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Discrimination is the ability to discern differences between objects. The word is frequently used to denote prejudice against a race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or social grouping. Currently, there are laws to protect people against discrimination.
Being shot, Gas, Physical Abuse
The common Anti-Semitic canardhere is that Jews control the banks. Of course, this is not true asmost banks are not chaired or owned or controlled by Jews; manybanks operate independently or are controlled by Non-Jews. Forexample the Big Four US Banks are all run by Non-Jews: Jaime Dimon(JP Morgan...
Many imperialists saw the members of other countries as inferior.They described them as "savage" and "dirty" to justify thecolonization of their land.
It is like getting rid of a lot of things in society. You first have to educate others about what it is, teach why it is harmful, then teach how to recognize it. Then the next step would probably be adding protections to the laws. Then the next step would be vigilance. It is not enough to have laws...
The constitutional authority of Congress to forbid discriminationin employment is based on the power of Congress to regulateinterstate commerce.
Basically he he made the decision that apartheid needed to be reformed, he dismantled petty apartheid laws and then announced the end of apartheid altogether. He released leaders of the black resistance, including Nelson Mandela. In addition, he signed the Pretoria Minote.
Not all hate US southerners, but the many that do choose to because of stereotypes they tend to believe (e.g., they believe all southerners are racist and hostile because of the dark history in the south, are unhealthy because of food normally served, are uneducated because of accents and terms used...
Jews have reputations of being very intelligent and clever, whichcould lead to respect by their society. However, they have alsobeen discriminated against for having a different religion.
yes, he did and still does too but it rarely bugs him because you can't stop people's thoughts whether it's right or wrong but some of his friends, such as Michael Jackson, have helped him get through those tuff times.
I think you mean the teacher gets onto certain people in the sense of enforcing discipline on those students more than others; and I think you mean to ask whether that is RACIST. It might be racist, but from only this much information, there is no way to tell.
The description of the political corruption of the Grantadministration and the mostly unsuccessful efforts to reformpolitics is patronage and stalwart. Credit mobilizer scandal andhalf breeds are also unsuccessful reform politics.
The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.
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one gender stereotyoe is that men can drive better than women. another is that men are smarter and stronger than women.
Note: this question calls for opinions, and here are some from our contributors. It should be noted that the term "racist" was not in common use when Marx lived. Some sources do acknowledge that he displayed certain prejudices, and those prejudices can be seen in some of his writings. what our...
Social segregation reinforced the idea that one was superior another.
Yes it is but then it is the right of every person to discriminate if they chose to.
The popular belief that two groups are distinct enough to be better off separated or with different legal rights.
No, the Nazis hated Jews, gypsies, Catholics, gays, people withmental and physical disabilities, and anyone else who wasn't"Aryan."
They are thought to be BIG drinkers - vodka natch. I.e. Boris Yeltsin was always on the razz and couldn't get off the plane once (he had arrived for a diplomatic visit) because he was so wasted. Also see:
A way of catching and keeping attention about simplified generalizations is what a hook about a stereotype is. For example, the presenter indicates what the inaccurate, incomplete, mass-applied "information" is and then shows the limits of applicability and relevance.
Archetype- A model for what a certain group should be like. Stereotype- An overgeneralized model (both negative and positive) for what something is like. A stereotype is sort of a shortcut for the brain. Ex: If a brain processes the sight of several guys wearing overly baggy jeans and acting a...
No. Hitler invaded Poland in order to seize territory, not because he wanted Jews for a future holocaust.
By giving our leaders and children a quality education.....
There is no "true secret" in Freemasonry. /IYM "There is no 'True Secret' in Freemasonry" /thank you
racism huts everyone and eveyone has pride in their heritage and lineage. when you insult that, it's always personal, like you're insulting the very core of someone's identity.
Stereotypes are bad because they may not be true. They also canlead to discrimination and prejudice against certain groups ofpeople.
communism is a form of government where the principal means of production are Owen by the government
Racist for example: someone is being racists
They wanted the right to vote and to be seen as an equal to men.
