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A casino is a public building where some types of gambling activities are held. Some casinos are also used for entertainment such as hosting for live events like concerts, sporting events and stand-up comedy.


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Greetings, This is a great question. If you are playing in anycasino, "the cards speak for themselves." This means that if you are involved in a hand and you're not sureif you have won or not, as long as you turn all your cards face upat the end of the hand, the dealer mustcall the winning hand. ...
there's no real limit... there're certains games where u can win a  limited amount and others unlimited ones
If you own a Pachislo Slot Machine you WILL have to reset your machine eventually. Error codes will prevent you from playing your machine andwithout resetting it will be stuck with an error code ... forever!...
The dealer does not always win in blackjack. You have the ability to hit no matter what you have in your hand. The dealer has to stop once he reaches 17, even if you have 18.
In the United States, documented gambling losses may be used to offset gambling winnings. http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc419.html In your case, claim the jackpot as "Other Income" on Form 1040. Itemize your deductions and claim your documented gambling losses as "Other Miscellaneous Deduction" on...
Casino suppliers "R.Franco" make the Olympic Gold slot machine series. You'll catch them at the London trade fairs I believe or they have a website.
There is no silver in any dollar tokens. They are iron with chrome plating.. Silver "Ike" dollars were used in the past for casino play, now just tokens are used, because they are not legal tender except in the casino that issues them, for gambling purposes only.. ===================================...
In poker the chips have a value, this value indicates how much that particular chip is worth. There are "Live Casino Chips", which value is a reflection of how much money they are worth. (For instance a $5 chip is worth $5). There are also "Tournament Chips", their value is a reflection of how much...
There are 115 Indian casinos.
That depends on the casino's house rules. Some do and some don't. The surface that the dealer deals on is called a "green," and the casino rule about a soft 17 is ALWAYS listed right there on the green. "Dealer hits soft 17" means just that, that he must consider the total to be 7 and hit. "Dealer...
An ante in poker is used to force the action on the table, just like the blinds. Only the blinds are higher then the ante. Ante's are frequently used in later stages of tournaments & SitnGo's to force action. Action is forced this way because the pot is bigger pre-flop, attracting more players...
The legal age for gambling is 18 in the state of Washington.
There is but I don't remember. Staying on Facebook(stay on the website I didn't went anywhere else) and looking for it while playing the game, you would probably find the survey. I had it once and legitimately earned one million by answering trivia question in rewardtv.com. Believe or not it didn't...
A  single-displacement  reaction, also known as a  single-replacement  reaction, is a type of chemical reaction where an element reacts  with a compound and takes the place of another element in that  compound.
Snake eyes is the outcome of rolling two dice in any gambling game  and getting one pip on each die. In most cases, this outcome is  very disadvantageous for the player - and since the pair of pips  looks just like a pair of eyes, the gamblers have associated it  with snakes since they're...
Count cards at the Blackjack tables, or have an inside man.   Please note that if you get caught counting cards you will not be allowed to play in any casinos. As far as beating the casinos, you would have to cheat and that is a good way to visit a jail. Casinos are not geared to lose, although...
Gaming tokens do have collectible values, but not numismatic value.
  RING THEM UK Freephone 0-800-032-9873 Germany Toll-Free 0-800-180-0799 Australia Toll-Free 1-800-758-131   Toll Call +350-200-40617 By Fax: Toll (All countries) +350-200-42693
Yes and here is one.pick a number between 1-10times it by nineadd the to digitstogether.the final answer is NINE
sure there is millions of idiots that give them money for this big  scam, i would say that is the biggest scam evere on the internet.
In Hold-em the first three cards is the "flop", the next card is the "turn" and the last card is the "river".
Face recognition is basically the same in all casinos.
There are no jokers used in Texas Hold'em, and no, you can't see the burn pile cards.
Our casino starts out at $11.50 hr. I have 8 years experience and make $17.13 The casino is located in Louisiana.
Mohegan Sun has a casino in Uncasville, Connecticut, Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Pennsylvania, and is in the process of getting approval for Mohegan Sun in Palmer, Massachusetts.
From the Casino. Most likely they will send you a 1099 tax form  reporting the amount of your winnings from the casino. They will  also send a copy of this form to the IRS when they send it to you.  They are not required to send you anything that shows the amount of  your losses from the casino....
I'm sure there was casino style gambling in the old west, but the first modern era casino was the El Rancho Vegas Hotel and Casino, built in 1941.
Yes, Badugi. It's a lowball draw style game where the aim is to make the lowest hand with 4 different suits in it. ie the best hand is As 2d 3c 4h
Jane Addams was the founder of the full house, one of the most famous settlement houses, in Chicago.
Anyone under the legal gambling age of the particular casino can enter the casino as long as they are passing through to non-gaming areas. They are not allowed to linger on the gaming floor.
stay home and keep the money under mattress it is safer for sure.
It's mostly an organization of a lot of casinos around the world. I do know that Ted Binion started it and Harrah's and The Rio Casinos are affiliated.   Actually, the original WSOP was started by Tom Moore of San Antonio, Texas in 1968 at the Holiday Inn in Reno, Nevada. It evolved into what it...
The Lotus Hotel and Casino closed in 1978.
