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Monarchy is a form of government in which all political power is vested in a monarch, usually a king or a queen. The monarch rules the nation, and acts as the head of state until his/her death or abdication.
Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961, at Park House inSandringham, where she lived with her father, two sisters, and onebrother until 1975. She attended both Riddlesworth Hall in Diss,Norfolk and West Heath, near Sevenoaks. Her talents includedbecoming an accomplished pianist, dancing and...
Yes that is one of the reasons that Henry the VIII broke with Romehere are some other answers Why did Henry VIII break from Rome? Some people in England andEurope were starting to become unhappy with the Catholic Church andwanted it to change. Martin Luther, a German reformer, hadpublished an...
Since most people could not read or write party invitations wouldhave been verbally done by the common folk and the wealthy wouldhave sent a small handwritten note by footman to the person theywere inviting. People didn't have parties like we do today. Forinstance, Christmas was spent in church at...
Queen Elizabeth II did not take the name of her husband, Philip.She retained the last name of her father, George VI, Windsor.
James was King of Scotland as James (VI) from 1567 until 1625. Hebecame the King of England on 1630 until 1625 which he ruled asJames (I).
Prince Arthur of Connaught (1st May 1850-16th January 1942.) He was Queen Victoria's third son and seventh child.
A Distant Mirror - The 14th Century Europe in 1300 was well on the way to rapid expansion. It was rapidly increasing in intellectual and mathematical sophistication. Technically, thanks to water power and the mechanical discoveries that flowed from it, Europe was in the midst of what many...
I only know one Why did Henry VIII have so many wives? He liked to CHOP and change har har har
Suppose a game uses a spinner with five equal sections numbered 1-5to determine the value of tokens given to the player spinning it.What is the expected value of the number of tokens?
Of course she was. She also created Torchwood.
While turning in battle it's gun ports were open and water went in and it sank
yes she lives in london
Her husband William became sole ruler upon her death in 1694
M'lord or m'lady is always safe. You may use the actual title -- Princess, Baron, Lord, etc. -- if you know it.
History supports that George III believed in George III under coverof belief in God.
Orange was the house whose prince usually became Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic. The word 'stadtholder' literally translates as 'stead-holder' or 'place keeper', and more loosely as 'steward'. The house wasn't just the source of governmental leaders. It still provides the heirs to the throne of...
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is a son of Queen Elizabeth II andthe Duke of Edinburgh, and is still alive.
Serena Williams was still alive on Jan 31, 2010, winning the Australian Open.
Reportedly, the most successful absolute monarch in France wasLouis XIV. Absolute monarchy in France was also credited toCharlemagne, "Father of Europe", in the early 9th century.
Great Britain colonies
All his exes has been German so yes. But he's been single since he was 15.
Although I could paraphrase what has already been written, I highly recommend you visit: This will properly explain the significance of relics in the Roman Catholic Church.
"Any Given Day" by Tim Reid "Roots before Branches" by Adam Anders
Sophia Charlotte of Mecclenburg-Strelitz.
He abandoned his father and tried to take his brothers (Richard 2 the lion heart) kingdom by force, while he was away on crusades.
his brother died, his kids too young to, so he took throne. why not hes nobodys fool. (if u read this sentence, your dumb).
Previously to her marriage to the Prince of Wales, the Duchess ofCornwall was Camilla Parker Bowles, née Shand.
It has a red ruby in its mouth, It symbolizes Elizabeth's heart.
Mary became Queen of Scottland because her father was James VI of Scotland. He died shortly after birth making her Queen. She became Queen of France shortly after her marriage to Francis-the son of Henry II and Catherine de Medici.
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Henry VIII (1491 - 1547), the second Tudor monarch, had six wives. Details as follows: 1) Catherine of Aragon (1485 - 1536) - divorced (mother of Mary I) 2) Anne Boleyn (c1501-07 - 1536) - beheaded (mother of Elizabeth I) 3) Jane Seymour (c1504-09 - 1537) - died after childbirth (mother of...
Ironically, it was the death of Queen Elizabeth the First that brought about the union of England and Scotland; James I (of England, VI of Scotland) became king of both countries.
Henry VII was king. He was Henry VII son and was part of the Tudor family. The Tudor family made Tudor times because Henry VII stayed king for all his life.
The succession of British monarchs since James I and the length of their reign: James I (1603-1625) Charles I (1625-1649) Charles II (1660-1685) James II (1685-1688) William III & Mary II (1689-1702 and 1689-1694 respectively) Anne (1702-1714) George I (1714-1727) George II (1727-1760...
No. He was called E dward Atheling!!!
Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary)- (Elizabeth Regina) is the current Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.
London does not have a Queen. It is a city in England, which is part of the United Kingdom. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Elizabeth I was queen of England in 1600. She never married, so there was no king.
Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) had two living legitimate daughters and one living legitimate son: Mary I (1516 - 1558) by first wife, Catherine of Aragon Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) by second wife, Anne Boleyn Edward VI (1537 - 1553) by third wife, Jane Seymour Elizabeth I undoubtedly becoming one of the...
He had at least 12 children, so to list his great-great-great grandchildren could take a long time
some people belive he was but some say he had a good side and some good things about him
she hung herself becuz she cudnt live with the fact that she had no hair round her yanoo downstairs
Mary's reign ended upon her death in 1558. She was succeeded by her half-sister Elizabeth.
King James was born June 19, 1566; died March 27, 1625 authorizedthe King James version of the Bible. This translation is stillpopular today. It is considered by biblical schloars to be one ofthe wost translations of the Bible. One reason being James had someof the wording changed in order to...
She was a devout Roman Catholic and divorce was unacceptable to her.
Mary's half sister was Elizabeth 1, later Queen Elizabeth I. Mary's half brother was Edward VI (6) later King Henry VI.
To start things off: Stabilized the Church of England as the official church for a long period. Fought off the Spanish Armada. Promoted colonization. Imprisoned and beheaded Mary queen of Scots.
Marrying Prince Charles against her instincts. About a month before the wedding, she got a strong premonition that it would be a disaster, and told her women friends she wanted to call it off. They said "Too late, ducky, your face is on the tea-towels!"
Where Elizabeth I is Buried . In Westminster Abby under neath her effigy there a is a tomb were Queen Mary I Elizabeth's half sister) is buried. Elizabeth was laid to rest beside her half sister.
Princess Victoria Mary of Teck- the wife of George V is probably the Queen you speak of. She died of normal old age in l953, the year her granddaughter Elizabeth II was coronated. There were allegedly silly child chants like ( Mary, Mary, Quite contrary- have a whiff of Chloroform!) It is somewhat...
The House of Tudor died out upon the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. The House of Windsor is the present reigning family.
to make Elizabeth a catholic. Spain was catholic and Elizabeth was Protestant. Spain also wanted more power in Europe
He wasn't he beheaded his wives anne boylen and kathryn howard
He was of the House of Lancaster
All the children from his first wife were girl and he needed a boy to succeed him in the throne
Setting an example to the youth of the nation. At eighteen, she was the same age as the young men - and women - who were joining the armed forces.
Almost certainly not. There is not a shred of evidence that he did.He was a bachelor, so had no legitimate children. Nobody hasproduced any credible evidence that he had illegitimate children.
Her mother, Jane taught her nursing so Mary became a nurse.
Elizabeth, later known as Queen Elizabeth I of England Ireland and France.
anne of cleves divorced Henry viii because he wanted a son and not a daughter. Henry VIII described Anne as a 'Flanders Mare': Not a nice way to think of the wife ! Henry claimed he had been misled about Anne's appearance. Hans Holbein (I think) painted a portrait of her that was, apparently,...
No, according to the UK's History of Monarchy website, Queen Victoria did not have a pet dog.
because king charles was a suspected Catholic and wasn't popular with the people as he ruled without parliment.
Clarendon, or Hyde, Charles's friend and servant tells us that Charles was a very moral man who worshipped God according to the Catholic rites of the Church of England. He attended both Mattins and Evensong according to the Prayer Book when possible and received Communion according to the ancient...
Matilda of England
they had to be the son of the former king in order to get the throne
Edward VIII abdicated the throne in December of 1936. He wassucceeded by his brother, Albert, who ruled under the name GeorgeVI.
Henry II is famous for:. - Being the ruler of England and huge territories in France. - His knowledge of law and administration. - His temper and appetite to eat. - The murder of Thomas a Becket. - His conflicts with his wife and sons.
There Have been several Williams to rule England and the United Kingdom. The first was William I (The Conqueror), who was succeeded by his son William II (Rufus or The Red). William II was succeeded by his younger brother Henry I. William III (William of Orange) husband of Mary II (The only...
They have similarities, because Candy Man originated with Bloody Mary. But the tales are different.
the plantagenets came before the tudor period.
\nSaint Thomas Becket was chancellor of England and archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of Henry II and was martyred following a bitter battle with the monarchy over royal control of church law.
He marched 10,000 men to the top of a hill and marched them down again.
Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed, called Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian multimillionaire, who was aged 42 when he died with Diana in the 1997 car crash.
Mary I tortured people with, burning at the skae, thumbscrews and she hung drawn and quatered.
Before. Rome fell in 410 AD which started the "dark ages"
Princess Grace was a famous movie star in the US before Prince Ranier fell in love with her and married her. Grace Kelly was beautiful and well known. One of her famous roles was in 'Rear Window' with Jimmy Stewart. It was the long told story of the girl who made good and married a prince!
He lost a lot of land! He killed tons of people! And he was horrible at making laws!