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The equator is a major line of latitude located at 0 degrees latitude. It divides Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
The Prime Meridian- Straight line, runs through Greenwhich,  England, is 0 degrees longitude, splits the world into Eastern and  Western Hemispheres.   The International Date Line- Much less of a Straight Line, runs  through middle of the Pacific Ocean (Kind of), is where the day  "switches"...
   African countries  traversed by the equator are:     São Tomé and Príncipe.   Gabon.   Republic of the Congo.   Democratic Republic of Congo.   Uganda.   Kenya.   Somalia.      
What water?    You need to be more specific and clarify what you're talking about.
That area does not vary much from its relative position to the axis  of the earth, so it is always kind of "bulging" toward the sun.
no it doesnt http://z.about.com/d/geography/1/0/V/A/equator.jpg
South America is almost half and half (not by mass, but by country). By mass it is mostly south of the equator. Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia are the countries considered below the equator.
The reason for the flattening at the poles, North and South. And the widening at the Equator is primarily due to two factors. The rotation of the Earth and the tidal buldge at the Equator, due to the Moon's gravitational pull on the oceans.
South America including Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.
The only continent that the equator does not pass through   is North America, Australia, Europe, and Antarctica.
It's not "used" for anything.
Answer . It drains straight... no spinning. I was recently at the equator in Kenya and they had a demo to show this. It was quite intriguing to witness!
It is not guaranteed to be hot because of the topography. If there is a mountain on the equator, it will be cool. The two factors of a climate are how close they are to the equator, and the altitude of the area.
Bosnia is North of the Equator.
  Africa! Prime meridian - Europe and Africa Equator - Africa, South America, Asia(only if you considers the Malaysian islands) Tropic of Cancer - Africa, Asia, North America Tropic of Capricorn - South America, Australia, Africa
Khartoum is nearly 16 degrees North of the Equator
Jerusalem is closer then Damascus to the equator
No, it is north of the equator.
Because areas near the equator receive too much solar radiation throughout the entire year. Areas near the equator never usually receive temperatures below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (with the exception of the chilly nights in hot deserts). Hope this has helped.
The countries near the equator are hotter the the countries fartherfrom the equator
Meridians are circular lines that  run perpendicular to the equator.
The circumference of the Earth measured at the equator is 24,901.55 miles, or 131,480,184 feet or 40,075.16 kilometers, or 40,075,160 meters.
the middle of the earth
Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is located on the equator. It is in  South America AND It is close to Brazil.
North America and Europe are both north of the equator.
it can produce convection current in the atmosphere
The state of Hawaii is closer to the Equator. The state of Alaska is closer to the north Pole. The half-and-half dividing line passes through the 48 contiguous other states.
Tropical Topsoil is thin and light
As we know that equator is a very very hot area.The air over it becomes warmer due to the heat of the sun and rises up. That is why air over the equator have low pressure.
The answer is both, Because the equator passes through Brazil, so  parts of Brazil are both below and above the equator.
A giant nuclear explosion would happen and we would all die.
  Only Australia and Antarctica are wholey in the southern hemisphere.
-- your shirt more often -- your latitude
You would say 'north north west'.
yrs,because imagine a line going straight through a globe,and u will see Jamaica is bellow the equator,welcome! :)
the equator is a invisible line around the earth like a belt. It is about 40,075 kilometers long. About 78.7 % of it touches the oceans and about 23.3 % over land.It also separates the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere. same person who answered did Egyptians invented math. : D
The Equator runs through Ecuador, a country in South America.
they are MOUNTAINS. mountains are high in the sky.. where it is cold..
The expression for acceleration due to gravity is   ge=GMe/r2 Acceleration due to gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the center of the Earth and the object. The acceleration due to gravity produced in an object on the surface of the Earth is dependent on the...
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  The combination of direct and abundant sunlight and abundant rainfall make forested areas around the equator possible.
The surface pressure is 1l1.3kPa
it effects the climate just as it effects south America or the Philippines it might be a little warmer there tho because its closer to the equator and always has the sun beating down on it
Depends. Cancun is much closer, if you look at it on a world map you can see how far it is.
Well in my research, i think that the rain forest is the closest.. The reason is because the rain forest has the most rain and i think because if you have the rain that is very tender and slight then you should be able to get near the equator.. Now i am 45 year old nerd that just answers these...
It's 13 degrees North of the Equator.
That event occurs at two instants during the year ... one in March and one in September, when the sun passes through the equinoxes .
Cancer is above the equator and Capricorn is below. I remember this by cancer has less letters than Capricorn so it goes on top! hehe
Yes, much hotter. This simple question has complex answers. At noon on any clear day, the sun is much hotter at the Equator than at noon on a clear day in midsummer at the North Pole.
Sailors used to refer to a windless area of the sea as the  doldrums.
The equator passes through three countries in South America - Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador.
Yes, way north of the equator, it is nearer to the North Pole.
Tropic of Cancer at the Summer Solstice is the sun's far north point.
The beach at Charlotte ("shar-LOTT"), where we used to get Abbot's frozen custard (are they still there ???), is at latitude 43.3° north. 45° north is the half-way latitude, so you'd have to say that Rochester is nearer to the equator than it is to the north Pole.
No, it's the longest latitude.
On the equator, the sun always seems very high at mid-day. But the sun is precisely over the equator only two moments in the year, the moment of the Vernal Equinox (Spring) and the moment of the Autumnal Equinox (Fall).
It goes right through the middle of Africa, if that's what you mean.
== Answer ==   The radius of the earth is commonly taken to be 6.4X106m which makes it's circumference C=2πr=(40.21...)X106m=(40.21...)X108cm and 1 inch = 2.54cm. Add 2.54 to the circumference
  The equator is the 0 degree line of latitude.  
Texas is a big place. There are different answers at different places in Texas. Brownsville . . 1,788 miles from the Equator Houston . . . . 2,054 miles Dallas. . . . . . 2,264 miles Amarillo. . . . . 2,432 miles
warm air rises at the equator and sinks at the poles. So wind flows along the surface trying to get back to the equator.
Croatia lies on 45 parallel, which means it's exactly half way from Equator to North pole. It's 5000km away from the North pole and 5000km away from the equator. A small town called Senj, Croatia cuts this line and has a monument and a roadsign to North pole and Equator.
The equator, on average, recieves the most warmth from the sun.  Warm air tends to rise, which creates reduces the pressure at the  surface.