When you need a card in the middle of a sequence to complete a straight (also called "inside" straight draw). Example: If you have 4-6-7-8, a five completes your belly-buster. More Details: http://www.tips4playcasino.net/
There many sites you can download and play online casino. One I can recommend is the Bingotime.co.uk they have variety of casino games and offers big prizes to win.
  If you are ranking the suit yes, they are ranked spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Otherwise, no. The suits do not have any particular significance in play. The only time the suit are used is in determining who gets the dealer button in poker, only when starting a game from scratch. One...
== ==   Connecticut. Foxwood's Casino, which is the largest in the world.
Generally casino games are gambling games. Without knowing the game  don't take the risk to play the game. In order to practice the game  play online free casino games in the websites like billstop24.  Where you will find the steps to play and review of the game.
  The 4 main types of poker playing styles are: 1. Loose-aggressive - This is a style often used by players such as Gus Hansen, Sammy Farha, etc, who are frequently referred to as "maniacs." It is a style that involves playing many different starting hands and using alot of bets and raises to...
The button (or dealer position) is always moved clockwise. The button never skips a player unless a player goes broke, or leaves the table.
The cost of casino is depends on many factors. It ranges from $500  to $1000 per square foot. Hence if it includes parking, and other  facilities it may charge more. Even if we want to buy small casino  it may take millions. If you want to buy casino as cheap then buy  online casino. There are...
In casino you can choose the best game that you want and the game that you think you can win and you think its easy for you to play. The best casino games to play are the ones with the lowest house edge or ones where the player has an advantage. Some bets are better than others. Here are the 10 best...
  I think the legal age is 18 everywhere but some make it 21 because they serve alcohol on the floor.
It has been started in the 19th century now, you can see different types of poker games also, you can play online if you do not have time to go to outside. Just like you can play Agen bola terpercaya, Judi bola online 338a and SBOBET. http://www.rajabetting.com
== Answer ==   Although it may not be a complete accounting, according to Sean Forman (the founder of Baseball-Reference.com) in an interview he did on RedSoxNation in 2005, there were 16,208 players listed on Baseball-Reference.com through the 2004 season.   -----   As of the start of the...
According to Casinocity.com, there is legalized gambling in some form (casinos, racetracks, bingo) in 46 states. The 4 states with no legalized gambling are Hawaii, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.
There is no set way to beat a slot machine. Each pull is a random event. It is more a case of being at the right machine at the right time. In other words, nothing more than pure luck.
  Yes, they are much heavier then the average chip and are much more expensive. As a general rule with poker chips, the heavier the chip the better quality. The average casino chip probably weighs about 5 g.
11.5 is the usual weight of poker chips.
  There is a boat north of the city which sails into international waters twice daily. I am not sure of the name, but there are billboards for it as you drive to Myrtle Beach from the north.
If you mean do you have to pay taxes on any winnings from a casino, yes, you are supposed to.
You must 18 to gamble on the property.
You must be the legal gambling age of the state you are in, it does not matter if you are with an adult or not.
They usually will win because they make the games so the odds are always in their favor. Blackjack is the game you will have the best chance of making money on because while the casino has a 55% chance, you have a 45% chance. Actually, the previous answers is partly correct. Blackjack is NOT the...
Unable to answer, you must check with the regulations of the Gaming Commission of your state.
related links has a link to Google maps for casinos in/near Omaha
The Venetian and Palazzo on the Las Vegas strip have a good assortment of Aruze machines.
You can only count cards in Live dealer blackjack, because in simple online blackjack cards are shuffling after every hand. At Live Dealer blackjack they shuffling card at the middle of the all decks, so you can wait and count as much as you want. I recommend to play at Microgaming, Playtech,...
No. The Casino at the North Shore of Lake Tahoe did close however.
That depends in which state you are in. Most states have a minimum age of 21.
Ask someone, "What is the longest word in the English dicitonary?" When they reply, say, "Wrong! The longest word in the English dictionary is 'smiles' because there is a mile between the first s and the last s!" I thought that was neat when I read it- I hope you liked it too!
Now as of February 26, 2016 there's a new version of Full House  called Fuller House. In this version D.J. moves back in with her  dad Danny Tanner after her husband dies. D.J. Has a job as a vet  and has a dog with her three sons. Danny, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Beckey  and Joey eventually move out...
Jesse and Joey worked together at one point. Throughout most of theseries Danny and Becky work together.
Yes, a number of poker apps are now available to play real money poker on the iPad outside providing you live outside the United States. You can play poker at Bwin, Terminal Poker, Switch Poker and mFortune.
The lotus hotel and casino was real. It was closed in the 70's. A movie set was made for Percy Jackson and the Olympians lighting thief
the point to blackJack is to get cards with the sum of 21 or lower. the way to win is to get the closest to 21 without going over. well next time u go to Reno or play poker with ur friends u wont get cheatedhaha jus kidin. well good luck on the poker table. =D
A flush does not beat a 4 of a kind.
Okay, I think I've finally got this one after pondering it for a while.. Obviously, there are 13 cards per suit and 4 suits. You are starting with 13 possible cards that will give you a flush on the board and the whole 52 card deck. For this example I will not consider the odds based on the two...
The cage is the area in the casino where you go to cash in your chips, to cash checks, or to perform other financial transactions. In most casinos, it looks like a counter that you would see in a bank with several cashiers.
Door says 21 online says 18 found out when i got there that i couldnt get in awesome thanks for puttin it on the site.