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Punk sprung from the legacy of 60s bands such as the Velvet Underground, was pioneered by bands like the Misfits and the Ramones and then brought into the public consciousness by the mid-70s wave headed by the Sex Pistols, the Clash and the Damned. Since then it has split off into a variety of subgenres such as hardcore, street punk and pop punk.
BIllie Joe Armstrong.
Billie Joe Armstrong is 45 years old (birthdate: February 17, 1972).
Oh Glory was not written specifically for another album, but was written far before Vices & Virtues (album) was released. Though it was partially released before, up until V&V was released, only 30 second clips were online.
Green Day is American, but they are trying to open our eyes to a world of corruption. In addition, they, themselves, have said they were not calling Americans idiots, but were stating they did not want to be an American idiot; that is to say, they want to be an American who knows what's what and...
Find all the people you know who like punk, start hanging out together, maybe some of you could form a band, go to gigs, try to organise gigs, share bands you like etc.
depends on the disco to be honest, not may have books to get worried about
It was sweetdream green day is so much
in an interview, billie joe stated that by writing the music that green day does, he wanted people to know that, first of all, green day is not a political band. they do not want to tell people what to think. they just want them to listen to their music and to think, period. they should not mirror...
Don't EVER mix up Demi Lovato with Panic! At The Disco! D:< They don't even compare! Demi Lovato sucks balls bro. >__<
All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Taking Back Sunday, You Me At Six, Escape The Fate
he is dead so there is no use on his phone number
Search 'Green Day videos' and a list should appear of what's available.
there's a green day commercial for the MTV vma's. sorta old right now, but it's the most recent one i could find.There's a new one..?In the VMA commercial, they're singing 21 Guns their most popular release off of their new album 21st Century Breakdown.
no that is his actual name :) <3 :) <3
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Pinole valley High School in the Bay Area
In 1987, Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt made a band called "Sweet Children." They later changed the band's name to "Green Day" in 1989. So technically, Billie Joe made Sweet Children, which later lead to Green Day. Billie Joe Armstrong discovered Green Day. Although their first record was on...
Billie Joe and his band.
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The 3 members of Green day are Billie Joe Armstrong(lead singer,guitar, piano.) Mike Dirnt (bass, vocals.) And don't forget Tre Cool (drums, percussion) Thanks Green Day I love you!!!!!
check out www.generationlost.netit´s a pretty old site and you´ll get a lot information of the first years of rise against
Oakland, California was a HUGE producer of Punk music back in the 90s 987fd7f5-b687-4db2-84d7-35899b867dbf1.03.01
  October 8, 1948
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the back of your closet. just take old stuff and rip it up or paint on it. if you don't have anything go to target and get a plain white t shirt and write stuff on it cuz that's punk orr you could go to this little store called DETOX you will find pretty sweer stuff there
Standard things would include speakers, amplifiers, and a microphone for starters. As far as the instruments, it depends on the type of music the band will be performing. For instance, a rock band might need guitars, bass guitars, and drums as basic instruments.
well.... my belief is that they can be considered punk but only their early material. their first album, three imaginary boys, is definitely not the type of music that the cure is known for. it is "light" punk, or pop punk if you will.
they like elastic bands green ones preferably !!
They like oldies like queen, the doors and the who. They also like the Offspring
well, in an interview, Brendon urie revealed the first shock of  their musical career together. A fan made them cookies and after  Brendon had already eaten 6, he then realized that the fan who had  given them the cookies had placed a hair of hers into each one.
Tre Cool accually taught Jhon Kriftmeyer, the old drummer, how to play the drums.
Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were friends from a very young age. Both their lives were rough, and music was there lives. They played at small clubs and what not, and they met John Kiffmeyer. That is how Green Day was formed. After releasing 1039/ Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, John went to...
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personally my favorite outfit (I'm a girl) is my black jeans, black jacket, with my white t shirt that i wrote cool green day quotes in red all over it. (my favorite shirt EVER) I have some really beat up greyish converse (had em for 2 years now) and i have a couple of bracelets i wear all the time:...
It was at Performance Studios in New York in 1974.
The Sex Pistols formed in 1975, and broke up on January 14, 1978.
Goths wear black and white stuff usually like checkard stuff, punks listen to mostly rock. Heavy metal. They have different hairstyles too. No, no, no. The goth subsulture is about finding beauty in darkness. It's a very artsy and sophisticated subculture. Punk is more about making a statement by...
Brendon is 22 as of April 12, 2009
I would have to say I Write Sins Not Tradgies.
Goth has nothing to do with Satanism, nor any organized religion for that matter. There are plenty of Christian Goths. There are Muslim goths. There are even atheist and agnostic goths. Any particular set of beliefs an individual Goth follows is his or her own personal choice. Goth was started in...
A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm serious they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have been voted the best punk rock group for years in a row!!!!!!!!!!!! They still are voted best punk rock group and in about 2 years they will proably be voted best pink rock group of all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
While their first album, 39/Smooth, wasn't released until April 13, 1990, they did release a 7" EP in April 1989 with Lookout! Records. The EP was titled "1,000 Hours".
