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Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. Considered one of the world’s top financial centers, the city is home to Canada’s five largest banks, the Royal Bank of Canada and the Toronto-Dominion Bank, among them.
The CN tower is a very beautiful piece of architecture. It's Toronto's highest building to my knowledge at a height of 553+ metres.
Here are some answers from our community:    Victoria, British Columbia  San Diego, California, US  Las Vegas, Nevada, US  
Shortest is air travel and it is 10,794 miles.
Yeah, he was traded to Toronto.Basically, the trade was Calgary traded Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Holly, and Toronto traded White, Stajan, Mayers and Begin in return.
we export stuff like metals and other stuff like that i know this answer isn't very helpful but that's all i know and im trying to find the other stuff too
Well, the first Y is because every Canadian airport starts with a Y. The obvious YTO is already taken for Toronto as a City, for bookings to Toronto (All Airports), like London (LON), has loads of different airports (LHR, LGW, LCY, STN, LTN, LSO). The YZ is just random. Some people say its the code...
CN tower is in the continent of North America. Specifically, it is within the nation of Canada.
Google Maps estimates the driiving time as 8 hours and 41 minutes.
people who live in Toronto are called Torontonians
it will take about 3 hours to travel via plane
The shortest time is 4 hours and 3 minutes.
trans Canada hwy ============= No single highway will take you from Vancouver to Toronto. The Trans-Canada Highway does not enter Toronto.
Travel from Toronto to Kitchener by bus?   Very uncomfortably. :-)Seriously, there are local bus carrier's such as Greyhound bus lines, among others which will provide scheduled travel from Toronto to Kitchener.A normal 1 hour travel time by car is extended to a 3 hour bus ride however. Which is...
Google Maps estimates the driiving time as 22 hours and 54 miutes.
Lester Bowles Pearson's wifes name is Maryon Pearson (Moody).
The average flight time is 8 hours. This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.
About half an hour before game time... aka. If the game starts at 7:30, the PGS will start around 6:50-7:00
The CN Tower is taller at 1,815 feet, 5 inches. The Empire State Building is 1,453 feet, 8-9/16 inches. Therefore, the CN tower is bigger.
Toronto's coordinates are as follows:Lat = 43 degrees, 39.2 minutes NorthLong = 79 degrees, 22.9 minutes West
It is 5,113,149 residents.
Approximately 19 hours non-stop.Just as far as a 777-200LR or A340-500 can fly.It maybe just over their maximum range.Right now there are no direct flight. You will have to stop somewhere like Vancouver.
It depends on what the game is. Wizards of the Coast and Avalon have made a lot of games. I would check BoardGameGeek, funagain, and areyougame to see if they have the one you want listed. If they don't, try eBay or another auction site.
No. After the US Surface Transportation Board enacted a moratorium on the merger, the two companies appeal. Following their lose in Appellate Court, they called the merger off.
A random search for flights from Toronto Intl (YYZ) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) shows: OPTION 1: 12hr 55min Nonstop YYZ - AUH Etihad Airways Flt 140 Dep 09:50pm 04Mar,Thu Flight Duration: 12hr 55min OPTION 2: 17hr 05min via London Heathrow (LHR) YYZ - LHR British Airways Flt 92 Dep 06:15pm Thu,Fri ...
Toronto is located in the country of Canada and in the province of Ontario near the Canadian and US border
It is 1.242 miles according to Google Maps.
I too have thought for years that this was Boxcar Willie and that  the song was saying " ride the train, ride the train, everywhere I  go I ride the train, riding in a Boxcar Willie train." Boy was I  wrong. The name of the song is Ride the Train. It is by the group  Alabama originally and the...
Toronto, Canada is 3,737 miles [6,015 kilometers; 3,248 nautical miles] from Paris France. It takes about 7 hours 45 minutes to fly from Paris to Toronto. They aren't in the same time zone. Toronto is 6 hours behind Paris. When you see from a map or the globe, you can see that the Atlantic Ocean, as...
You take the highway.Use Queen Elizabeth Way to the 401 to 427and Donald Macarter Freeway towards Ottawa Provincal Park ON -127
The CN tower is 999,999,999 tons
http://www.toronto.com/bars_clubs/article/520656I guess its a guide to help you know what the nightlife is like
It is 456 kilometers according to Google Maps.
It is 2,068 kilometers accoording to Google Maps.
