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Questions involving trying to find a book where you know part of the information but not all. For instance, if you know the plot or the name of a character, but not the title or author.
"oooo jah i gotta take a lift, from reality i just cant drift" - Minerva
You can find an orange duffel bag where you can find luggages like target, Burlington coat factory, or you can search online and find a luggage store. Hope this helps!
So far Sam Bracken is not sure where its going to be sold but he thinks its going to come out in about April 2010.
Dovekit and Ivykit
They kiss in book 6, One Day You'll Know.
The Belt of Deltora was described in the series as having been created by Adin, the first king of Deltora. Adin dreamed of the Belt in his sleep, knowing that he was destined to forge and wear it. More detailed information can be found in the book:    The Forests of Silence    From...
A Polish sewer worker becomes a hero after rescuing Jews from their  certain death in the World War two Holocaust.
Chase The Wild Pigeons: A novel of the Civil War
Ernie is different from many people. He is mentally disabled. He learns slowly. He cant adjust with people around him. To keep Ernie from being nervous and from other things Ernie's mom keep him in the house. I hope this helps.
Tree haven is a tree home to Shade and his colony. In the story, Tree Haven is set aflame by the angered owls.
Hi I love cookies This is a hard answer lol . . -
Aside from the novelization of the Star Wars: A New Hope movie. The first original full length Star Wars novel is 'Splinter of the Mind's Eye' by Alan Dean Foster published in 1978 - it was written before Empire Strikes Back came out and the author did not know of the relationship between Luke &...
This is a book in response of Deobandi's book "Zalzala Dar Zalzala" which was written in response of Arshad Ul Qadri's book "Zalzala"
Lucy Bradford, Afrika (the slave girl), Pap (Lucy's grandfather)
any fantasy novel will have a fantasy setting, normally it will be fairy tales or mythical type books
The book opens in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, and a streeturchin named Poke sees what she thinks is a two year old who isstarving, but who hasn't given in to death. She can tell he isthinking, and trying to figure things out. She has a crew that sheis trying to keep alive, and doesn't want him......
The type of questions that are asked during a book club meeting can  vary widely depending on the book. Often the theme of the book is  discussed, along with character development, and symbolism.
Bob Majilica, Elijah, Johnson, and Ryan. Want to know more about Bob Majilica? Search it on youtube. Want to know more about Ryan? Search Ryan Mjilica on youtube
ebook, paperback, and hardback all on amazon.com
Pheobie's mom is more paranoid than Sal's. Pheobie's mom is less of a country woman than Sal' s mom.
They get tarred and feathered (chapter 33)
'RULES' by: Cynthia Lord
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O' Dell is good, so is A Wrinkle in Time and the rest of the Time Quartet by Madeleine L' Engle.
John Marsden could have explored the ideas of her past more to give more information to the reader. He only states some sentences and it takes a while to understand marina's history, I had to read it twice before I understood what had happened. I hope this helps :)
the mood is mainly seriousness with a little humor
Mr. Spencer pulled out the note Holden had written and read it aloud - sarcastically - while Holden could do nothing but sit there and squirm.
It is the Struggle  of the African people from the hands of slavery. 
The girl who's father died by an accident gunfire situation
A king Who's long dead. He's a character out of Robert Jordan's books. You'll read some myth's about him in 'the eye of the world' The first book of the wheel of time series
It will Be Released September 2010
The most important provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which pertain to the framing of Philippine foreign policy are as follows:Article II, Section 2: "The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part...
The Seminary for Young Ladies and Gentleman
When Elie and his father are marched into Auschwitz he learns of the crematoriums and what their fate is to be. He sees a large burning pit. Within the pit are burning bodies. He sees people throwing babies and small children into the fire.
he is originally from london, but moves out to little weirworld which is in a small country town in england.
    Coral Browne: 'This Effing Lady' by Rose Collis (Oberon Books, October 2008), available through all online and high street outlets.
when lord voldemort dies hahahaha
youknow, the thing Mary poppins says. how do you spell it? its not very important, im just curiouse. (i cant believe i spelt THAT wrong!)
Origin of the Species published in 1859 was his most famous work. He also wrote Descent of Man as a second major work somewhat later.
