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Punk sprung from the legacy of 60s bands such as the Velvet Underground, was pioneered by bands like the Misfits and the Ramones and then brought into the public consciousness by the mid-70s wave headed by the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Damned. Since then it has split off into a variety of subgenres such as hardcore, street punk and pop punk.
BIllie Joe Armstrong.
Billie Joe Armstrong is 45 years old (birthdate: February 17, 1972).
He wants to be fluent in Spanish.
1989- 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hour
Oh Glory was not written specifically for another album, but was written far before Vices & Virtues (album) was released. Though it was partially released before, up until V&V was released, only 30 second clips were online.
green days firts hit single is 21 guns
In basic terms, from watching the '21 Guns' video, they play acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass and drums.
It depends which Green Day you mean; Green Day is a festival that marks the start of Lent in Cyprus, so it's clearly a Christian festival - at least nowadays. Green Day is also a band, so we have no way of knowing if the question means the band or "Green Day", as in trying to raise awareness... ...
Green Day is American, but they are trying to open our eyes to a world of corruption. In addition, they, themselves, have said they were not calling Americans idiots , but were stating they did not want to be an American idiot ; that is to say, they want to be an American who knows what's...
Find all the people you know who like punk, start hanging out together, maybe some of you could form a band, go to gigs, try to organise gigs, share bands you like etc.
depends on the disco to be honest, not may have books to get worried about
It was sweetdream green day is so much
in an interview, billie joe stated that by writing the music that green day does, he wanted people to know that, first of all, green day is not a political band. they do not want to tell people what to think. they just want them to listen to their music and to think, period. they should not mirror...
They won a Grammy this year (2010) for 'Best Rock Album'
He has sung 'Dominated Love Slave' on 'Kerplunk,' others include 'Billie Joe's Mom' and 'Like A Rat Does Cheese.' There may be more...As far as I know he has sung and written "Ha Ha You're Dead"
Well, Billie Joe's are an entrancing green...
Yes this is the first song on 'Dookie'. Which is the first album on Reprise Records.
The song is "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads.
They would have been aged 27 in 1999.
i don't actually know probobally not now because they arent touring but if this helps any they all live in the Oakland area :):):):):):):):):):):)
poster the wall with every kerrang! mag you have ever brought if you have not brought any then start colecting - or get posters of bands like greenday etf and stuff and stick them up if parents wont let you colour the walls red or black then posters is your answer for sure
No, but Joey Armstrong, his older brother, has one. It's called Emily's Army and it's a really good band.
Don't EVER mix up Demi Lovato with Panic! At The Disco! D:< They don't even compare! Demi Lovato sucks balls bro. >__
Yes, last i checked the only one with curse word in it are Jesus Of Suburbia; Greek stink breath; 21 st century breakdown; American idiot; long view; blood se x and brooz. Stuart and Ave; Don't wanna fall in love; and It's F**k Time
it depends on who your talking about if you let me know i would tell you
21 Guns was released on the album 21st century breakdown on May 15 of 2009
All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Taking Back Sunday, You Me At Six, Escape The Fate
he is dead so there is no use on his phone number
Yes he turned 38 on 17th of February
To stick together and always do what you believe in.
Search 'Green Day videos' and a list should appear of what's available.
Yes, he's the drummer for Green Day.
there's a green day commercial for the MTV vma's. sorta old right now, but it's the most recent one i could find. There's a new one..? In the VMA commercial, they're singing 21 Guns their most popular release off of their new album 21st Century Breakdown.
no that is his actual name :)
According to Wikipedia: 22 MTV awards For more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Green_Day
Flashes on for 2 hours . It should start the next day
acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums
Pinole valley High School in the Bay Area
In 1987, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt made a band called "Sweet Children." They later changed the band's name to "Green Day" in 1989. So technically, Billie Joe made Sweet Children, which later lead to Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong discovered Green Day. Although their first record was on...
Billie Joe and his band.
21st century breakdown is about two teenagers (Christian and Gloria) that are in love, but also trying to survive modern day generation that our parents have left behind. If you want to know more than what is in this here answer, go to www.greendayauthority.com
not at all, its one of their cleanest songs
She told me she was almost 18. What, you don't like Zeppelin?
Answer"> Answer If you still think that you love someone who does not love you back, then just know that it is not true love. You are just obsessed and that does not help. If you would really love someone, then that would have been unconditional- wanting the best for both of you. The other person...
