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Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words

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Prefixes and suffixes are affixes placed before and after a root word, respectively. The root is formed out of consonant sequences that don’t represent an actual word. Some examples of prefixes and suffixes are un-, re-, -ing, and -est.
The English word pyre comes from the Latin pyra. A  funeral pyre is a pile of wood (or other material that can burn)  for burning a dead body. The combining form pyro- can be  used to form other words, such as pyrotechnics (fireworks or  sensational display) and pyromania (a compulsion to set ...
The answer is "bisect". It's kind of tricky with words that start with "bi".
  no, only certain adverbs like ordinarily qualify for this classification
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Greek word dekas meaning 'group of ten'
"bi" is prefix meaning every other, but it can be any time period. For example: Biweekly = every other week bimonthly = every other month Biennially = every other year
nautical   concerning sailors or navigation    -Samson ( he's coming for you)
List of words that end with hood: adulthood. aunthood. babyhood. bachelorhood. boyhood. brotherhood. childhood. cousinhood. creaturehood. falsehood. fatherhood. girlhood. godhood. grandparenthood. hardihood. hood. kinghood. knighthood. ladyhood. likelihood. livelihood. lustihood. maidenhood....
Some words ending in SOME are:awesomegruesomehandsomelonesomenoisomequarrelsometiresomewinsome
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A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word to change its  meaning, to form a new word, or functioning as an inflectional  ending. Examples: touching (-ing), filler (-er), touched (-ed).
  == Answer ==   Cube Root   A number that must be multiplied times itself three times to equal a given number. The cube root of x is written or .   For example, since .
You need to supply the sentence or the word list if we were to answer this question. Synonyms of students are: . apprentice , disciple , docent, first-year student, grad, graduate , junior, learner , novice , observer , pupil , registrant, scholar , schoolchild, skill , sophomore, undergrad,...
Civ.. comes from civitas which means "city or state".
According to my dictionary the root word/prefix is anthropo- but before vowels anthrop-. anthropic anthropology anthropocentric anthropogeny anthropopoid anthropometry anthropomorphic anthropomorphism anthropomorphize anthropomorphous
it comes from the latin word not meanig no or to stop not have ex.enable meaning to stop something ...or... Hey,you better enable those spark plugs.
something that has been carved, like hieroglyphs (sacred signs carved on a wall)
A Suffix could turn it into 1.)collaborator 2.)collaboration that's all i no so far i am still searching i found another one. collaborated collaborates
Dic means to say or speak something. There are several different  words that have this prefix or root word and some of these words  include dictation and dictionary.
Courage is the root word. This word cannot be split up into more parts and still keep any meaning. "Cou-" is not a prefix, and therefore cannot be a prefix on the word "rage". "-ous" is added to nouns (such as courage) to make them into adjectives.
Ductile. Aqueduct That's all I've got.
Hydra are words concerning water such as...hydrophobia, dehydrate, hydrofoil, hydroelectric, hydraulic and hydrogen.
D (deca). Not a "preferred" multiple.
Septic, Septum   Septa (a dividing membrane or  partition), septal (pertaining to a septum), septate (having a  septum), septennial (recurring every seven years), septet (a group  of seven) and septic (infected with bacteria) are words that start  with sept. Additional words include...
The root word of "windows" is "window." The word "windows" contains  the suffix "s" which is added to make the word a plural noun.
I think industry its self is a root word :D
make it courageous, uncourageous, encourage, discourage, encouraging, discouraging, encouraged, discouraged.
it is like machine that accept input orocess and it gives out ouput.
cogni is not a prefix
Ahhhg! Can someone PLEASE just answer the question? Look up 'Equal' at dictionary.com!!!! C'mon, i am TRYING to do my homie g!!!!!
in word fleeing,how does the ing change the meaning of the root word
Some words that end or with suffix cain: cocain. marocain.
extention Ana Elizabeth: (this question was just asked on an English Final Exam I took--I put in this word). Extract
Priest Pris Prissy Prick Primary Private
it is cunei which only dumb people didnt know
Words that contain the prefix PNEU: pneumatologypneumatolysespneumatolysispneumatolyticpneumatometer
Dentists are known as DDS (Doctor of Dental Science/Surgery) or DDM (Doctor of Dental Medicine).
No, aquamarine is not a prefix. A prefix is not a word in itself,  and it is attached to the beginning of a word to change the  meaning. For example, the prefix un- can be attached to the  word remarkable to make the word unremarkable, which  means not remarkable.
Um there are a lot a few are propeller, pull and there are a lot more
The prefix of atmosphere is atm which means smoke;vapor.
The "ex-" part of "explore" is a word-forming element with several  meanings; in this case, "out". The "plore" part is from the Latin  word "plorare" meaning "to weep, cry".
I dont really think there is a prefix for capable but, if anyone knows can you please tell me
caption, escape, escapee, recap, captain
"Tie" is the root; "un" is a prefix. The word "untie" is not, in its entirety a prefix.
-------------------------- Network Prefixes -------------------------- --------- Globe --------- 0905 0906 0915 0916 0917 0925 0926 0927 0935 --------- Smart --------- 0907 0908 0909 0910 0912 0918 0919 0920 0921 0928 0929 ------------------ Sun Cellular --------------...
The suffix for breathe is: resp respiratory, respirator, respiration
In medical terminology a suffix such a otomy means cut. Therefore if I write the word myringotomy it means the cutting of the eardrum. Opsy means poke a hole or look through a hole: biopsy ectomy means removal: appendectomy, removal of appendix So what would a craniotomy mean if cranio(prefix)...
-in. Words such as insensible and incomprehensible.
There are several different words that have the phrase graph in  them. Some of these words include photograph and photography.
 Definition: prefix (dia-) - across, through   Examples:  diaphragm (dia-phragm) - sheet of muscles that separate the  abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity
  == Answer ==   I think inter reliaiblity is when you are consistent as a researcher in coding something, so you're the only one coding it, so you should have good inter rater reliability. If you have multiple coders of something, and you have high agreement among coders, then you have good...