With a total area of 440,831 sq mi, Columbia is a constitutional republic located in the northwestern part of South America. It is the 29th largest country in the world by population at more than 45 million as of 2010.


Cartagena, Cali, Medellín, Popayán, Bucaramanga, Buenaventura, Santa Marta, Neiva, Manizales, Barranquilla, Cúcuta, Pereira, Ibagué, Bello, Pasto, Soledad, Villavicencio, Soacha, Armenia Other important places: San Agustín, Zipaquirá, Guatavita, Tierradentro, Ciudad Perdida, San...
Some good ones are... Bogota Cartagena lost city
Cocaine is the most used illegal drug in Colombia.
In Colombia they speak Spanish.
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Columbia has a federal republic type of government. The governmenthas executive, judicial, and legislative branches. The leader ofthe executive branch is the President.
Colombia is the world's second largest producer of coffee in theworld. However, there are many other countries that also producecoffee.
Yukon is the state north of British Columbia.
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The average daytime temperature is only 67°F (25°C) because of thehigh altitude of the city, which is built on a wide plateau. Themean temperature is 60°F (14.4°C).
The Andean Condor is the national bird of Colombia.
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Society is often very biased and favors the rich, so a group of lower-income people was formed to revolutionize the country. Though their motives were good, they eventually started killing people, etc. They are now named FARC and fight against the government. FARC soldiers are sometimes referred to...
Yes. You can drive the Pan-American Highway to Colón, Panama, then take the Ferry to Cartagena or Buenaventura and then you can continue south on the Pan-American Highway south to Argentina.
I think you refer to Armenia, is in the Quindio Department. The center of the Coffee growers, with a nice tropical weather all the year.
It's Bogota. Has a population of around 9 million. Other major cities are: Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla
There are different types of livestock that live in Columbia SouthAmerica. Some of the common types of livestock include sheep,goats, and cattle among others.
At the time of writing Colombia's National Debt is 122 billion USD
Kidnapping, killing, giving the left a bad name.
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Colombian food is characterized by its blending of European cuisine with aspects of indigenous cuisine.. Even though there is no consensus as to which one dish can be considered the true "national dish," the arepa and sancocho can be considered excellent candidates. Other well-known regional dishes...
Colombia is located in the southern region
Yes there is a Payless Shoe Source in Bogota Colombia there are actually a a few.
The first people to settle in Colombia were the Mesoamericas, Incas and many other small tribes.
if you factor in the average growth of real GDP in the more densely populated urban areas as well as their relatively low scale on the World Bank´s 2008 CPI survey you will get a number. however, you have to factor in inflation as well as the nominal GDP as that is what is more widely accepted by...
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The first president of Colombia was Simon Bolivar
First Ecuador, then the Pacific Ocean.
The 9 major cities of Colombia are: 1. Bogota 2. Armenia 3. Barranquilla 4. Cali 5. Cartagena 6. Ibague 7. Manizales 8. Medellin 9. Pereira
Well let's not be stereotypical here. There was a lot of drug wars back in the 80's but today Colombia is one of the fastest industrializing countries in south America. If you have ever visited, you can see that it is a fascinating place.
Shakira (Signer) Gabriel García Marquéz (Author) Elkin Patarroyo (Malaria vaccine)
Yellow represents the richness of Colombia (not only gold, emeralds and coffee, but also its biodiversity and human capital). Blue represents the Country's water wealth it is surrounded by 2 oceans and covered by lots of rivers. Red represents the blood of the Heroes (Soldiers) who...
June 20: Independence Day August 7: The battle of Boyacá December 8: The celebration of Virgin Mary (the immaculate conception)
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Venezuela is north of Brazil and immediately east ofColombia in South America. The other countries farther east areGuayana, Suriname, and the French territory of French Guiana.
Bogotá is Colombia's capital but there also some Americantowns with that name.
In Colombia in South America, Spanish is the official language.There are over 70 other languages which are spoken in the country,with the remainder being predominantly native languages. 99% of Colombian population speak Spanish, English is also official(besides Spanish) in the state of San AndrÃ...
Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia in SouthAmerica.
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Its highest point is 5,775m and the lowest is 0m or sealevel
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It was founded in 1538 and became capital in 1550 with the creation of the Real Audencia (the administrative body that represented the King of Spain).
One of the leaders of the Chibcha Indians was called Bacatá.
On the official website,, under Undegraduate Admissions it is stated that 3-4 years of a foreign language are recommended,however, there is no set number.
Only Venezuela is, the country joined in 2006, but Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia are all part a separate trade bloc called the Andean community.
Colombia borders Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru.
Of course. It's a representative democracy, or a republic, just like the United States.
That would be "la capital de Colombia".
What are the major imports of Colombia? . The following are the top imports of Colombia for 2011 until now. . PRODUCT CIF (USD) SHARE OF IMPORTS (%) . Airplanes and other aircraft, of an unloaded weight > 15000Kg $ 1.774.554.489,79 4,41 . Gas Oil $ 1.521.442.201,21 3,78 . Other vehicles of...
Yes, Colombia has waterfalls along with other amazing lanscapes and scenery
Drug trade-private armies kill anyone who gets in the way. More money from growing coca than coffee.
Fact 1: Colombia does not have seasons; because it is near the equator, it has sunlight throughout the year. Fact 2: The name Colombia is derived from the name Christopher Columbus. Fact 3: Experts believe that 3000 out of the 14000 spices of butterflies are found in Colombia. Fact 4:...
Camilo Torres Restrepo was 36 when he died. A Catholic priest andsocialist rebel, Torres was killed on February 15, 1966 whileaccompanying ELN guerrillas who attacked government forces inColombia.
Some important people of COLOMBIA *Not COLUMBIA* Are: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel prize for literature) Elkin Patarroyo (Nobel prize for science, discovered vaccine for Malaria) Juan Pablo Montoya (car racer) Shakira (singer) Juanes (singer) Carlos Vives (singer)
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