Not sure, but it might be A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George. The book description on Amazon says this: An isolated beach on the island of Guernsey in the English Channel is the scene of the murder of Guy Brouard, one of Guernsey's wealthiest inhabitants and its main benefactor. Forced as a...
January was named after the Roman god Janus. He was usually depicted with to heads to represent changes.
100 - 14 = 86
In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the religion of the "Savage Reservation" is a mixture of Catholicism and indigenous religion, as opposed to the "Fordism" followed by the "civilized world."
angel with an attitude   you slay me   succubus blues   halfway to the grave
Grant for teaching Jefferson that no man is a mere hog.
Tshivenda ngoma ya vhatei is a book written in Venda language by an author called NA Milubi in 1977, this book contains proverbs" mirero", idioms ' maambele'' Language used by royal families " luambo lwa musanda", and etc, This book is used as a tool to understand and to master Venda language. It...
You can get the audio version now in the U.S., but if you want the book version you can order it from amazon.com because it is out in England.
Modals are special verbs that give more information about the function of the main verb... The main uses: Possibility Ability Permission Obligation
i think you are talking about the show on 4kids TV W.I.T.C.H where 5 teenage girls (Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin are the Gurdians of the seal) hold the power of the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, and the heart otherwise know as electricity. They fight to free candracar or something...
Heather Brewer is married to Paul Brewer found on her myspace.
She hated knowing the only reason she was there, was to give for her sister.
She is a 6th grader girl who attends Woodrow Wilson elementary school.. Beth is Asigned to do a special report.. and a felow classmate wanted to do a project on the Hermands who are the worst kids in school.... so she just tell every thing thatt happend with the hermands that school year.
Yes, but some of it is prophetic, so it hasn't happened yet.
The Reminiscences of Lady Dorothy Nevill, Ed. By Her Son, Ralph Nevill
The themes are Hunger, Race, Violence, and Education. Now just think of ways to use these themes with Richards life experiences.
omniscent because its an overview of multiple characters
Athletics is the one arena in which they can compete as equals to the others, and possibly win. It's the same in real life: many professional athletes who make huge salaries came up from poor neighborhoods and gangs, but someone discovered their athletic talent and they were able to get out.
Where can i find answer key for the book interaction 2 reading- silver edition of Mcgraw-Hill
Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, Jack and Jill, Cat and Mouse, Pop Goes the Weasel, Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Four Blind Mice, The Big Bad Wolf, London Bridges, Mary, Mary , Cross, Double Cross, Cross Country, I, Alex Cross, Alex Cross's Trial, Cross Fire
This is the quote used by the Pimpernel's alter-ego Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy.
He wrote a book called An Anatomical Account of the Motion of the Heart and Blood in 1628, which described how blood circulates around the body, and it proved Galen wrong on many accounts.
Actually, the next book after Pandora Gets Angry is Pandora Gets Jealous, I believe. It comes out in January. If you want to ask Carolyn Hennesy, go to her webpage (Carolynhnnesy.com) and click Contact.
The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer It is not completely like National Treasure, but the plot is basically as fallows: A man name beecher works in the national archives, he tries to show off a secret room, he finds a dictionary that was George Washington's it has codes, and he and others are lead...
In the book Ares gave Percy a backpack containing the thunderbolt but it only showed up in the Underworld.
There isn't a sequel, but Frances Dowell has written several other books. See attached link.
Third person because it uses the words I and my
when rudi was debating whether or not to climb the Vitadel. When Saxo fell and RUdi had to help him instead of climbing to the top.
I'm not entirely sure, but a google search tentatively states that it's based in Detroit. Hope this helps :)
the book is about a 15 year old girl dat dies and ends up in a world called elsewhere she thinks its all a dream but soon realizes she is actually dead it takes her awhile to get used to bein dead but she makes it through its a really good book i will be dragged in to the book once u start
i remember reading this in primary school and it was a series about a group of friends who had adventures and each book was from a different kids perspective, one of the books had a girl called rachel i think get kidnapped only to figure out where they had gone later by the smell of the place, and...
Google books is a good website. You might have to pay though, I'm not sure!! :)
Muses were patrons of the arts, not athletics. That said, Basketball has only been a sport for the last 122 years, so there wouldn't be a mythological patron for it anyway.