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Superman, also known as Clark Kent or The Man of Steel, is an alien superhero. He was born in Krypton, but left for Earth in his quest to save his home. His powers include superhuman strength, skin (defense), and speed, the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, ice breath, and flight. He has only two weaknesses: Kryptonite and any other star but the sun.


Strength comes from character not from power, and ultimately in human relationships it is the same willingness or reluctance to act that shapes every one of us no matter who we are or where we come from.
No.. I don't think so, why would he have a double
If you're asking about the NBA All-Star weekend dunk contest, the  player who dunked in a red cape was Dwight Howard, in 2008.
His powers allow him to protect Earth, his adopted planet. He feels  strongly about defending it.
Not really. Though he was said to be from a higher gravity planet, he grew up on Earth, so his muscles would be used to just our gravity. And certainly that wouldn't let him fly, any more than we could fly on the moon.I suppose we could imagine a life form having the ability to see x-rays. I don't...
older than 6 years of age. and height doesn't matter. if you're 23 or 42 you should be okay. there's no age limit on the hulk as long as you can handle the intense G-Forces.
I suppose you mean bad. Batman is not bad he just has a dark side to him. Although he never kills, he hurts his criminals with blood on his hands. He used to be a light cheery superheroe until three main graphic novels. Batman: Year One, The Killing Joke, and The Long Halloween.
It is made of a writers pen and actually doesn't exist at all. Kryptonite is a fictitious element that is detrimental to Superman's health and existence. Krypton, on the other hand is a gas on the periodic chart. See the related links for more information.
He lives life as Clark Kent working a job as a reporter for a newspaper called the Daily Planet. When there is trouble- he assumes the identity of Superman as a disguise so he can use his superpowers in public without anyone knowing it is actually Clark Kent doing all that stuff. His abilities are...
Not that I've seen, but they are seen in DC's Kingdom Come.
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In the cartoons, Bruce Banner became hulk by a gamma bomb while saving Rick Jones. In the movie, Bruce Banner tests an experiment involving gamma radiation on himself.
Superman is an American icon and can never die. Every story where it has happened always resulted with him coming back to life. Due to his super fitness- it is logical that he would live a lot longer than an average human. His body resists incredible physical damage, but it is not completely...
Personally, I like the X-men the best. Not only is it fun and  entertaining, but it is relate-able and explores many kinds of  personal and social issues that anyone could be going through. It  also isn't limited to one main character. It has several and an  ever changing cast.
no, knuckles is faster than silver because silver's top speed is 43.56 mph and knuckles can go 98.83 mph.
His name is Oliver Queen in Smallville and Justin Hartley in real life.
You really can't. You would have to have been born a Kryptonian.But you could always put on your Superman costume from when you were a kid (I'm sure you had one) and jump out the window...just kidding. :)
Superman or Clark Kent is played by actor Tom Welling.
  The Giant S is an illusion to fool Non. Although it appears to have substance it fades away. It seems to me that Superman thought the best way to beat them was to out think them. If you recall he also creates several duplicates of himself as well. This is not to say that he gained new powers...
A reporter for a newspaper in Metropolis called The Daily Planet.
They don't. They jump higher and further because they are stronger and better at doing so, not because they can resist gravity.
He is returning for the sequel to "Man of Steel" which is set  for release on May 6, 2016 (after being pushed from an earlier  release date of July 17, 2015). He also will be back as the Man of  Steel in the Justice League film. 
Jonathan Kent died on Smallville Season 5 episode 12 entitled "Reckoning".
Lex Luthor followed clark to the fortress at the end of season 7. The actor did not sign on for season 8 but was MIA,not dead until season 8 episode 14 when Oliver used a bomb to explode the place he was at. Once his remains were found on the scene he was officially pronounced dead.
Superman, unless you are talking about early golden age superman or post final crisis superman, in which case goku wins.
superrman has super strength. he can leap miles nd hop tall buildings in a single bound. he has invulnerabilty. he has superspeed running. he has superspeed flight. he has the abitlity to discharge immense heat from his eyes. he has oce breath nd super breath. at 1 point in his life he once could...
Perry White's frequent phrase was "Great Caesar's ghost!"
