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The pregnancy topic is for questions regarding the nine-month development of the fetus inside the mother's womb.
Many people do experience "spotting" at the beginning of their  pregnancy. However, although it is common, it is not a "normal"  sign of a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, I would consult your GYN.
Only if they are very bad. Cramps after/during a miscarriage are normal
It is possible, but this would not be a symptom of pregnancy. It would more likely be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or urinary tract infection.
your baby is most probably dead, i would go get checked out asap!
Generally if you're pregnant, you would not be menopausal.Menopause is the end of the fertile period in a women's life.
usage of b12 may lead to miscarriage some times
veins are naturally bluish, for the purple nipples.... consult adoctor!
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is released only during pregnancy.
Depends. If you are not ovulated most likely yes.But you need to check out with your doctor
Yes, because he ejaculates in her vagina, not her urethra.
Sure can! More then likely tHats what it is. Answer no you can't be! you got your period then after you had finished you got spotting that just your period ending that's all it isn't spotting. Answer yes that could be implantation bleeding
The same as anyone else. No genetic marker has been found yet related to identical twins.
Well you wouldn't be showing because you are pregnant, obviously. But the female may be constipated or bloated, or just have weight gain that may cause her to appear pregnant.
Maybe there is no available eggs , cause women born with limit eggs
At first yes, but as you get closer to the due date, your water will break because of the force it is under.
Tubal ligation does not stop your period.
near about the beggining of 2 months pregnet.
it isn't an exact answer it depends on the vagina.
Ever since the dawn of time, teenagers have gotten pregnant but before the 1960's most people got married before they were eighteen anyway. Ever since about 1965 people who have gotten pregnant to their unmarried significant other have been considered teenage moms. It has always been a problem if...
Of course. It's a drug. No matter what trimester is harmful. I hope the baby Will be okay
Stalactites grow downwards (hang down); Stalagmites grow upwards.  How to remember the difference: Stalactites "hold tight" to the  ceiling.
A blank pregnancy test means only one thing that you have usedbroken or defective test. For every traditional pregnancy test,there appear two lines. The first one generally appears to showthat the test is working appropriately while the second one appearsif you are pregnant. In case of digital test,...
Helps the skin retain elasticity
Make sure you are comfortable and that the baby is well positioned.If he is newborn, using conveniently placed pillows may help. Dip afacecloth into cold water and rub the nipple on the breast that youare going to offer first, until the nipple stands up. Then, hold the nipple between your fingers...
The most common one is Folic acid or folate which is a B vitamin.  It is also referred to as vitamin B₉.
Yes. A newborn baby has a heart rate comparable to that of a fetus.  A heart rate of 80 to 140 beats per minute (or slightly faster) is  not unusual for babies up to a year old. Children's heartbeats slow  between the ages of 5 and 13, to reach the normal resting adult  range of 50 to 80 beats...
Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea or period pains, are painful sensations felt in the lower abdomen that can occur both before and during a woman's menstrual period. The pain ranges from dull and annoying to severe and extreme
No. You need to wait until 3 weeks after sex to get an accurate result. It cannot be detected until after implantation. This results in false negatives if the test is performed during the very early stages of pregnancy. (1st or 2nd week).
No. From what I know based on knowledge and some research, you can't. When you are on your period it is a sign that your body is a preparing itself for fertility. Although you can still get pregnant while on your period (if you are still fertile) you should not take a test. The test takes the...
This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It simplymeans that your body is getting ready to feed your baby when it isborn. Most pregnant women experience some leakage in their thirdtrimester of pregnancy.
If I am factoringing a polynomial completely, how would I do it for-4X^3 + 24x^2-36x? Please give a breakdown to have abetterunderstanding of it.
There are various variables. Sometimes when a woman is in their  40's two eggs can be released at the same time. Some woman has the  condition known as hyper-ovulation. Women with this condition tend  to produce more than one egg in a cycle. This can be genetic on the  maternal side. The result...
You can have an ectopic at 3 weeks. I had pain from the day I got pregnant. I felt a constant ache next to my hip bone from conception. I had to have my tube removed because it was not seen soon enough. If you have pain contact your doctor ASAP, it could mean the difference of medicine vs. surgery...
Well usually women start to feel it at 7 days and some may not feelit at all but usually all the way through your pregnacy you willhave pains off and on depending on what type of person you are.
Extreme morning sickness   Can result in dehydration and hospitalisation, only occurs in 1 in 100 pregnancies and can last for the duration in extreme cases.
