Snow White

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Dive deep into the story of a beautiful princess and her faithful little friends, a mean witch with a poisoned apple and find out how love conquers all. We welcome questions about the regional versions as well as film and motion picture adaptations.
Some are, others grew from traditional folk tales for everyone.
there are 2 problems and solutions. #1 the problem is the wicked tries 2 have her killed. solution she runs away and finds the dwarfs. #2 the problem is the wicked queen puts her 2 sleep. solution the prince comes along 2 kiss her and wake her up.
Assuming you mean the 1937 Disney movie, the screenwriters were Ted Sears, Richard Creedon, Otto Englander, Dick Rickard, Earl Hurd, Merrill De Maris, Dorothy Ann Blank, and Webb Smith. The screenplay was based on the original story by Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.
The late 1500's AKA 16th Century Germany
she proved she was the fariest of all
The evil queen was forced to dance in hot iron red shoes until she fall down dies.
he is a dawf that hates her and then is secretly in love with her
In a nutshell, it's about a very beautiful little princess called Snow-White, whose stepmother, an evil queen and sorceress, tries to have murdered. The girl ends up living in a cottage in the woods, along with seven dwarfs, who like her a lot. The queen tries to kill her twice, but doesn't...
Sleepy - Addormentato . Doc - Dottore . Dopey - Intontitio . Happy - Felice . Bashful - Timido . Grumpy - Burbero . Sneezy - Starnuto
The 1937 Disney version claims her to be "Queen Grimhilde", though I have never heard this in the movie myself. I believe she is usually just referred to as the "Wicked Queen" or "Evil Queen".
She flies into a furious rage. She summons her huntsman and has her killed, like she tried to do with Snow White.
you say it in Spanish.
No, their names are: . Sneezy . Sleepy . Dopey . Doc . Happy . Bashful . Grumpy
Snow White is about a little princess whose mother died and herstepmother was jealous of her beauty. She ordered Snow White to bekilled but the hunter she hired couldn't bring himself to do it. Heleft her in the woods by herself thinking that the wild beastswould do what he couldn't. Snow White was...
her step-mother was the queen who was also the witch who got chased off the edge of a cliff to teach her a mean lesson about putting people to sleep for great amounts of time.
â??Snow Whiteâ?? by the Brothers Grimm originated in their nativecountry of Germany. The story offers elements of a magic mirror, apoisoned apple, a glass coffin and seven dwarfs. However, thedwarfs were not given names prior to a Broadway show in 1912 andtheir names were changed by Disney in...
Because he is dopey, that's why!
7 there are: doppy grumpy doc sneezy bashful sleepy x
No it is not. Sneezy is when you sneeze alot and unpleasant is always disagreeable or grumpy.
Sahib Bahadur (1977) a film by Chetan Anand is partially influenced by Cinderella.
Snow white was fairer than the queen. that is why she poisoned her.
Well the point of view is not represented by any of the characters on set it is presented from the filmers point of view although there is not actually a real point of view on the movie hope this helps :)
First of all it is a DASH BOARD and it is used in the snow FROM A LOCAL DOCTOR NOTE: Do not include any copyrighted text. Also please keep in mind that your answer can be edited and improved upon by other contributors. Click here for the full
When Snow White eats the apple, she's put to sleep. The only thing that can wake her is true love's first kiss. The Prince is in fact her true love, so he kisses her and breaks the spell.
The wicked queen
It is not stated if they were brothers. They did all work together in the coal mine.
Snow white is an ancient European folk tale, for hundreds of years past from mouth to mouth in very colorful words. It was published in the XIXth century in books of gathered fairy tale books with colorful illustrations. In 1912 there was a Broadway musical with colorful props and costumes. The Walt...
a last name is canturner so use that as a lol people.bye
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ( 1937 )film/Cinderella (1950 film)
The Narrator in the play called him Prince Charming
Doc is essentially the brains of the outfit, while Dopey is the opposite. Dopey does not speak, while Doc does most of the speaking for the group. Doc has glasses and a beard, while Dopey has neither. All of the dwarves loved Snow White, but it seemed to me like she had a special place in her heart...
Doc was like the leader of the pack
In â??Double Fudgeâ?? by Judy Blume, Fudgeâ??s family moves toWashington, DC. The book finds the title character with a growingobsession over money. While settling into their new home, a newbranch of the family is discovered and Fudge has to learn to dealwith â??The Natural Beautiesâ?...
there was no king only the evil stepmother who ruled the kingdom and tried to have snowhite killed by the hunter!
"The prince's servants carry the coffin away. While doing so, they stumble on some bushes and the movement causes the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from Snow White's throat, awakening her. "
so far there has only been two but Lauren st. john may come out with more so make sure you don't tell anyone that its the whole series.
yes they were but more as friends staying together .
If you're talking about the Disney one, he didn't have a name. Prince Charming
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came out in 1937. People thought it would be terrible, but everyone loved it [of course]. It was the first Disney Princess movie.
Snow White is beautiful.
try and forget about the past and move on or stick with the family...
The movie provided a good escape and fairy tale for those during the depression and allowed time for the people to forget about the falling economy.
Her prince came to rescue her and gave her the kiss of life!!?!
In 1937 I heard it was a nickel a.k.a five cents
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937 .
Its a type of cloth night cap they used to wear them with pajamas in the 1700's up to today you can also see Gapeto wearing one in Ponnochio
The setting in snow white is the home of the seven little dwarfs.
it was called sneepy lane
The climax of the Snow White story is not to talk to strangers or eat anything a stranger gives you, even if maybe you know a little about them.
no dopey is not a girl but if you make a remake he might be
Doc: Prof , Grumpy: Grincheux , Sneezy: Atchoum , Sleepy: Dormeur , Happy: Joyeux , Bashful: Timide and Dopey: Simplet .
To help Snow White and become spectators to the kiss received by Snow White from her prince. Definitely, to add something more to the story.
The original German version was produced in 1912 as a Broadway play. There are many version, but Americans are more aware of the version produced by Disney in 1937.
yes dopey does talk you just have to open up your ears and pay attention to the movie because he talks really low so you can't really hear him all you have to do is watch his mouth and if you see it opening and moving you will know that he does talk..
snow white is a doll
The Queen , disguised as old hag , tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple .
He only talks once in the whole movie. When Snow White is leaving with her prince at the end of the movie, he tries very hard to talk and manages to stammer, "G-goodbye, Snow White!" Everone is surprised and happy because Dopey finally talks.
It was a spell, referred to as the Sleeping Death the apple wasn't really poison.
don't take food from strangers :D. there's not really a moral, it just more or less says "be a good person and everything will work out."
The Princess Mouse was written by Aaron Shepard.
In the fourteenth century, western Germany, in an area of deep old growth forest with jewel mines known as Ider Oberstein. You can still tour a mine there to this day.
There's a difference between Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Snow White and Rose Red. The second version is about two sisters.
True loves kiss
she was awoken when the prince kissed her. hope i helped!!!!!
Dopey , is the only one of the dwarfs that does not have a beard .
The 50th anniversary of the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" was in the year 1987.