The original producer is called Jon Paul Davies, he created all the  original music. His manager met "Punk Roc" - the black guy used to  front the act, in the park and then, (in light off Jon not wanting  to be any part of fronting the act), persuaded him to be the face  of the act. At some...
Yes, they recently released the single "New Perspective", however, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker are no longer part of the group.
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes did one. There could be others, though.Family Force 5 did the version viewed through YouTube's "FTFK" group. That punk verison is commonly known.
His name is Jason white, hes a touring guitarist for green day, however isn't a proper member of the band. he joined in late october 1999 as rythm and lead guitarist for green day shows, but Bille-joe Armstrong does all the recordings :) hope it helps
Yes. The times I've been in Mexico, there was never any shortage of locals wearing t-shirts of their favourte Rock and Heavy Metal bands. A lot of less publicised bands in those scenes will play Mexican venues quite often - far more so than they will US venues - because they tend to have heavier...
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He is not going out with anyone, as he is already married with Adrienne Ilene.
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I'll tell you what Irish punk music is! Irish punk is amazing (in my opinion) that's what it is! Irish punk, obviously, is a genre of punk music that is based on the Irish sound of music (usually called celtic.) Irish punk music has different types of instruments in them that you wouldn't normally...
When someone tries to punk someone it means to play on joke on them  or to prank them. Ashton Kutcher has a show called Punked.
As of now, yes they do
I'm not sure what you mean by "recorded an 'anthem' of the time," but I think you must be talking about Debbie Harry. She was the lead singer in the band Blondie. Blondie started out as a punk band, but became progressively more New Wave as the years went on. Before she began her musical career,...
mememememe my passion boys - greenday boys to die for :D
Well, i know that in their song "She's a rebel" one line says 'And she's holdin on my heart like a hand grenade' but that's about it.
First of all Fall out Boy is Not punk,sorry to burst your bubble so ultimately the ramones win =)   Oh god NOT PUNK GO RAMONES   I would love for Johnny to come back and see this.   are you an idiot. fall out boy is not in the punk rock genre. the ramones yes. you need to research these...
Punk Rock was an answer to the over produced and over arranged prog rock that was big in the late 70's. Groups like the Ramones wanted a more raw and stripped down rock (pop) music that was heavy and driving but only used three or four chords similar to the early rock of the 1950's
Two members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker have left the band to form a new band called The Young Veins but Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith have stayed as Panic! At The Disco
Green Day has influenced many bands, including classics like Ozzy Osbourne. Some newer bands they have influenced are: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Blink-182, and Fall Out Boy.
There are certainly a good number of sites where you can go and look at pictures of the Bromley Contingent and the early punks of the London scene, but the style for the most part was pretty DIY, and for the most part, simply wearing torn clothes with safety pins in them and wearing fairly...
She played a Gretsch Nashville 6120 for much of The Cramps career.
Here are some facts about Billie Joe Armstrong: Billie Joe wrote a song about guns yet he is afraid of them. Billie Joe used to have a nose ring. Billie Joe sometimes suffers panic attacks :( Billlie Joe wears jockey underwear. When Billie was younger he put 409 in his teacher's coffee. In...
Mostly songs from their latest album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rareto Die!
All though the style does seem fairly new ... which in some cases it is. it all started back in the 1980's when punk rock was really popular. pieces have broke off and became more of a electronic type music and people are writing songs about their life and how sad it is ... why it started is because...
No, they haven't...yet. They should!
Well, that depends on your taste and what brand of punkrock you wanna play- a lot of the older punk bands had really cheap equipment because they were broke. But if you ask me Johnny Thunders had the Ultimate punk guitar set up: He used a 59 Gibson Les Paul Junior in TV yellow with a Fender Deluxe...
There are many well known Green Day songs which do not contain any swear words. To name a few: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)Wake Me Up When September EndsWaitingWarningShe's A RebelWhatsernamePoprocks and CokeKnow Your Enemy21 GunsWalking AloneShe21 GunsRedundant
Panic! At The Disco c/o Decaydance PO Box 1803 Tampa, FL 33601 USA is the fan mail address.
Nice Guys Finish LastHitchin' A RideThe GrouchRedundantScatteredAll The TimeWorry RockPlatypus (I Hate You)UptightJinxHaushinkaWalking AloneRejectTake BackKing For A DayGood Riddance (Time Of Your Life)Prosthetic Head
Guitar, bass, drums and vocals.
Yes, of course. Billie Joe Armstrong is a cool punk rocker, who is  smart and handsome.
until they die thats what they said at least
No, sadly, Green Day was never in Croatia, or has never had a concert in Croatia. The closest they got was in 1997. in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The Ramones were a key element to the development of California Punk Rock. This includes Greg Ginn of Black Flag and Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Mike Ness of Social Distortion, and Brett Gurewitz as the most well known punk stars. Modern day stars and influencees, include Green Day, Motorhead...
The Cramps had a female guitar player.Gaye Advert of the Adverts.