They make this really handy thing now. Called an  at-home-pregnancy-test if you're too nervous to go to a doctor. If  its showing negative and youre still unsure, you can go to the  nearest planned parenthood and theyll test you for free. Even if it  shows positive sometimes youll want to double...
Symptoms of what exactly? Pregnancy? STI? STD?
Primrose oil is not helpful in breastfeeding.
You can, just no more than 4 grams or 4,000 milligrams of it
check if theres a little stick popping out then its a boy if you see a little line with a hole then its a girl :D
  It looks like a small sized mouse.
15 months is the longest recorded human pregnancy.This was back in the 1950's or 1960's i think. It occurred because the baby was anencephalic (it didnt develop a higher brain center, no cerebrum). It could not initiate the birth process. The brain needs glucose to function, and close to birth the...
  == Answer ==   I'm experiencing this right now.  A few months ago I thought I was pregnant but the test was negative.  I have also been having my monthly period.  A week ago I began feeling movements inside of me.  My husband can even feel them.  We are both...
no ,but yes legal issues present not forget them
  == Answer ==     Any offensive smell may indicate infection. I recently had a D and C operation and had no offensive smell with next period. Please contact your health provider to be sure.
Not always, but it can be. You can easily get an over the counterpregnancy test. They have become fairly accurate over the years. Ifyou can't afford to buy one at the moment, the local PregnancyCrisis center provides simple urine pregnancy tests for free. When I was going through my first pregnancy...
The main function of placenta in pregnancy isto supply your baby with sufficient nourishment. Generally it isfound to evaluate around one-sixth of your newborn's weight. Every minute during the pregnancy,approximately about 550 ml of blood gets pushed into the uterus toreplace enough nutrients...
Bad idea. Weight-loss should be gradual.   Here's a program for the period in which you want to lose weight:   Plenty of moderate aerobic exercise, no sweetened liquids at all,  and no junk food at all. Preferably no sugar, and as little added  salt and processed foods as possible. Eat 3...
Ordinary paracetamol or ibuprofen with no other additives areusually OK if you take them in normal doses. If you take narcoticpainkillers such as morphine, it will make your baby too drowsy tofeed properly. There are also quite strong painkillers you can buy without aprescription, but these usually...
There are no established cases of Ritalin being harmful for thefetus. Please speak to your physician regarding the risks andbenefits of staying on your Ritalin throughout your pregnancy.
A embryo has a heartbeat around week 5-6 but you can hear it more clearly around week 8.
maternity leave introduced in 1961
LMP 12/28/09--------------------intercourse: January 8, 2010-------------------Fertile days on: January 7, 2010a 28 day cycle: January 14, 2010------------------probable date of ovulation: January 11, 2010-------------------Your period was due January 24, if you have a 28 day cycle.-----------------...
The gestation period for humans is approximately 280 days or 40weeks and begins on the first day of the woman's last menstrualperiod. Assuming you got pregnant in 2017, and you have a normal 28day menstrual cycle, your theoretical due date would be July 31,2018
Anemia.   Stomach flu.   Cold-headache, sore muscles, achy   Death.   All sorts of non-fun feelings.
  == Answer ==   Under the new bankruptcy law taking effect on October 17, 2005, Chapter 7 cannot be filed unless the debtor was discharged from the previous Chapter 7 or bankruptcy more than eight years ago.   The debtor cannot file a Chapter 13 unless: (1) the debtor received a...
Answer . \n12 days before your next period is due would be around the time you are most fertile, the cramps etc are probably ovulation pains, get to the bedroom!
  == Answer ==   Dizziness can be caused by so many things thst it is not diagnostic.  many women who are pregnant feel dizzy from time to time as the hormones and fluid balance of the body change.
It is possible. But do not do it. You can do it when you are 18.
If a woman has postponed fertility until 35, it is possible she and her partner use available technology to raise the chance of conceiving a male. But best I can tell there are no changes in either partner that will increase the likelihood of producing a male. Possibly the act of charting fertility,...
5 week's over for what? (be more specific to get better answers)
    If the scar is completely healed I do not see a problem, but I don't think it will honestly help with it's appearance. As a general rule of thumb, ethanol should not be used of open sores/puncutres/cuts/scrapes and especially surgical incisions. It not only kills the bacteria, but also...
....like how the guy eats
At two to three weeks pregnant, there's rarely many symptoms  noticeable at all. You may have noticed slight spotting(  implantation bleeding) or a missed period.