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With a total area of 440,831 sq mi, Columbia is a constitutional republic located in the northwestern part of South America. It is the 29th largest country in the world by population at more than 45 million as of 2010.


Cartagena, Cali, Medellín, Popayán, Bucaramanga, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Neiva, Manizales, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Pereira, Ibagué, Bello, Pasto, Soledad, Villavicencio, Soacha, Armenia Other important places: San Agustín, Zipaquirá, Guatavita, Tierradentro, Ciudad Perdida, San Andrés
Some good ones are... BogotaCartagenalost city
Cocaine is the most used illegal drug in Colombia.
In Colombia they speak Spanish.
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well some maor issues have to do with oil and starvation.
Columbia has a federal republic type of government. The government  has executive, judicial, and legislative branches. The leader of  the executive branch is the President.
Colombia is the world's second largest producer of coffee in the  world. However, there are many other countries that also produce  coffee.
the shiny and beautiful sun that colombia have...
The average daytime temperature is only 67°F (25°C) because of the  high altitude of the city, which is built on a wide plateau. The  mean temperature is 60°F (14.4°C).
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Society is often very biased and favors the rich, so a group of lower-income people was formed to revolutionize the country. Though their motives were good, they eventually started killing people, etc. They are now named FARC and fight against the government. FARC soldiers are sometimes referred to...
Yes. You can drive the Pan-American Highway to Colón, Panama, then take the Ferry to Cartagena or Buenaventura and then you can continue south on the Pan-American Highway south to Argentina.
It's Bogota. Has a population of around 9 million. Other major cities are: Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla
There are different types of livestock that live in Columbia South  America. Some of the common types of livestock include sheep,  goats, and cattle among others.
At the time of writing Colombia's National Debt is 122 billion USD
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Colombian food is characterized by its blending of European cuisine with aspects of indigenous cuisine.. Even though there is no consensus as to which one dish can be considered the true "national dish," the arepa and sancocho can be considered excellent candidates. Other well-known regional dishes...
Colombia is located in the southern region
Yes there is a Payless Shoe Source in Bogota Colombia there are actually a a few.
The first people to settle in Colombia were the Mesoamericas, Incas and many other small tribes.
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Well let's not be stereotypical here. There was a lot of drug wars back in the 80's but today Colombia is one of the fastest industrializing countries in south America. If you have ever visited, you can see that it is a fascinating place.
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Bogotá is Colombia's capital but there also some American  towns with that name.
In Colombia in South America, Spanish is the official language.There are over 70 other languages which are spoken in the country,with the remainder being predominantly native languages. 99% of Colombian population speak Spanish, English is also official(besides Spanish) in the state of San AndrÃ...
You should probably spell Colombia correctly.
One of the leaders of the Chibcha Indians was called Bacatá.
On the official website, Columbia.edu, under Undegraduate Admissions it is stated that 3-4 years of a foreign language are recommended,however, there is no set number.
Only Venezuela is, the country joined in 2006, but Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia are all part a separate trade bloc called the Andean community.
Colombia borders Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru.
Of course. It's a representative democracy, or a republic, just like the United States.
That would be "la capital de Colombia".
Yes, Colombia has waterfalls along with other amazing lanscapes and scenery
Fact 1:Colombia does not have seasons; because it is near the equator, it has sunlight throughout the year.Fact 2:The name Colombia is derived from the name Christopher Columbus.Fact 3:Experts believe that 3000 out of the 14000 spices of butterflies are found in Colombia.Fact 4:Colombia produces 60%...
Camilo Torres Restrepo was 36 when he died. A Catholic priest and  socialist rebel, Torres was killed on February 15, 1966 while  accompanying ELN guerrillas who attacked government forces in  Colombia.
You could. I don't recommend it. It's very far and there are some dangerous places all through central america.
I am from Columbia, and what we do for fun is- (quite a lot of stuff) we LOVE 2 have water balloon fights and we love 2 sit around and watch TV it is a great life in Columbia
No one is fleeing Colombia. And it seems you don't speak English properly making you what? A Stupid Mexican who thinks people are fleeing an amazing country?
¿En qué departamento o provincia queda Capitanejo, Colombia? El municipio de Capitano está ubicado en el departamento de Santander en la provincia de García Rovira.
The landscaping is like an odd looking pear but is very unique.
19.57 (births per 1000 persons)...
Colombia is a country on the northern coast of the South American continent.
The national game of Colombia is Tejo
yes there are a lot of trains in colombia it is a common way of transportation other than taxies. thanks for reading! i so <3 colombia if there are any colombians i know they feel the same way! oh yeah!!!! ;)
Some are but the majority are not. The prevalence in Colombia of circumcision is very low Brazil & Columbia: 7% [Castellsague et al., 2005]; Rio de Janeiro 13% [Périssé et al., 2009]. circumcision is a religious and cultural procedure except in English speaking cultures where the practice was...
Is is one of the main countries that exports coffee.It also produces emeralds, and has a festival every year called the flower festival. In this fetival many people dress up and dance and there is a parade of things covered in flowers, it is really beautiful....and Colombians know how to party. HARD...
Bogota is high in the mountains of central Colombia, about 300 miles east of the Pacific coast.
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Leticia's population density is 14 people per square mile.
Leticia is the capital of Amazonas, Colombia's southernmost state.
Assuming you mean Colombia the country, not Columbia, Missouri, here is a quote from the Related Link: "Rainfall in the hot zone is heaviest in the Pacific lowlands and in parts of eastern Colombia, where rain is almost a daily occurrence and rain forests predominate. Precipitation exceeds 760...
Usually it is the same price for a child. Even though, sometimes airlines can even have prices for younger kids.
1,000 Colombian pesos are currently worth $0.42 in U.S. dollars.  However, currency rates change from day to day.
Colombia have never won the fifa world cup. Colombia have never won the world cup. However, they now have avery talented squad and 2018 could be their year.
Colombia IS a country, located in the continent America.
Bogata is a small town or city in extreme northeastern Texas (pop. 1400). The capital of Colombia in South America is Bogotá (sometimes designated Bogotá, DC for Distrito Capital or "capital district"). The spelling Bogota is also a borough name in northeastern New Jersey.
The one major gun law in colombia is that you cant have cocaine
January 22nd, 2001, after the overthrow of the evil Plushenko military dictatorship that for years imposed Ukranian upon the trodden down populace.
Gloria Maryori Quintero Zapata
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That is the correct spelling (but capitalized) for the port city in northern Colombia, Barranquilla .
when christofer Columbus arrive and said this country should now be called colombia ;)
there is no summer time there its just unaxpected weheather but the answer woul be between 70 degrees and higher
  == Wood Thrush ==   I guess this would be the district bird or city bird but they have one none the less. The bird for this (location) is the Wood Thrush, adopted in 1938.
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The top ten largest cities in Colombia are: Bogotá 7,363,494 BogotáCali 2,498,074 Valle del CaucaMedellín 2,042,093 AntioquiaBarranquilla 1,429,031 AtlánticoCartagena 1,001,044 BolívarCúcuta 760,336 Norte de SantanderBucaramanga 591,077 SantanderPereira 460,271 RisaraldaSanta Marta 459,333...
Bogota is the capital city of Colombia.