It comes out June 8th 2010
that question will have to be asked my friend natasha i will get back to you
The 3 members of Green day are Billie Joe Armstrong(lead singer,guitar, piano.) Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals.) And don't forget Tre Cool (drums, percussion) Thanks Green Day I love you!!!!!
check out www.generationlost.net it´s a pretty old site and you´ll get a lot information of the first years of rise against
Oakland, California was a HUGE producer of Punk music back in the 90s 987fd7f5-b687-4db2-84d7-35899b867dbf. 1.03.01.
Its The Warped Tourrr..... It Will Be Awesomme x
A public fan email address for Green Day is not known at this time. WikiAnswers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike.
the back of your closet. just take old stuff and rip it up or paint on it. if you don't have anything go to target and get a plain white t shirt and write stuff on it cuz that's punk orr you could go to this little store called DETOX you will find pretty sweer stuff there
Standard things would include speakers, amplifiers, and a microphone for starters. As far as the instruments, it depends on the type of music the band will be performing. For instance, a rock band might need guitars, bass guitars, and drums as basic instruments.
Unfortunately, Green Day already performed in L.A. on August 25, 2009 and, thus far, have not listed any upcoming tour dates for L.A. in 2010. They are currently preparing for their 2010 European tour. Check the related links for the list of previous and upcoming tour dates.
because it was way too politcal. and somebody cought on to that and threatend them. but its still political
well.... my belief is that they can be considered punk but only their early material. their first album, three imaginary boys, is definitely not the type of music that the cure is known for. it is "light" punk, or pop punk if you will.
Well, they had many songs they didn't record. Their first EP was 1000 Hours. The first song on 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour is At the Library.
Well, that question made absolutely no sense, but I think you meant, "What bands does Green Day like?" Well, I know that Billie Joe Armstrong's "idols" is The Who. In case you don't know who The Who is it's the band that played for the Super Bowl.
they like elastic bands green ones preferably !!
They like oldies like queen, the doors and the who. They also like the Offspring
It's a Green Day tradition for Billie Joe to kiss a guy at every concert. Don't ask why. Edit: It's not only at concerts.. Also other random times like in interviews or TV shows. It's just a thing he got you know.. He even kissed Mike and Tréy ;)
Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Nesser have been married for nearly 16 years.
The latest single is East Jesus Nowhere, but there newest song is hard to tell, because they just released the album 21st Century Breakdown. There newest music video, though, is Murder City, which isn't a single yet.
well, in an interview, Brendon urie revealed the first shock oftheir musical career together. A fan made them cookies and afterBrendon had already eaten 6, he then realized that the fan who hadgiven them the cookies had placed a hair of hers into each one.
yes he and tre play halo 2 together check it out on youtube!! its funny!!
Because real revolutions don't happen anymore.
no! why does everyone keep saying that?!? X D. he isn't
Tre Cool accually taught Jhon Kriftmeyer, the old drummer, how to play the drums.
it depends what concer youre going to. in say. ND, it might cost 20-30 dollars less than say in, CO. so ya, just check for your area.
Underground Indie music. Punk-Blues bands like the White Stripes, or the raconteurs!
It is a form of opinion who is better, but Green day is more popular.
Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were friends from a very young age. Both their lives were rough, and music was there lives. They played at small clubs and what not, and they met John Kiffmeyer. That is how Green Day was formed. After releasing 1039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, John went to...
how much do backstage Hannah Montana passes cost
the lead singer is Billie Joe Amrstrong and the one o the drums is Tre and the one on the guitar is mike. The previous answer was incorrect. Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead vocals and guitar, Tre Cool is the drummer, and Mike Dirnt is the bassist. Seriously, who doesn't know the difference...
It's sarcastically telling someone to go and have 'The Time Of their lives'. Meaning that they should be wild animals and do what ever they want without a car in the world.
American Idiot is the song that most people associate Green Day with. Maybe not their biggest hit, but the most iconic.
17th of february ! yes my bday :D
personally my favorite outfit (I'm a girl) is my black jeans, black jacket, with my white t shirt that i wrote cool green day quotes in red all over it. (my favorite shirt EVER) I have some really beat up greyish converse (had em for 2 years now) and i have a couple of bracelets i wear all the time:...
It was at Performance Studios in New York in 1974.
Billie Joe Armstrong hasn't acted in any movies (sadly) unless you want to count Bullet In A Bible which is a "movie" in an odd way, it's pretty much a concert. As for acting he hasn't been in any movies. He has guest starred on the show Haunted for the first three minutes. The episode is called ...