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Just about every non white country.
it should be controlled by all the people in the world
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Martin Luther King did not fight FOR racism, he fought AGAINST it by boy-cots and sit ins
My Grand mother, By paying her Indonesean servants a reasonable wage and respecting them as she would have liked to be respected when she was a servant herself.
Most old people don't HATE rap but, here's one answer some hate rap because, rap back in the old days it was clean rap and raping about education or something good .
They believe this because if it is banned then the freedom if speech right is breached and if this is aloud to be breached why cant other rights be breached,, Hope that helped you.
The Nazis weren't the only ones who accused the Jews of killing Jesus but it was not even in the top five most important reasons for them. Their primary issues with Jews were the unfounded and erroneous assertions that Jews were responsible for Germany's (then) current economic failure, Germany's...
Because becoming a Christian and identifying with them by Baptismwas essentially betraying the Judaic faith and changing sides.
There are no reasons at all to hate white people. If one does not like an individual , it should stay to that individual, not because of ones race or gender or background, but because it is truly justified.
No definitely not. This is what happened in Germany. the next thing you knew you found yourself in a concentration camp because you filled out the form with information that the government does need to know.
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Yes. Hitler oversaw much of Nazi Germany's Jew-hating propaganda. However, he left the day-to-day management with Chief Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.
There are those that do and those that do not based on various reasons. Chinese people are not a whole group of people with one opinion, but individuals with their own opinions.
Racism makes people feel sad because they are getting bullied for their skin colour or nationality. From the racist's point of view: it may make them feel superior to other human beings of another race, or feel as if they are upholding pride within their race and therefore fulfilling some duty. ...
Yes but not exactly like that, you see Hitler's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctor told her everything would be alright if she took a treatment. After years of this painful treatment for cancer Hitler's mother died. He hated Jews because that Jewish doctor lied to comfort...
Not necessarily, though some may take offense. Skin color is just a part of someone's physical description, so it should not automatically be taken as racist. Really, it depends on why and how you call someone 'white'. The reason nonwhite races are offended by terms related to their skin color is...
Many teens follow stereotypes to fit in with a certain group of people. It's an easy way of getting along in life for teens especially in high school, secondary school, ect. There are tonnes of stereotypes and cliques and everyone is bound to fall into one at some point. Sometimes, if you don't go...
Often a persons thoughts and beliefs are the result of their lifestyle and what they are taught. Some women have been told all of their lives that treatment that they receive is normal and correct so it is difficult to change that mind set. The same applies to racial prejudice it takes time to make...
One answer is that the Hellenizing Jews (2200 years ago) and the Herodian kings (2000 years ago) showed that the Jews could be persecuted in their own land. Not long after, the Romans continued the oppression, as groups of misguided Jews tried to overthrow the Roman domination of Judea and the...
Well, in the Christian faith, many people are thought to be stereotypical. One of the main reasons for this is because of how most churches that got away from what the Bible says about not judging people based on how they look or what background they come from became well known for rejecting people...
You should make the best out of it and change there train of thoughts. Make them know you are ok and your race is too.
Not everyone does, in fact there is one girl who plays with the boys during PE and she is in the first XI foot ball as a full back! Most women I know would be terrible at playing the game. I have seen a couple of news stories of manish girls playing on a couple of high school teams.
The major stakeholders in racism are all within society. Racismserves as a deterrent to a fully functioning society, with eachindividual operating at his or her highest potential. Racismaffects this goal by putting barriers in place, that will serve toinhibit education and occupational achievement....
Yes. A racist is someone who believes that some races are superior or inferior to others so hating someone because of their race would certainly make you a racist.
