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Superman, also known as Clark Kent or The Man of Steel, is an alien superhero. He was born in Krypton, but left for Earth in his quest to save his home. His powers include superhuman strength, skin (defense), and speed, the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes, ice breath, and flight. He has only two weaknesses: Kryptonite and any other star but the sun.


No. He has since been replaced by Henry Cavill for the role in thelatest movies as of 2018.
Strength comes from character not from power, and ultimately in human relationships it is the same willingness or reluctance to act that shapes every one of us no matter who we are or where we come from.
No.. I don't think so, why would he have a double
In the original TV series he was played by Jack Larson.
Kryptonite! can harm Superman
Word combinations can be used in rhyme to accomodate larger words. Thus "blast the gate" and "masticate" are rhymes. Some examples of that which apply to "Superman" would be "you her fan?" or "blooper fan" or "Trooper Dan". Other times, one rhymes a long word with a short one that only matches the...
If you're asking about the NBA All-Star weekend dunk contest, theplayer who dunked in a red cape was Dwight Howard, in 2008.
His powers allow him to protect Earth, his adopted planet. He feelsstrongly about defending it.
The number of Superman's powers and abilities has increased over the years, but his main ones are strength, speed, flight and x-ray vision. See Sources and related links for more information.
Not really. Though he was said to be from a higher gravity planet, he grew up on Earth, so his muscles would be used to just our gravity. And certainly that wouldn't let him fly, any more than we could fly on the moon. I suppose we could imagine a life form having the ability to see x-rays. I don't...
i did not understand very well your answer cause i am from another country but if you said who is batman afraid of, the answer is that he is afraid of the scarecrow's fear gas and poison ivy is scared of batman because she looks at batman sometimes like if he was going to kill her but no, he didnt.
older than 6 years of age. and height doesn't matter. if you're 23 or 42 you should be okay. there's no age limit on the hulk as long as you can handle the intense G-Forces.
I suppose you mean bad. Batman is not bad he just has a dark side to him. Although he never kills, he hurts his criminals with blood on his hands. He used to be a light cheery superheroe until three main graphic novels. Batman: Year One, The Killing Joke, and The Long Halloween.
Batman is reliable, nice, friendly, and sneaky. Not to mention suspicious at some times.
It is made of a writers pen and actually doesn't exist at all. Kryptonite is a fictitious element that is detrimental to Superman's health and existence. Krypton, on the other hand is a gas on the periodic chart. See the related links for more information.
He lives life as Clark Kent working a job as a reporter for a newspaper called the Daily Planet. When there is trouble- he assumes the identity of Superman as a disguise so he can use his superpowers in public without anyone knowing it is actually Clark Kent doing all that stuff. His abilities are...
Because that is what the author wanted it to be.
That is currently the working title for the sequel to "Man ofSteel"- but Warner Bros. is saying that is not what the movie willactually be called.
Comic books (now known as "graphic novels" by those who read them)
Not that I've seen, but they are seen in DC's Kingdom Come.
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no he is just an ordinary man with alot of money who was influenced by a bat at a very young age when his parents were killed
" . . . [fights a never-ending battle for] truth, justice and the American way .
In the cartoons, Bruce Banner became hulk by a gamma bomb while saving Rick Jones. In the movie, Bruce Banner tests an experiment involving gamma radiation on himself.
Superman is an American icon and can never die. Every story where it has happened always resulted with him coming back to life. . Due to his super fitness- it is logical that he would live a lot longer than an average human. His body resists incredible physical damage, but it is not completely...
Personally, I like the X-men the best. Not only is it fun andentertaining, but it is relate-able and explores many kinds ofpersonal and social issues that anyone could be going through. Italso isn't limited to one main character. It has several and anever changing cast.
no, knuckles is faster than silver because silver's top speed is 43.56 mph and knuckles can go 98.83 mph.
Don't forget his cousin Supergirl - kryptonite affects her, too.
His name is Oliver Queen in Smallville and Justin Hartley in real life.
Yes- Henry Cavill is returning as Superman while Ben Affleckwith be joining the cast as Batman. Gal Gadot is also joining thecast as Wonder Woman. They will all appear together in the sequelwhich is a setup for the Justice League movie.
No- one of the reasons given for his apparent suicide was that he was typecast as Superman and could not get other acting roles.
Websites indicate he was not getting along with the producers. But he did return in later seasons to guest appear in some episodes- so it is possible they were just not wanting the show to always have its episodes be stories of "Superman vs Lex Luthor".
Its complicated, because Superman isn't quite immortal. Seeing as at some point even Stars die. In which case he could choose to find another Yellow Sun. However, it does not reverse the aging process only slows it down. Typically he will not continue to age under a yellow Sun.
In the Comics, Kryptonians and Humans cannot have children together. . Larry Niven wrote an amusing story of the physical problems that would arise when a Kryptonian tries to settle down with an Earthling and raise a family (See Link). The problem with the hybrid embryo toasting his mothers...
Only one sequel has been planned so far. More after that willprobably be decided on how successful the Justice League movie is.
You really can't. You would have to have been born a Kryptonian.But you could always put on your Superman costume from when you were a kid (I'm sure you had one) and jump out the window...just kidding. :)
Unfortunately- he was killed off in "Man of Steel" in one ofClark Kent's flashbacks as a teenager showing he sacrificed himselfduring a bad tornado in Smallville to save the family dog.
Lex Luthor is being rumored as a villain to appear in the sequelto "Man of Steel".
Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman)
BATMAN is the best but spider man is jerk
Well according to what I found, in Superman #132 issue (around October 1959 ) this occured. Batman and Robin give Superman a chance to see what life on Krypton would have been had it not been destroyed. In the issue Kal-El still has the famous Superman suit and works with the Space Patrol of...
Superman or Clark Kent is played by actor Tom Welling.
after season nine, technically Smallville is over, so yeah.
Batman fights crime in Detective comics, in the TV version with his much younger cohort Robin, who is an acrobat.
The Giant S is an illusion to fool Non. Although it appears to have substance it fades away. It seems to me that Superman thought the best way to beat them was to out think them. If you recall he also creates several duplicates of himself as well. This is not to say that he gained new powers but...
A reporter for a newspaper in Metropolis called The Daily Planet.
Yes- most people do consider him to be the best actor to ever playSuperman. "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II" are two of thebest superhero movies to ever be made. Tom Welling has really grown into the role on "Smallville" and TimDaly is praised by fans of "Superman: The Animated Series" for...
The first Action Comics book introduced the character of Superman .
They don't. They jump higher and further because they are stronger and better at doing so, not because they can resist gravity.
He is returning for the sequel to "Man of Steel" which is setfor release on May 6, 2016 (after being pushed from an earlierrelease date of July 17, 2015). He also will be back as the Man ofSteel in the Justice League film.
"Legacy: Part I"- February 5, 2000 "Legacy: Part II"- February 12, 2000
It made sense to end it that way since the TV show was about ClarkKent's journey to become Superman.
While he never appeared on-screen, he was referenced several times. Gotham City was mentioned in an episode. In another a woman calls Superman "the Caped Crusader". But he corrects her and says "No that's Batman." But most significantly the Batmoblie for Tim Burton's films appears in an...
Jonathan Kent died on Smallville Season 5 episode 12 entitled "Reckoning".
Lex Luthor followed clark to the fortress at the end of season 7. The actor did not sign on for season 8 but was MIA,not dead until season 8 episode 14 when Oliver used a bomb to explode the place he was at. Once his remains were found on the scene he was officially pronounced dead.
Superman, unless you are talking about early golden age superman or post final crisis superman, in which case goku wins.