He is really tough and almost unbeatable.
Action Comics # 1 NF which introduces Superman sold for a million dollars recently .
They definitely would get fired and might be told they can never work at any store for the company- but they also would possibly be prosecuted as eating unpaid merchandise technically is stealing.
You dunk really high. You find him and take his powers. You sign up for the role. That's wrong. You have to get really drunk. Then buy a cape and paint superman on the back. Go find a comics convention. And pretend your telepathic.
As far as I know there is no red hulk. If you mean Maestro, you must destroy one building in each sector of new york city.
He agreed to make a cameo appearance in the movie after Disney offered him $3 million he used to make his own movie "The War At Home".
A "full powered" Juggernaut (Classic/Current) is immune to conventional, physical damage and the character has arguably the highest feat strength in comics (punching through the fabric of reality into another dimension). Juggernaut has straight up beat or stalemated Hulk, while Hulk has either BFR'd...
Super strength and super speedFaster than a speeding locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...also flying and x-ray vision (although that's definitely a secondary power).
It was insisted that they be dropped because they no longer are  drawn on the character in the comic books. 
Bob Kane, along with Bill Finger, created Batman, but never was Batman in real life. However, there is a character named Kathy Kane who is Batwoman in the comics, and another character named Betty Kane, who is Flamebird.
Here is an excerpt from his mini biography: Paralyzed after a horse riding accident, he died suddenly at age 52, after several years of living and working with his severe disability. Here is more information about him: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001659/bio
Brainiac is the notorious space outlaw that shrunk cities such as Kandor and in general went about doing evil and getting into battles with Superman. He (this was revealed much later) is actually a robot or an android- why then didn't Superman destroy him with a blast of heat vision- as this would...
Cearadactyl- maybe you mean Pterodactyl- that"s more a job for Batman, huh?
Lois Lane, in 1996.
Bruce Wayne left the movie theater at 10:47 p.m. with his mother  Martha and father Thomas. As they stepped into an alley, Joe Chill  gunned down Bruce's parents to steal Martha's pearl necklace. Bruce  was 8 at the time.
Approximately $3.10 USD, it's not rare, quite common.
because his made up, you can make him whatever you want him to be.
It supposedly had happened in "Superman Returns" since she had her son Jason White as we were led to believe close to the end that Superman was the father and not Richard White.Also, in the 2013 comic book "Injustice: God Among Us"- it is revealed that Lois is pregnant. Clark wakes up one morning to...
not sure yet who invented it, but will soon o'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
goku can kill superman becuse he can turn ssj4 and crush superman
The birds that destroyed the city were angry birds that walked into a cofee shop which was underground and was controlled by ants which owned a farm out in ireland where they grew only apples and pearfs which became spoiled and all of the cash crops were destroyed then sent to a power plant which...
Never. They are Rebooting The Superman Franchise in 2012 withSuperman : The Man Of Steel
Superman goes by many names. His first name was Kal-El, which was given to him by his biological parents Jor-El and Lara when he was a baby on Krypton. When he arrived on Earth to be adopted by Johnathon and Martha Kent he was given the name Clark Kent. He was named Clark because that was Martha's...
red hulk the only reason green hulk wins is that red hulk over heats and hulk takes over the opportunity but in reality you know red hulk wins
They were ( Poor Lady is deceased) essentially the same as her male counterpart- but may have had enhanced mental powers such as super-hypnotism. Psychic superpowers- such as mind-reading, projecting illusions, etc seemed to favor the female characters such as Princess Projectra, Saturn Girl and...
Hulk, Stan Lee answered this already  
hi i have many from the 60's they could go for £1 each on eBay so their not really collectable for a couple of years so hold on to it!!!
The whole point of smallville is to tell the story of Clark's teen years, before he was "Superman". I would suppose that they would have to end the franchise upon him "Becoming" Superman from the Red Blue Blur.  
what is the value of superman vs. the demon action comic - city of lost souls
Whatever someone's willing to pay for it. I've never paid more than $15.00 for a copy.
  Helen Slater was the actress who portrayed Supergirl in 1984.
Yes. He has been on MANY journeys with Louis Lane. ;)