The unfortunate answer is that much of the hate came out of 9/11. People hate and are afraid of what they don't understand so some will see any brown/beige face and immediately think "terrorist," when in reality, a very very small percentage of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Indians, Pakastanis, Afghans... know, i'd just be racist back, but, if you want to be logical and more...nice, you should probably tell someone about it. Hope I helped! :D
The 1896 case Plessy v. Ferguson upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation in public accommodations under the "separate-but-equal" doctrine. The Supreme Court voted 7-1 (with one abstention). Justice John M. Harlan cast the dissenting vote. The doctrine was overturned 58 years later...
African Americans started moving form the south to the north for better jobs and education opportunities, causing race riots in several large city's so whites were trying to get away from that mess so they moved to the suburban areas.
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It doesn't appear that Alois Hitler (Adolf Hitler's father) shared his son's beliefs.
Women are weak & men are strong . Men are insensitive & women are emotional . Women get scared easily & men don't feel fear . Men like sport & women hate it . Women are bad at maths and science & men are good at it . Men should go out to work & women should look after the kids . Women hate being...
Groups of people need rules and laws to set behavioralexpectations, and warn folks what is prohibited and punished.
Sarah Baartman was treated like an animal and not human by theshowmen who brought her to Europe to showcase as a freak showattraction. The racism continued after her death as her body wassubjected to a dissection, the results of which claimed that shebore more similarities to an ape than a human....
There has always been racism in Australia. before the late 1970's most of the immigrants that came into Australia were at least reasonably white looking. However after Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war there was a huge influx of Asian people. And the you would not have to listen for long to...
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Antisemitism means discrimination against Jewish people.
it's kind of being racist like gay steriotypes would make fun of gays or black steriotypes who are racist and make fun of black people A stereotype is an assumption that all of people are the same in a certain category. For example it is a stereotype to say that all people who work on wallstreet...
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Antisemitism might strictly be used to refer to hatred of or hostility towards any member of the racial group "Semites," but in practice it is only used to refer to hatred of or hostility towards Jews and Judaism. The term was first seen in 1879 in Germany as part of a description of anti-Jewish...
Stereotyping has a discriminatory connotation that deals with race, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, or language. Grouping is simply placing people in groups for the purpose of demographic study.
Women's movements are sure smelly, who is going to clean up that mess?
the pros are that it is easier to categorize people/countries/races. this can be a lot easier when arranging activities. such as, you wouldn't set up a science trivia game for children who get little education. the cons are that people can treat the stereotyped people exactly as they are stereotyped...
Discrimination can't be stopped. It can only increase and decrease. You change some people's thought of discrimination but you can't change all.. It feels like being bullied... Not just bullied, but watched all day long and as if the sky is falling.. This is a quote... Want to change this person?...
The Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) legalizedracial segregation in the United States. It meant that AfricanAmericans and White Americans could not use the same public places,such as schools, restaurants, and bathrooms.
It is wrong because kids, teens, adults and seniors should not be treated differently because of their age. We should not exaggerate it, and let a child become a doctor but it is just not polite to speak to a child in a baby voice, or in slurred syllables.
A founding member of the Black Panther party
Turkmenistan or North korea
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Unfortunately there is discrimination against every race andculture. There is no reason why certain people hate other people.There is no way to force people to like each other or get along.
This is a bit of a loaded question. I would respectfully withdrawand refer you instead to the measured answer of Prioktan 918.
Racism is likely triggered by social upbringing, experiences, and perhaps partly instinctual. Social upbringing is usually the most popular amongst racists they are normally taught racism at a young age. Some people who were not previously racist have bad experiences with a certain race and...
The solution to segregation was to pass laws that madede-segregation mandatory. The laws banned any separations on theground of race in public facilities.
its not only white Americans who discriminate, other white people do too. and a common perception is that only white people discriminate, which is not true, black people do too. people discriminate because they are 1) scared of people who are different 2) think people who are different are inferior...
Racism has not stopped; it is continually becoming more of a problem in our society today.
If black guys are so upset over this why don't they make an effort to offer a black woman some security, faithfulness and financial as well as emotional support. Which they do not. Considering many black men are fathering children by several different woman leaving them to support and raise the...