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The driving distance between the CN Tower in Toronto and Gamble  Road in Richmond Hill, Ontario is approximately 26.4 miles. Gamble  Road is located directly North of the CN Tower.
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Toronto itself is an amalgamated city meaning it has absorbed several of its former and closest suburbs. The following entities make up the current day city of Toronto: Old Toronto YorkEtobicokeScarborough East YorkNorth York Toronto however is the traditional name for the region and the...
The local tax assessor may have the answer to your question.
It is 337 kilometers according to Google Maps.
It is 81.4 kilometers according to Google Maps.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 6 hours and 14 miinutes.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 2 hours and 16 minutes.
Toronto is a long, long way from an ocean. From the ocean, you would have to enter the Gulf of St Lawrence, sail up the St Lawrence River to Montréal, then work your way through the locks on the St Lawrence Seaway until you enter Lake Ontario, then sail most of the way through Lake Ontario before...
Yes you can but their website is such a piece of garbage, it would be quicker to walk.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 6 hours and 14 minutes.
About 3 and a half hours depending on traffic.
For direct flights, about 10.5 to 11 hours flying time.
The tallest man-made structure is Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at 2,684 ft / 818 m   More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burj_Dubai
I know the heartache. My daughter lives in the Denver area and they don't sell Fluff on her side of the Mountain. The link below has a 'Fluff Finder', but, alas, they only have options for the US. They do have an option for ordering it from them; see Fluff Stuff order on the top right of the page on...
It has lightning arrestors, which provide a low resistance path to  ground (electric current always takes the path of least  resistance).
  == Answer ==   YES
The air distance from Toronto, Canada, to Tortola, British Virgin Islands, is 1,940 miles. That equals 3,122 kilometers. That equals 1,686 nautical miles.
Gppgle Maps estimates the driving time as 1 hour and 47 minutes.
It is 1,306 miles according to Google Maps.
There are many cultures in Toronto. There are a variety of cultures to look at.
Sometimes it depends on where the subway is. IF it is in Japan there is no room for anyone. There it is people's job to push people inside the subway so that it can get more people on. In busy citys there is no telling how much space you will get at all.
  There are two different sized rinks in pro hockey. One are the NHL rinks which are 85' x 200' and the Olympic and International rinks which are 98'5" x 196'10"
According to HowManyHours around 3 hours.
A non-stop, round trip on economy/coach would cost you some USD$650 (CAD$670) through Air Canada. There are of course cheaper flights, being the cheapest through US Airways, stopping in Charlotte and then going to Mexico City for a cost of USD$460 (CAD$470).
It is 281 miles and an estimated driving time of 5 hours and 12 minutes.
Toronto Pearson International Airport
Mount Everest is 8848 metres (29 029 feet) high. The CN tower is 553 metres (1,815.4 feet) high. So Mount Everest is 16 times the height of the CN Tower. So yes, Mount Everest is indeed taller than the CN Tower.Mt Everest
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It takes about 10 hours from take off if you're lucky
yes, and the second tallest free standing tower in the world, next to the Burj Kalifa in Dubai.
Answer . There are only a few hotels near (within a mile) the Wrigley field area and all are relatively small. The most popular on our site is the City Suites Hotel located at 933 West Belmont, .5 miles from Wrigley Field. This is a 45 room boutique art deco hotel with in-room robes and...
It6 is 511 miles according to Google Maps.
Yes. Wendel's will be opening on Jan 21 2008. It will be in Vaughan in the AMC plaza.
I'm going to give you an answer and I doubt its what you will expect. The Province of Toronto is a concept that was drawn up several years ago and recently brought back into some small discussion of making Toronto its own province. Currently, Toronto is a city located in the southern region of the...
London time is currently five hours ahead of Toronto.
Toronto is not a province, rather it is a city. In fact, it is the capital city of the province of Ontario. There is currently no such thing, Toronto is a city that is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. However, the idea of a province of Toronto has been floated as Northern Ontario feels...
  Charlotte, NC (CLT) to London (LON) Shortest Flight Duration 7 hours 50 mins  
no, it is in Canada.Toronto, capital of province of Ontario in Canada and the largest city in Canada.
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It is 37.2 miles according to Google Maps.
It is 550 miles according to Google Maps.
Urban-rural migration simply refers to the movement of people from urban areas to rural areas. In recent times, rural to urban migration has become more common, as more people move to urban areas in search of jobs. Urban poverty simply refers to the poverty people living in urban areas experience.