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Democratic National Conventions

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Convention held by the Democratic party every four years where the party's delegates elect their nominee for the presidency.
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In the Constitutional Convention there was a paramount need toreconcile two different powers, the power of local control, whichwas already being exercised by the 13 colonies, and the power of acentral government. They adopted the principle that the functions and powers of thenational government --...
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Based on the 2010 Census, the states with the largestnumber of electoral votes are California 55, Texas 38, New York 29,Florida 29, Illinois 20, and Pennsylvania 20.
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The keynote address was given by the Illinois state senator, the United States Senate candidate, and Barack Obama.
In order to elect, one candidate must receive more than half of the votes. If more than two people receive votes, then it is possible that no one will get this required majority.
Because any delegate that does not show up at the convention isremoved and their delegate slot is given to an alternate delegate.
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The current party that is in power in the United States is thedemocratic party.
Jesus, our blessed Redeemer, lived here on Earth in the land known then as Palestine, ruled at that time by the Roman government. The majority of the people who lived in Palestine at that time were Jewish. After World War 2, the Balfour Declaration established the state of Israel back on it's...
For the same reason you can't just cut off RNC chair Reince Priebus. Sad to say, politicians from both parties have learned how to avoid answering the questions that TV talk hosts ask them. Mostly, candidates want to get their "talking points" out-- they want to repeat the pre-rehearsed phrases that...
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Taxes are (supposed to be) used towards the public good, to provide services that no one besides government is going to provide because it simply is not profitable. A good example is roads. If the government did not use tax money to build roads, no one else would because there is no profit in it.
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mudsliding is the act of ruining another canadites reputation while running for president .
The Democrats were right when they addressed the problem of the Great Depression.
Single-issue Party; Liberty Party and Free Soil Party . Ideological Party; Socialist Labor Party and Communist Party USA . Splinter Party; Bull Moose Party
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Article 1 of the US Constitution says that the Legislative Branch of Government should be divided into 2 groups. The house and the Senate. It says there has to be 2 senators per state.
The 1952 Democratic National Convention held from July 21 to July 26, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois.
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Very little education nowadays leads people to vote the way the media tells them and not for themselves. They fail to educate themselves about history and general civics.
Because we get the most things and we are a free country so we have more money than other countries might have.
Because the 55 (39 Agreed with it) delegates that drafted the constitution gave American a new reform of Government
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It was held at the Pepsi Center in Denver,Colorado
The city of Denver is 150 years old, therefore the DNC is held there this year.
The last official site for the 2008 Democratic convention was 1560 Broadway Denver, Colorado.
There are a lot of different reasons, but in general the government classifies information because knowledge of most government operations would be of extreme benefit to enemies seeking to gain a political, military, or economic advantage. Having said that, the primary reason for classifying most...
As for the RNC: Arizona is McCain's home state. It is tradition to allow the home state to put the nominee over the top. So, Arizona passes, all the other states put in their votes until they are within a few votes of putting McCain over the top. Then, everyone else passes. Then the go around the...
Military methods and operations are not open to discussion by our civilian population.
Yes there has been a "Faithless Elector" in the state of Illinois.
Obama believes that the war in Iraq ought to end.
Before there were primaries, the Convention chose the nominees for President and vice -president. In times, the nominees have already been decided before the convention begins, so the only purpose of the convention is to conduct party business, unite the party behind the candidates and kick off the...
Joseph Biden , the incumbent is running for another term as VP.
\nSince about 1936, the party not in power during the given election year traditionally goes first.
\n1968 — Graduated from Syracuse University School of Law.
Obama won the 2008 Democratic National Convention
Mrs.Chairman,and fellow Democrats I am so honored to be the Democratic candidate.My fellow Democrats I accept your nomination for president of the United States of America.Everyone here in this country had equal chances to devolp their talents.I believe that we need the federal government to spend...
\n. \n. In the United States, many federal employees are facing the possibility of a furlough (mandatory unpaid leave) in the spring and summer of 2013. \n. \n. The legal reason for this is a bill passed by Congress and signed by the President that mandated "sequestration", an across-the-board...
According to Jay Newton-Small, Barack Obama writes most of his own speeches. In a Time magazine article on the 2008 Convention speech (see link below), Newton-Small wrote that Obama's drafts "were then circulated to a close group of advisers, including (strategist David) Axelrod and Obama's...
Alabama is the home state of the republican candidate-john maccain
Knowledge regarding politics is known as political education.
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The executive article fueled debate on presidential power because of the people. They thought the president does not have enough power.
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The Democrats are the party that agreed to the proposal that wouldoutlaw the making and distributing of military style weapons tocivilians.
I suggest that Matthew Dowd and Maureen Dowd are not related, at least as siblings. Maureen was born in 1952, the youngest of five children. Matthew was born in 1961 in Detroit. They could be cousins or related in some other way. The only publicly known connection is that they were both raised...
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Until Obama is actually residing at 1600, you can send a letter to him with the following address:. President-elect Barack Obama Presidential Transition Team Washington, DC 20270. Center it on the envelope, print or write clearly and legibly, and be patient. Thousands of letters are coming in, so it...
First off we have the New Yorker ad: http://z.about.com/d/middleeast/1/0/z/0/--0714-Obama-newyorker.jpg this shows Obama and his wife in the office, burning the flag, promoting Saddam, and showing they are Muslims . Now lets look at another style: http://z.about.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/H...
It depends on when it is and what station it's on. Barack Obama is buying 30 minutes of primetime network airtime on some of the major networks the week before the election, and for the 30 minutes he bought from NBC it cost him something like 1 million dollars. that seems like a lot, but if he were...
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What is progress? What does it mean to be an American? Where do white people come from, and how has whiteness changed in America along immigrant lines?
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California - 55; Texas - 38; New York - 29; Florida - 29
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In 2004 ananonymous Minnesota elector, pledged for Democrats John Kerry andJohn Edwards, cast his presidential electoral vote for "JohnEwards" rather than Kerry, presumably by accident.
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The main topics and issues at the Republican Convention were the basics. America's defence, America's economy, and other stuff.
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