scientific Latin name for  kangaroo. 1 is that its Latin name it ganguu lamithurr. 2 is that  is is brought up by the word ganguu.
candy   crafty   cry   carry
The word is ATV meaning an all terrain vehicle.
The word you are trying to find is alliteration.
 Mature, meek and modest are nice  characteristics. Other characteristics include malicious,  materialistic and mean.  
QatarIraqEquatorial GuineaMozambique
There is no seven-letter anagram.   Common (non-Scrabble) words made from the letters include:   comped, compel, clomp, coped, loped, model, moped, poled, clod,  clop, code, coed, cold, come, comp, cope, demo, dole, dome, dope,  lode, lope, meld, mode, mold, mole, mope, oped, pled, plod,...
Depending on context, "release" can mean unleash, manumit, furnish, provide, deliver, absolve, declare, divulge, publish, freeing, freedom, liberty, issuing
It means spectacular or amazing to see
Qom   Bam   Nir   Rey (Ray)
Some words that start with L and end with O are:lassoLatinolibidolibrettolimbolimolingololocoloolottolumbago
  Richie Rich, Rory Racoon, Road Runner.
radii. torii.5-letter words aalii, genii, medii, piing, radii, teiid, torii 6-letter wordsaaliis, congii, obiism, skiing, teiids 7-letter wordsbacchii, coniine, denarii, nauplii, obiisms, senarii, skiings, splenii, taxiing 8-letter wordsalibiing, coniines, filariid, reduviid, retiarii, sartorii,...
It means "I love you". monika.pisetta@msw.it   You can say also "Ich liebe dich"
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Crackling and popping
downhill skiingDecemberdigging out when you're stuck in snowdarknessday light savings time endsdown comforterdressing warmlydry air (due to the heater being on)
Assuming you mean States in the US, there is only one, and that is  Ohio (o, i, & h)
There are no 4 letter words in the English language that begin with the letter L and end with the letter J.
dad, dud, dreamed, disillusioned,disappointed, disqualified, disturbed
updraftupwindudometer - a rain gauge